Atwater Pendant Light

Atwater Pendant Light


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The Atwater Pendant Light, a captivating luminary that captures the essence of Victorian elegance with a modern twist. Reminiscent of traditional oil lamps that illuminated the night, this exquisite blend of glass and aged brass exudes timeless beauty. The pendant exudes rustic charm while maintaining a refined contrast, resulting in a stunning visual impact. Modernised with an upgraded bulb, it seamlessly integrates with contemporary settings, making it a versatile addition to any room. Whether gracing open-plan lofts or cozy bedrooms, the Atwater Pendant Light harmoniously combines old-world charm with contemporary design, creating an exceptional lighting experience.

  • A striking fusion of Victorian elegance and modern aesthetics.
  • Embrace the allure of glass and aged brass, reminiscent of classic oil lamps, to infuse timeless beauty into your space.
  • Unveil the pendant's rustic charm paired with refined contrast, elevating its impact in any setting.
  • Transition seamlessly between eras with the incorporation of a modern bulb, ensuring a perfect fit in contemporary interiors.
  • From spacious open-plan lofts to intimate bedrooms, the Atwater Pendant Light effortlessly bridges the gap between vintage and modern design, enriching your space with its unique character

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DIMENSIONW196.9 x H495.3mm
MATERIAL Glass, Metal
FINISHVintage Brass
LAMPE27 Max 75W
PENDANT DROP685.8 - 1752.6mm