Mid-century Lighting

Discover our Mid-Century Lighting collection, seamlessly merging classic Mid-Century era pieces with innovative designs inspired by its iconic ethos. Rooted in organic and geometric aesthetics, our collection captures the essence of Mid-Century design through thoughtfully curated materials, finishes, textures, and metals, resulting in a timeless array of pieces. Explore the collection by Nook Collections and discover how these iconic pieces can transform residence, hospitality or commercials spaces into a haven of sophistication and style. Delve deeper into the world of Mid-century Lighting in our latest blog: 'Our Designer Lighting Guide: Mid-century Lighting'.


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Labra ChandelierLabra Chandelier
Labra Chandelier Sale priceFrom $3,242.00
Woman carrying Abbacus contemporary brass and opal orb table lightAbbacus contemporary brass and opal orb table light in a bedroom
Abbacus Table Lamp Sale price$1,269.00
Ariana ChandelierAriana Chandelier
Ariana Chandelier Sale price$4,176.00
Atom Floor LampAtom Floor Lamp
Atom Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,262.00
Hinsdale ChandelierHinsdale Chandelier
Hinsdale Chandelier Sale price$6,890.00
Blanche pendant light cluster over a dining tableBlanche pendant light cluster over a kitchen island
Blanche Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,090.00
Attalos Wall LightAttalos Wall Light
Attalos Wall Light Sale priceFrom $895.00
Muranè pendant lightMuranè pendant light in a living area
Murané Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $11,586.00
Contina adjustable minimal orb wall light on the side of a sofaContina adjustable minimal orb wall light brass
Contina Wall Light Sale price$289.00
Jervis 4lt Chandelier
Jervis 4lt Chandelier Sale price$11,384.00
Somerset pendant light cluster above kitchenSomerset pendant light cluster above kitchen island
Somerset Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $834.00
Brigitte ChandelierBrigitte Chandelier
Brigitte Chandelier Sale price$2,281.00
Terra 1 Long Arm Wall LightTerra 1 Long Arm Wall Light
Terra 1 Long Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $779.00
Cera large brass dome pendant light above a dining tableCera large brass dome pendant light
Cera Pendant Light Sale price$277.00
Sputnik Pendant LightSputnik Pendant Light
Sputnik Pendant Light Sale price$10,685.00
Elma Linear Pendant LightElma Linear Pendant Light
Elma Linear Pendant Light Sale price$2,102.00
Bowery Round Wall LightBowery Round Wall Light
Bowery Round Wall Light Sale price$781.00
Cecily Wall LightCecily Wall Light
Cecily Wall Light Sale priceFrom $718.00
Endo Floor Lamp, minimalistic Scandinavian white orb opal shade in lounge areaEndo Floor Lamp, minimalistic Scandinavian white orb opal shade detail
Endo Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,018.00
Colton Wall LightColton Wall Light
Colton Wall Light Sale price$750.00
Diggs Wall LightDiggs Wall Light
Diggs Wall Light Sale price$1,848.00
Bianca Table Lamp blown glass large orb on the floorBianca Table Lamp blown glass orb on a desk
Bianca Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $971.00
Hinsdale Wall LightHinsdale Wall Light
Hinsdale Wall Light Sale price$1,098.00
Coral Trio Pendant Light in a bathroom on the side of a mirrorCoral Trio Pendant Light
Coral Trio Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,000.00
Hopper 1lt Wall Light
Hopper 1lt Wall Light Sale price$1,436.00
Puppet Ring Wall LightPuppet ring classic Murano mouth blown glass 2 orbs on a ring wall light
Puppet Ring Wall Light Sale price$1,956.00
Walton Wall LightWalton Wall Light
Walton Wall Light Sale price$1,035.00
Tribeca Wall LightTribeca Wall Light
Tribeca Wall Light Sale price$3,105.00
Arc pendant light linear contemporaryarc black pendant light detail
Arc Pendant Light Sale price$2,017.00
Carrie Chandelier
Carrie Chandelier Sale price$3,284.00
Mellita Traditional pendant light above a coffee table in a living areaMellita Traditional pendant light above a marble table
Mellita Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,573.00
Charisma Chandelier
Charisma Chandelier Sale price$21,051.00
Grant Scandinavian glass orb and brass wall lightGrant Scandinavian glass orb and black wall light
Grant Wall Light Sale price$179.00
Glendale Pendant LightGlendale Pendant Light
Glendale Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,907.00
Ficus Floor lamp contemporary minimalistic brass shade in a loungeroomFicus Floor lamp contemporary minimalistic brass shade in a living area
Ficus Floor Lamp Sale price$1,332.00
Atom Contemporary orb opal glass shade wall light in a bathroomAtom Contemporary orb opal glass shade wall light in black
Atom Wall Light Sale price$699.00
Olivia Chandelier
Olivia Chandelier Sale price$2,006.00
Vitrine Wall LightVitrine Wall Light
Vitrine Wall Light Sale price$1,355.00
Katie Pendant LightKatie Pendant Light
Katie Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,376.00
Coral Table LampCoral Table Lamp
Coral Table Lamp Sale price$2,200.00
Abbacus wall light opal orb and metal ring in black near a mirrorAbbacus wall light opal orb and metal ring in black detail
Abbacus Wall Light Sale price$895.00
Marino blown glass pendant light cluster above a round tableMarino blown glass pendant light detail
Marino Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $488.00
Hopper ChandelierHopper Chandelier
Hopper Chandelier Sale priceFrom $12,334.00
Elma Floor Lamp by Aromas Del Campo | Nook CollectionsElma Floor Lamp
Elma Floor Lamp Sale price$2,176.00
Arti Wall Light in brass by Hudson Valley - Hinkley Lighting at Nook Collections Arti Wall Light
Arti Wall Light Sale priceFrom $449.00
Brianna Wall LightBrianna Wall Light
Brianna Wall Light Sale price$385.00
Dais Tube Wall LightDais Tube Wall Light
Dais Tube Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,722.00
Lilly Pendant light 3 orbs scandinavian opal glass black on a side of a sofaLilly Pendant light 3 orbs scandinavian opal glass brass
Lilly Pendant Light Sale price$325.00
Coral Duo Wall LightCoral Duo Wall Light
Coral Duo Wall Light Sale price$2,000.00
Delie 8 pendant light marble sphere and opal glass shade above dining tableDelie 8 pendant light marble sphere and opal glass shade details
Delie 8lt Pendant Light Sale price$3,582.00

