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Discover Nook Collection’s curated selection of designer kitchen lighting. Chosen for you from international and Australian designer lighting brands. Discover the broad range of finishes, materials and styles perfect to enhance your heart of the home.


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    Versale Pendant Light by Nordlux Lighting in black | Nook CollectionsVersale Pendant Light by Nordlux Lighting in brown | Nook Collections
    Versale Pendant Light Sale price$899.00
    Somerset pendant light cluster above kitchenSomerset pendant light cluster above kitchen island
    Somerset Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $834.00
    Nexus Scandinavian minimal pendant light black cluster above a kitchen islandNexus Pendant Light
    Nexus Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $229.00
    Shape brass and opal glass pendant light above a kitchen islandShape brass and opal glass pendant light cluster
    Shapes Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $849.00
    Contina 3 lights linear pendant brass above a dining tableContina 3 lights linear pendant brass
    Contina Pendant Light Sale price$399.00
    Knock pendant light cluster above a benchtopKnock pendant light
    Knock Pendant Light Sale price$999.00
    Volta single pendant light  above a kitchen benchVolta single pendant light above a counter on a bar
    Volta Single Pendant Light Sale price$954.00
    Grant orb pendant light in opal and brass 3 lights above a bedGrant orb pendant light in opal and black 3 lights in an entrance
    Grant Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $369.00
    Tullio Pendant LightTullio Pendant Light
    Tullio Pendant Light Sale price$1,390.00
    Blanche pendant light cluster over a dining tableBlanche pendant light cluster over a kitchen island
    Blanche Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,090.00
    Terra 1.5 DownlightTerra 1.5 Downlight
    Terra 1.5 Downlight Sale price$684.00
    Angle scandinavian pendant light cluster above round dining tableAngle scandinavian pendant light black
    Angle Pendant Light Sale price$389.00
    Button Linear Pendant LightButton Linear Pendant Light
    Button Linear Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $6,155.00
    Black Note Pendant LightBlack Note Pendant Light
    Black Note Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $7,336.00
    Nabila 10lt Pendant LightNabila 10lt Pendant Light
    Nabila 10lt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,713.00
    Angle adjustable Scandinavian wall light on the bed sideAngle adjustable Scandinavian wall light above a kitchen bench
    Angle Wall Light Sale price$329.00
    Tenn Pendant lightTenn Pendant light
    Tenn Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,990.00
    Wire pendant light above a round dining tableWire pendant light colours
    Wire Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $990.00
    Zoe Pendant LightZoe Pendant Light
    Zoe Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $860.00
    Anet Pendant opal glass and marble sphere contemporaryAnet Pendant Light
    Anet Pendant Light Sale price$733.00
    Volta Linear pendant light by Estiluz Lighting above a tableVolta Linear pendant ligh by Estiluz Lightingt in a living area above table
    Volta 6lt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,814.00
    To be Pendant light above restaurant tablesTo be Pendant light cluster in a restaurant
    To-be Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $814.86
    Strap Pendant LightStrap Pendant Light
    Strap Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $379.00
    Square Linear modern pendant light  above a deskSquare Linear modern pendant light above a desk
    Square Pendant Light Sale price$1,740.00
    Raito opal glass orb and brass pendant lightRaito opal glass orb and brass pendant light
    Raito Single Pendant Light Sale price$439.00
    Lute Pendant LightLute Pendant Light
    Lute Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $699.00
    Josefine pendant light in black and brass vertival above a round tableJosefine Pendant Light
    Josefine Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $298.00
    Ison Pendant LightIson Pendant Light
    Ison Pendant Light Sale price$703.00
    Arti Wall Light in brass by Hudson Valley - Hinkley Lighting at Nook Collections Arti Wall Light
    Arti Wall Light Sale priceFrom $449.00
    Hilow line pendant light cluster above a kitchenHilow line pendant light cluster above a reception
    Hilow Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,505.05
    Grant orb pendant light in opal and brass cluster above a dining tableGrant orb pendant light in opal and brass cluster detail
    Grant Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $159.00
    Revolta Pendant LightRevolta Pendant Light
    Revolta Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,617.00
    Coral Quad Linear Pendant LightCoral Quad Linear Pendant Light
    Coral Linear 4lt Rod Pendant LightCoral Linear 4lt Rod Pendant Light
    Coln Pendant LightColn Pendant Light
    Coln Pendant Light Sale price$1,506.00
    Circ Linear Pendant LightCirc Linear Pendant Light
    Circ Linear Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,436.00
    Balance contemporary designer pendant light largeBalance contemporary designer pendant light medium
    Balance Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $695.00
    Aver bird cage Scandinavian pendant light cluster above a dining tableAver bird cage Scandinavian pendant light cluster over a dining table
    Aver Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $429.00
    Artist Scandinavian flat dome pendant light above a marble coffee tableArtist Scandinavian flat dome pendant light above a coffee table
    Artist Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $599.00
    Alton Scandinavian Pendant light in blown glass opal and brass above a round tableAlton Scandinavian Pendant light in blown glass  smoke and black above a seat
    Alton 25 Pendant Light Sale price$349.00
    Focus Pendant LightFocus pendant light with cord product photo
    Focus Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $455.00
    Viisi Pendant LightViisi Italian made linear pendant, minimalistic suspension, large size cluster in black over a sofa in a lounge area
    Viisi Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,174.94
    Taiko Ceiling light above a kitchen islandTaiko Ceiling light above a dining table
    Taiko Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $779.00
    Iconic Conic marble pendant light in lounge areaIconic Conic marble pendant light product photo
    Iconic Pendant Light Sale price$685.00
    Tin Tin Vertical PendantTin Tin Vertical Pendant
    Tin Tin Vertical Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,650.00
    Harrow Pendant Light
    Harrow Pendant Light Sale price$755.00
    Nodes Pendant Light cluster above a coffe table in a lounge areaNodes Pendant Light detail
    Nodes Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $684.00
    Arti Long Arm Wall LightArti Long Arm Wall Light
    Arti Long Arm Wall Light Sale price$612.00
    Twiggy Pendant Light above dining tableTwiggy Pendant Light above a sink
    Twiggy Pendant Light Sale price$1,955.00
    Arti Pendant LightArti Pendant Light
    Arti Pendant Light Sale price$636.00

