Indoor Ceiling Lights

We carry a wide selection of outdoor ceiling lights that are perfect for illuminating your home's exterior. Our luxury designer ceiling light fittings come in a variety of styles to suit every taste. Choose from a wide range of finishes, styles, and materials to find the perfect fit for your indoor space


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Day Ceiling LightDay Ceiling Light
Day Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
A-Tube Ceiling LightA-Tube Ceiling Light
A-Tube Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $434.00
Wobbly Slate Ceiling LightWobbly Slate Ceiling Light
Wobbly Slate Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Dawn Ceramic Ceiling LightDawn Ceramic Ceiling Light
Dawn Ceramic Ceiling Light Sale price$690.00
Latto Ceiling Light by Aromas Del Campo | Nook CollectionsLatto Ceiling Light
Latto Ceiling Light Sale price$481.00
Featured within a contemporary kitchen is the Wobbly Ceilng Light by We Ponder at Nook CollectionWobbly Ceiling Light
Wobbly Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Spider Ceiling LightSpider Ceiling Light
Spider Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,112.00
Doul Wall/Ceiling LightDoul Wall/Ceiling Light
Doul Wall/Ceiling Light Sale price$540.00
Dawn Ceiling LightDawn Ceiling Light
Dawn Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $475.00
Spring Ceiling LightSpring Ceiling Light
Spring Ceiling Light Sale price$3,201.00
Aballs contemporary orb ceiling light blackAballs contemporary orb ceiling light golden
Aballs Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,670.00
Dusked Eos Ceiling LightDusked Eos Ceiling Light
Dusked Eos Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $450.00
Taiko Ceiling light above a kitchen islandTaiko Ceiling light above a dining table
Taiko Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $779.00
Grant orb pendant light in opal and brass 3 lights above a bedGrant orb pendant light in opal and black 3 lights in an entrance
Grant Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $369.00
Tubo indoor contemporary downlightTubò Downlight
Tubò Downlight Sale priceFrom $820.00
Circ Ceiling light above a living areaCirc Ceiling light by Estiluz Lighting
Circ Circular Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $4,391.00
Hilow Ceiling light cluster in a living areaHilow Ceiling light
Hilow Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $5,396.04
Contina adjustable orb minimali ceiling light black above kitchen islandContina adjustable orb minimali ceiling light brass above dining table
Contina Ceiling Light Sale price$289.00
Manila Ceiling Light in gold with beige fabric above a plant clusterManila Ceiling Light in gold with beige fabric small
Manila Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,527.00
Demi Ceiling Light by Stilnovo, a clear ceiling lamp in two sizes.Demi Ceiling light
Demì Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $3,225.00
Lighto contemporary ceiling light cluster on a frameLighto contemporary ceiling light
Lighto Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $750.00
Ginevra Ceiling LightGinevra Ceiling Light
Ginevra Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $2,264.70
Bianca orb blown glass ceiling light Bianca orb blown glass ceiling light
Bianca Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $970.00
Lucciola Murano blown glass orb Ceiling Light above a deskLucciola Murano blown glass orb Ceiling Light cluster
Lucciola Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $328.00
Eclipsi ceiling lightEclipsi ceiling light
Eclipsi Ceiling Light Sale price$1,511.00
Polare indoor industrial ceiling lightPolare Ceiling Light
Polare Ceiling Light Sale price$414.00
Smith 2 Ceiling Light
Smith 2 Ceiling Light Sale price$759.00
Hadley Ceiling LightHadley Ceiling Light
Hadley Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $526.00
Maine Ceiling LightMaine Ceiling Light
Maine Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $847.00
Zeppo orb glass ceiling light in a bathroomZeppo orb glass ceiling light
Zeppo Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $669.00
Somerset Semi-Flush Ceiling LightSomerset Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
Hampton 3lt Ceiling LightHampton 3lt Ceiling Light
Hampton 3lt Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $944.00
Asher Ceiling LightAsher Ceiling Light
Asher Ceiling Light Sale price$724.00
Mashiko Round Classic outdoor ceiling lightMashiko Round Classic outdoor ceiling light
Mashiko Round Ceiling Light Sale price$939.00
Geneva Flush Ceiling LightGeneva Flush Ceiling Light
Geneva Flush Ceiling Light Sale price$724.00
Nance classic metal and linen ceiling lightNance classic metal and linen ceiling light
Nance Ceiling Light Sale price$583.00
Nodes 4 Light Ceiling lightNodes 4 Light Ceiling light
Nodes 4L Ceiling Light Sale price$812.00
Fide ceiling minimalistic fabric wall light cluster in hallwayFide ceiling minimalistic fabric wall light medium cluster in hallway
Fife Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $469.00
Fante Iconic adjustable ceiling light Fante Iconic adjustable ceiling light
Fante Ceiling Light Sale price$846.00
Oxygen Ceiling Light above a round tableOxygen Ceiling Light
Oxygen Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $4,032.00
Mr Magoo ceiling light Mr Magoo ceiling light
Mr Magoo Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $2,203.00
Mashiko Round classic ceiling lightMashiko Round classic Ceiling light
Mashiko Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $549.00
Dodot adjustable downlightDodot adjustable downlight in a hallway
Dodot Downlight Sale price$930.00
Vera adjustable ceiling lightVera Ceiling Light
Vera Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $713.00
Balloon Ceiling Light
Balloon Ceiling Light Sale price$814.00
Novecento Murano blown glass classic ceiling light in a living area above a sofaNovecento Murano blown glass classic ceiling light
Novecento Ceiling Light Sale price$3,405.00
Pangen Ceiling lightPangen Ceiling light
Pangen Ceiling Light Sale price$2,493.00
Tubes cylinder contemporary ceiling light clusterTubes cylinder contemporary ceiling light
Tubes Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,437.00
Explore 3 ceiling light showcasing a cladded wall and frameExplore 3 ceiling light
Explore 3 Ceiling Light Sale price$169.00
Mona Outdoor circular wall light on timber wallMona Outdoor circular wall light detail
Mona Wall and Ceiling Light Sale price$1,790.00

Indoor Ceiling Lights

The main purpose of a ceiling light fixture is to provide ambient lighting in a space, but the right style and placement of the fixture can greatly improve the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

It is possible to create a more romantic or relaxing atmosphere by carefully choosing and positioning a ceiling light in the interiors. The size and layout of the room, as well as the amount of natural light it receives, are important factors to consider when selecting a ceiling light design.

Ceiling lights that are flush-mounted or semi-flush-mounted offer direct lighting that can be adjusted depending on the size of the room. These types of lamps are best suited for compact rooms that have low ceilings or for larger rooms where ambient lighting is required.

Browse Nook Collections’ range of designer ceiling lights for classic, industrial, mid-century or contemporary ceiling lights, whether you’re looking for a bathroom IP-rated ceiling light or something more classic such as living room and kitchen ceiling lights we have you covered.