Mid-century Lighting

Step into the timeless allure of our Mid-Century Lighting Collection, where the echoes of an era known for its exceptional design principles are harmoniously combined with modern creativity. This curated selection showcases the harmonious fusion of classic Mid-Century period pieces and innovative designs that pay homage to this iconic era.

The core of our collection is firmly grounded in the organic and geometric principles that defined Mid-Century design. These carefully curated materials, finishes, textures, and metals capture the essence of an era that celebrated the marriage of form and function. Each piece is a testament to the enduring charm of Mid-Century aesthetics.

ur Vintage Mid-Century Modern lamps epitomise this ethos, embracing signature shapes like globes, hourglasses, rings, and geometric forms. These fixtures epitomise the timelessness of the style, blending the elegance of the past with the innovation of the present. Clean lines and traditional materials unite to create designs that exude both familiarity and modern sophistication.

Embrace Mid-Century modern lighting to elevate the character of your living spaces, commercial ventures, or hospitality projects. This design transcends fleeting trends, remaining steadfast amidst changing tastes. Its contemporary reinterpretation combines traditional shapes and luxurious materials with the practicality required by modern living.

Mid-Century design possesses an everlasting freshness that defies the passage of time. At Nook Collections, our thoughtfully curated assortment of Traditional chandeliers, wall fixtures, and ceiling lights speaks to your discerning taste. Dive into a world where Mid-Century charm and enduring allure intertwine, transforming your surroundings into havens of sophistication and style.

As you explore our collection, immerse yourself in an era that seamlessly merges past and present. Designer Mid-Century Chandeliers capture grandeur and allure, merging the elegance of yesteryears with contemporary sophistication. Mid-Century Modern Lighting unites aesthetics and utility, with designs that radiate visual appeal while serving practical purposes.

Rekindle the magic of Mid-Century style, as our collection embodies the spirit of an era that left an indelible mark on design. Illuminate your spaces with Mid-Century charm, reimagined for today's world. Whether you're drawn to the captivating allure of Designer Mid-Century Chandeliers or the understated elegance of Mid-Century Modern Lighting, each piece encapsulates a timeless spirit that continues to shape design sensibilities.