Kids Bedroom Lighting

Illuminate your child's imagination and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere with our Kids Bedroom Lighting collection. From whimsical designs to functional fixtures, our curated selection offers a variety of lighting options to suit every kid's unique personality and style.

Kids lighting comes in different shapes and sizes, from traditional table lamps to fun and quirky designs that kids will love. A kids bedside lamp is a perfect addition to any child's room, providing a soft and gentle glow to help them feel safe and secure at night. Shop Kids Bedroom Lighting collection at Nook Collections today!


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Bumbum 3 Pendant LightBumbum 3 Pendant Light
Bumbum 3 Pendant Light Sale price$2,309.00
Floris Portable Table LampFloris Portable Table Lamp
Floris Portable Table Lamp Sale price$199.00
Bilia Table lamp on a deskBilia Table lamp on a coffee table
Bilia Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $848.00
Pearl Ceramic wavy wall light over a tablePearl Ceramic wavy wall light
Pearl Wall Light Sale price$550.00
Delfina Pendant LightDelfina Pendant Light
Delfina Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,259.00
Berimbau Tall Table LampBerimbau Tall Table Lamp
Berimbau Tall Table Lamp Sale price$732.00
Olimpia Metallic Table LampOlimpia Metallic Table Lamp
Olimpia Metallic Table Lamp Sale price$548.00
Aballs ceramic and orb blown glass shade pendant light above a round tableAballs ceramic and orb blown glass shade pendant light above a coffee table
Aballs Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,669.80
Copacabana Pendant LightCopacabana Pendant Light
Copacabana Pendant Light Sale price$2,174.00
Aballs semi flush orb wall light with ceramic body and glass shade goldenAballs semi flush orb wall light with ceramic body and glass shade black
Aballs Semi Flush Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,244.10
Eddy table lampEddy table lamp
Eddy Table Lamp Sale price$1,500.00
Balloon wall lightBalloon wall light
Balloon Wall Light Sale priceFrom $823.00
Berimbau 5lt Pendant LightBerimbau 5lt Pendant Light
Berimbau 5lt Pendant Light Sale price$2,250.00
Haban Wall LightHaban Wall Light
Haban Wall Light Sale priceFrom $455.00
Ascoli Single Switched Wall LightAscoli switched adjustable wall light on a black wall
Ascoli Single Switched Wall Light Sale priceFrom $229.00
Tatu Table LampTatu Table Lamp
Tatu Table Lamp Sale price$970.00
Berimbau Table LampBerimbau Table Lamp
Berimbau Table Lamp Sale price$671.00
Afoxé Large Pendant LightAfoxé Large Pendant Light
Afoxé Large Pendant Light Sale price$1,586.00
Camilla Veneer pendant light above a sofaCamilla Veneer pendant light
Camila Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,079.00
Berimbau Wall LightBerimbau Wall Light
Berimbau Wall Light Sale price$738.00
Aballs Table lamp orb blown glass shade and ceramic body on a coffee tableAballs Table lamp orb blown glass shade and ceramic body bed side
Aballs Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,782.00
Lariat Diamond Pendant LightLariat Diamond Pendant Light
Lariat Diamond Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,590.00
Lariat Cylinder Pendant LightLariat Cylinder Pendant Light
Lariat Cylinder Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,590.00
Dusked Pendant LightDusked Pendant Light
Dusked Pendant Light Sale price$520.00
Selaròn Pendant LightSelaròn Pendant Light
Selaròn Pendant Light Sale price$1,489.00
Aballs ceramic and blown glass orb wall lamp above a sofaAballs ceramic and blown glass orb wall lamp on the misrror side
Aballs Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,359.00
Noa ceramic and fabric decorative table lamp on a cabinetNoa Ceramic and fabric decorative table lamp on a cabinet
Noa Table Lamp Sale price$1,317.00
Pau Pendant LightPau Pendant Light
Pau Pendant Light Sale price$1,283.00
Nano Portable opal glass orb shade and brass handle table lamp on a staircaseNano Portable opal glass orb shade and brass handle table lamp detail
Nano Table Lamp Sale price$1,121.00
Churuata Pendant LightChuruata Pendant Light
Churuata Pendant Light Sale price$1,261.00
Corcovado Pendant LightCorcovado Pendant Light
Corcovado Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,237.00
Corcovado Bell Pendant LightCorcovado Bell Pendant Light
Corcovado Bell Pendant Light Sale price$1,234.00
Bellota Pendant LightBellota Pendant Light
Bellota Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,199.00
Swap Dots Table LampSwap Dots Table Lamp
Swap Dots Table Lamp Sale price$420.00
Sibling Table LampSibling Table Lamp
Sibling Table Lamp Sale price$1,080.00
Selene Uplight Wall LightSelene Uplight organic contemporary timber wall light on Nook Collections
Selene Uplight Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,187.00
Maracanà Pendant LightMaracanà Pendant Light
Maracanà Pendant Light Sale price$1,182.00
Obrie Table LampObrie Table Lamp
Obrie Table Lamp Sale price$1,169.00
Metric Ceramic and fabric shade decorative table lamp product pohtoMetric Ceramic and fabric shade decorative table lamp on a stall in a lounge
Metric Table Lamp Sale price$1,140.00
Terra 2 Wall LightTerra 2 Wall Light
Terra 2 Wall Light Sale price$1,035.00
Maracanà 150 Pendant LightMaracanà 150 Pendant Light
Maracanà 150 Pendant Light Sale price$1,331.00
Terra 00 DownlightTerra 00 Downlight
Terra 00 Downlight Sale price$1,045.00
Terra 00 Wall LightTerra 00 Wall Light
Terra 00 Wall Light Sale price$1,045.00
Bumbum 1 Pendant LightBumbum 1 Pendant Light
Bumbum 1 Pendant Light Sale price$1,056.00
Copacabana Single Pendant LightCopacabana Single Pendant Light
Balloon Pendant light by Estiluz LightingBalloon Pendant light by Estiluz Lighting cluster above tables in a restaurant
Balloon Pendant Light Sale price$1,041.00
Minibox Table lamp on a deskMinibox Table lamp
Minibox Table Lamp Sale price$1,328.00
Ginko Leaf Wall light bedsideGinko Leaf Wall light
Gingko Leaf Wall Light Sale price$910.00
Copacabana Table LampCopacabana Table Lamp
Copacabana Table Lamp Sale price$1,021.00
Terra 00 Pendant LightTerra 00 pendant light
Terra 00 Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,036.00