    Kitchen Lighting

    The purpose of kitchen lighting is too illuminate and enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen. It is an important aspect of kitchen design, as it helps create a functional and inviting environment while also serving practical purposes such as food preparation and cooking.

    There are several types of kitchen lighting fixtures that serve different functions. Task lighting, such as under-cabinet lights or pendant lights over a kitchen island, provides bright, direct lighting for specific areas, such as a countertop or sink. Ambient lighting, such as recessed lights or ceiling fixtures, provides overall illumination for the entire kitchen. Accent lighting, such as under-cabinet lights or rope lights, can be used to highlight specific areas of the kitchen, such as cabinets or artwork.

    When selecting kitchen lighting, it's important to consider the overall design of the space and the intended purpose of each area. For example, task lighting is essential for food preparation and cooking, while ambient lighting is important for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's also important to consider the type of light source used, such as LED, fluorescent, or incandescent, as well as the colour temperature of the light, as this can affect the overall mood and feel of the kitchen.

    In addition to traditional lighting fixtures, there are also a number of innovative kitchen lighting options available, such as smart lighting systems or colored LED lights. These options allow for greater customisation and control over the kitchen lighting, enabling you to create the perfect lighting scheme for your needs.
    In conclusion, kitchen lighting is a crucial aspect of kitchen design that can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space.

    With a variety of lighting options available, from task lighting to accent lighting, it's possible to create a functional and attractive kitchen environment that meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to create a bright and functional cooking space or a warm and inviting entertaining area, kitchen lighting can help you achieve your desired result.