Outdoor Table Lamps

Table lamps are an accessory perfect to add style to any space. Outdoor table lamps are especially useful because they can be moved around easily and can be dimmed. At Nook Collections, we have a curated range of exterior table lights for you to choose from. Rechargeable or plugin designer outdoor table lamps from the best lighting brands around the globe.


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Circ rechargeable table lampCirc rechargeable table lamp
Circ Rechargable Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $915.00
Born Breton Contemporary iconic floor lamp on a deckBorn Breton Contemporary iconic floor lamp near a swimming pool
Ralph outdoor floor table lampRalph outdoor floor table lamp
Ralph Table Lamp Sale price$2,063.03
Firefly in the Sky Table LampFirefly in the Sky Table Lamp
Firefly in the Sky Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,155.52
Lix outdoor modern portable table lampLix outdoor modern portable table lamp on a coffee table
Lix Table Lamp Sale price$599.00
Sponge Table LampSponge Table Lamp
Sponge Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $186.00
Nuru modern rechargeable Scandinavian table lamp grey on window frameNuru modern rechargeable Scandinavian table lamp rose gold on window frame
Nuru Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $266.00
Ara to Go rechargeable portable outdoor table lamp in whiteAra to Go rechargeable portable outdoor table lamp in white
Ara To Go Table Lamp Sale price$318.00
Circ classic outdoor table lampCirc classic outdoor table lamp
Circ Classic Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,423.00
Sponge Portable Table LampSponge Portable Table Lamp
Sponge Portable Table Lamp Sale price$186.00
Rod Table LampRod Table Lamp
Rod Table Lamp Sale price$624.00
Contemporary table lamp called the Cestita Alubut Table Lamp in black finish by Santa & Cole featuredContemporary table lamp called the Cestita Portable Table Lamp in black finish by Santa & Cole featured outside a residence
Cestita Alubat Table Lamp Sale price$1,320.00
Cesta Outdoor Table LampCesta Outdoor Table Lamp
Cesta Outdoor Table Lamp Sale price$1,650.00
Cestita Portable Table LampCestita Portable Table Lamp
Cestita Portable Table Lamp Sale price$1,295.00
Sylvestrina Table LampSylvestrina Table Lamp
Sylvestrina Table Lamp Sale price$815.00
Olimpia Table LampOlimpia Table Lamp
Olimpia Table Lamp Sale price$452.00
Swap Marilyn Table LampSwap Marilyn Table Lamp
Swap Marilyn Table Lamp Sale price$420.00
Olivia Mini Table LampOlivia Mini Table Lamp
Olivia Mini Table Lamp Sale price$307.00
Poldina Lido Table LampPoldina Lido Table Lamp
Poldina Lido Table Lamp Sale price$482.00
Sister Table LampSister Table Lamp
Sister Table Lamp Sale price$623.00
Olivia Table LampOlivia Table Lamp
Olivia Table Lamp Sale price$307.00
Sister Mini Table LampSister Mini Table Lamp
Sister Mini Table Lamp Sale price$577.00
Ofelia Table LampOfelia Table Lamp
Ofelia Table Lamp Sale price$307.00
Pina Table LampPina Table Lamp
Pina Table Lamp Sale price$319.00
Swap Mini Table LampSwap Mini Table Lamp
Swap Mini Table Lamp Sale price$226.00
Swap Table LampSwap Table Lamp
Swap Table Lamp Sale price$304.00
Poldina Table LampPoldina Table Lamp
Poldina Table Lamp Sale price$403.00
Poldina Micro Table LampPoldina Micro Table Lamp
Poldina Micro Table Lamp Sale price$282.00
Poldina Expandable Table/Floor LampPoldina Expandable Table/Floor Lamp
Poldina XXL Expandable Floor/Table LampPoldina XXL Expandable Floor/Table Lamp
Home Portable Table LampHome Portable Table Lamp
Home Portable Table Lamp Sale price$375.00
Arcello Portable Table LampArcello Portable Table Lamp
Arcello Portable Table Lamp Sale price$299.00
Jim To-Go Table LampJim To-Go Table Lamp
Jim To-Go Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $389.00

Outdoor Table Lamps

When selecting an outdoor table light is important to understand your needs in term of space and coverage. A free standing lighting fixture can be plug in or portable with rechargeable battery. The most important thing to look at is the IP rating, to ensure maximum durability and flexibility an outdoor table lamp needs to be at least IP44 rating or above. This will ensure that your lamp can withstand the outdoor conditions.

Here at Nook Collections we have a range of outdoor table lamps selected for they style, high quality build and durability. We select only the best Australian and international brands to give you a curated selection of contemporary, classic and iconic free standing lamps.

Some of our outdoor table lamps have a table included, making them perfect for your pool side or hospitality projects, some other are rechargeable via included USB and can be transported anywhere to create your little relaxing outdoor corner wherever you need.