Kids Bedroom Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance of your child's bedroom, and our Kids Bedroom Lighting collection has been carefully curated to inspire their imagination and craft a warm, inviting space. Spanning from whimsical designs to functional fixtures, our extensive selection encompasses various lighting options tailored to cater to your child's unique personality and style.

Within this collection, you'll discover an array of lighting solutions, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs. From timeless table lamps to playful and eccentric designs that resonate with children's hearts, there's a perfect match for every taste. A bedside lamp, thoughtfully chosen, can be a comforting presence, casting a soft and reassuring glow that helps your child feel secure during nighttime slumbers.

For those moments when your child is diving into the world of books or tackling their homework, our reading lights and desk lamps ensure they have ample illumination for focused tasks. Pendant lights add a touch of charm to their personal space, while floor lamps and table lamps infuse the room with a unique ambiance that suits their mood and activities.

In the quest to transform your child's bedroom into a space that resonates with their desires, our Kids Bedroom Lighting collection is your one-stop solution. Whether you're aiming to create an enchanting escape, a functional haven for studying, or a trendy haven for a growing teen, our diverse range of lighting fixtures offers versatility and adaptability to match every need and aspiration.

Now is the time to embark on a journey of illumination and creativity. Discover the perfect lighting fixtures from our Kids Bedroom Lighting collection and witness how they illuminate your child's world with style, warmth, and boundless imagination. Make their space uniquely theirs by exploring our assortment and take the first step towards creating a room that nurtures their dreams and aspirations. Shop now at Nook Collections and let their room come alive with the magic of personalised lighting.