Ceramic Lighting

Discover the exclusive Ceramic Lighting Collection at Nook Collections, where timeless craftsmanship meets modern design. Our selection features handcrafted pendant lights, stylish table lamps, elegant wall sconces, and sophisticated floor lamps, each crafted from high-quality ceramic materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for adding warmth and artistry to any room, these fixtures blend functionality with exquisite detailing. Shop with confidence, knowing each piece is crafted to the highest standards, transforming your home with a touch of elegance and a unique glow. Explore the full collection today.


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Milo ceramic contemporary wall light hallwayMilo ceramic contemporary wall light above a shelf
Milo Wall Light Sale priceFrom $209.00
Pearl Wall LightPearl Wall Light
Pearl Wall Light Sale price$550.00
Dusked Pendant LightDusked Pendant Light
Dusked Pendant Light Sale price$520.00
Crescent Wall LightCrescent Wall Light
Crescent Wall Light Sale priceFrom $320.00
Bowl Wall LightBowl Wall Light
Bowl Wall Light Sale price$425.00
Fluted Shell Wall LightFluted shell wall light
Fluted Shell Wall Light Sale price$479.00
Day ceramic hand made wall light above a loungeDay ceramic hand made wall light bed side
Day Wall Light Sale priceFrom $630.00
Freckles handmade ceramic wall light above a sofaFreckles handmade ceramic wall light tall
Freckles Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Eclipse Ceramic Wall LightEclipse Ceramic Wall Light
Eclipse Ceramic Wall Light Sale priceFrom $700.00
Orb Porcelain Pendant LightOrb Porcelain Pendant Light
Orb Porcelain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Dawn Pendant LightDawn Pendant Light
Dawn Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $415.00
Terra 00 Wall LightTerra 00 Wall Light
Terra 00 Wall Light Sale price$1,045.00
Spoleto Wall LightSpoleto 1230 Wall Light
Spoleto 1230 Wall Light Sale price$589.00
Settimello Pendant lightSettimello Pendant Light
Settimello Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $499.00
Amat 320 wall light in a living area aboce a sofaAmat 320 wall light
Amat 320 Wall Light Sale price$239.00
Cloud Wall LightCloud Wall Light
Cloud Wall Light Sale price$720.00
Bell copo pendant contemporary dome with marble sphere near entry doorBell copo pendant contemporary dome with marble sphere product photo
Bell Copo Pendant Light Sale price$796.00
Nudie handmade ceramic wall light in a bathroom mirror sidesNudie handmade ceramic wall light above a plant
Nudie Wall Light Sale price$590.00
Day outdoor handmade ceramic wall light on exterior cladded wallDay outdoor handmade ceramic wall light cluster on entry wall
Day Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$690.00
Down Ceramic indoor wall light bed sideDown Ceramic indoor wall light bed side
Dawn Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Terra 0 Long Arm Wall LightTerra 0 Long Arm Wall Light
Terra 0 Long Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $820.00
Terra 2 Wall LightTerra 2 Wall Light
Terra 2 Wall Light Sale price$1,035.00
Dusk Tall Wall LightDusk Tall Wall Light
Dusk Tall Wall Light Sale price$660.00
Stone Short Wall LightStone Short Wall Light
Stone Short Wall Light Sale price$630.00
Swing wall and downlightSwing wall and downlight
Swing Wall and downlight Sale price$699.00
Settimello Ceiling LightSettimello Ceiling Light
Settimello Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $399.00
Settimello wall lightSettimello Wall Light
Settimello Wall Light Sale priceFrom $399.00
settimello downlightSettimello Downlight
Settimello Downlight Sale price$249.00
Edge P230 outdoor wall lightEdge P230 outdoor wall light
Edge P230 Wall Light Sale price$779.00
Amalfi 315 Wall light in a living area above a plant and a sofaAmalfi 315 Wall light above flowers
Amalfi 315 Wall Light Sale price$239.00
Kyo Wall LightKyo Wall Light
Kyo Wall Light Sale price$279.00
Copo Pendant Light various colorsCopo Pendant Light hunt green
Copo Pendant Light Sale price$611.00
Terra 1 Pendant LightTerra 1 Pendant Light
Terra 1 Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $546.00
Dusked Evo Wall LightDusked Evo Wall Light
Dusked Evo Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Terra 00 Pendant LightTerra 00 Pendant Light
Terra 00 Pendant Light Sale price$1,036.00
Terra 1 Wall LightTerra 1 Wall Light
Terra 1 Wall Light Sale price$553.00
Terra 1 Long Arm Wall LightTerra 1 Long Arm Wall Light
Terra 1 Long Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $779.00
Terra 0 Rod Pendant LightTerra 0 Rod Pendant Light
Terra 0 Rod Pendant Light Sale price$870.00
Terra 00 Rod Pendant LightTerra 00 Rod Pendant Light
Terra 00 Rod Pendant Light Sale price$1,079.00
Wobbly Slate Ceiling LightWobbly Slate Ceiling Light
Wobbly Slate Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Dawn Ceramic Ceiling LightDawn Ceramic Ceiling Light
Dawn Ceramic Ceiling Light Sale price$690.00
Tamiso Pendant LightTamiso Pendant Light
Tamiso Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $734.00
Loft Wall LightLoft Wall Light
Loft Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,148.00
Vintage Wall LightVintage Wall Light
Vintage Wall Light Sale price$758.00
Loft Pendant Light
Loft Pendant Light Sale price$587.00
Loft Single Wall Light
Loft Single Wall Light Sale price$577.00
Country Wall LightCountry Wall Light
Country Wall Light Sale price$880.00
Industrial Wide Pendant LightIndustrial Wide Pendant Light
Industrial Wide Pendant Light Sale price$1,731.00
Industrial Dome Wall LightIndustrial Dome Wall Light
Industrial Dome Wall Light Sale price$1,029.00
Industrial Bell Pendant LightIndustrial Bell Pendant Light
Industrial Bell Pendant Light Sale price$1,815.00

Ceramic Lighting

Crafted from the earth, shaped by fire, ceramic lighting offers a timeless elegance and warmth that elevates any space. Here at Nook Collections, we've curated a stunning selection of ceramic lighting designed to illuminate your home with both beauty and artistry.

Our ceramic lighting collection celebrates the art of slow design. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring no two are exactly alike. These subtle variations are a testament to the human touch, adding a touch of individuality to your space.

Australian Made, Globally Inspired:
We champion Australian design and craftsmanship, featuring exquisite pieces created from locally sourced clays. This focus on quality is complemented by a range of styles that draw inspiration from around the world. From the minimalist lines of Scandinavian design to the rustic charm of Italian ceramics, you'll find a ceramic light to suit your taste.

Warmth and Versatility:
The natural properties of ceramic create a soft, diffused light that is both inviting and functional. Whether you're seeking a statement piece for your entryway, a warm glow for your living room, or a touch of ambiance in your bedroom, our ceramic lighting collection offers a versatile solution.

Discover the beauty and artistry of ceramic lighting with Nook Collections. Browse our curated selection today and find the perfect piece to illuminate your home.