Stone Lighting

The Stone Lighting curated collection by Nook Collections brings the beauty of natural stone into your home or next project. Featuring alabaster, travertine, marble, onyx, and quartz, each piece offers a unique look and feel, from the soft glow of alabaster to the dramatic depths of onyx. With pendant lights, sconces, and table lamps, you can find the perfect piece to add a touch of nature's elegance and timeless style to any room in your home or next project.


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Orli Alabaster Wall LightOrli Alabaster Wall Light
Orli Alabaster Wall Light Sale price$799.00
Bell copo pendant contemporary dome with marble sphere near entry doorBell copo pendant contemporary dome with marble sphere product photo
Bell Copo Pendant Light Sale price$796.00
Delie 8 pendant light marble sphere and opal glass shade above dining tableDelie 8 pendant light marble sphere and opal glass shade details
Delie 8lt Pendant Light Sale price$3,582.00
Dalt Wall light marble and opal glass spheres near as staircaseDalt Wall light marble and opal glass spheres brass with green marble
Dalt Wall Light Sale price$629.00
Coral Stone Wall LightCoral Stone Wall Light
Coral Stone Wall Light Sale price$1,200.00
Aurelia Surface Wall LightAurelia Surface Wall Light
Aurelia Surface Wall Light Sale price$928.00
Nooi Linear Pendant LightNooi Linear Pendant Light
Nooi Linear Pendant Light Sale price$1,132.00
Ilona Wall LightIlona Wall Light
Ilona Wall Light Sale price$699.00
Faro Wall Light
Faro Wall Light Sale price$699.00
Shin decorative large table lamp with white marble body and fabric shade Shin decorative large table lamp with black marble body and fabric shade
Shin Table Lamp Sale price$1,184.00
Hedra marble base and fabric shade classic floor lamp in a lounge areaHedra marble base and fabric shade classic floor lamp brass stem
Hedra Floor Lamp Sale price$1,069.00
Dalt 6 pendant light marble and opal spheres in brass above a round tableDalt 6 pendant light marble and opal spheres above a dining table
Dalt 6lt Pendant Light Sale price$3,093.00
Delie pendant with marble sphere and opal glass shadeDelie pendant with marble sphere and opal glass shade
Delie Single Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $551.00
Anet Pendant opal glass and marble sphere contemporaryAnet Pendant Light
Anet Pendant Light Sale price$733.00
Big Dussa Floor Lamp by Aromas Del Campo featured within a modern contemporary living room | Nook CollectionsBig Dussa Floor Lamp by Aromas Del Campo | Nook Collections
Big Dussa Floor Lamp Sale price$1,532.00
Coral Table LampCoral Table Lamp
Coral Table Lamp Sale price$2,200.00
Aurelia Wall LightAurelia Wall Light
Aurelia Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,340.00
Aurelia Double Offset Pendant LightAurelia Double Offset Pendant Light
Aurelia Double Offset Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,326.00
Aurelia Double Pendant LightAurelia Double Pendant Light
Aurelia Double Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,146.00
Aurelia Pendant LightAurelia Pendant Light
Aurelia Pendant Light Sale price$1,099.00
Portofino Table LampPortofino Table Lamp
Portofino Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $464.00
Banks Table LampBanks Table Lamp
Banks Table Lamp Sale price$369.00
Banks Floor LampBanks Floor Lamp
Banks Floor Lamp Sale price$549.00
Remi Table LampRemi Table Lamp
Remi Table Lamp Sale price$299.00
Remi Floor LampRemi Floor Lamp
Remi Floor Lamp Sale price$469.00
Zeleste Table LampZeleste Table Lamp
Zeleste Table Lamp Sale price$1,775.00
Babel Alabaster Table LampBabel Alabaster Table Lamp
Babel Alabaster Table Lamp Sale price$1,910.00
Ariana Wall LightAriana Wall Light
Ariana Wall Light Sale price$607.00
Central Park Wall LightCentral Park Wall Light
Central Park Wall Light Sale price$1,663.00
Jervis Wall Light
Jervis Wall Light Sale price$2,571.00
Tribeca Wall LightTribeca Wall Light
Tribeca Wall Light Sale price$3,105.00
Valencia Wall LightValencia Wall Light
Valencia Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,621.00
Hayden Wall LightHayden Wall Light
Hayden Wall Light Sale price$1,859.00
Barkley Wall LightBarkley Wall Light
Barkley Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,911.00
Argon Wall LightArgon Wall Light
Argon Wall Light Sale price$2,033.00
Coil Wall Light
Coil Wall Light Sale price$2,033.00
Saratoga Walll LightSaratoga Walll Light
Saratoga Walll Light Sale price$1,663.00
Hobart Wall LightHobart Wall Light
Hobart Wall Light Sale price$1,415.00
Predock Wall Light
Predock Wall Light Sale price$1,230.00
Draper Pendant Light
Draper Pendant Light Sale price$5,312.00
Saratoga ChandelierSaratoga Chandelier
Saratoga Chandelier Sale price$12,846.00
Predock Chandelier
Predock Chandelier Sale price$7,503.00
Jervis 4lt Chandelier
Jervis 4lt Chandelier Sale price$11,384.00
Jervis 2lt Chandelier
Jervis 2lt Chandelier Sale price$6,489.00
Tribeca Chandelier
Tribeca Chandelier Sale price$5,465.00
Delie Wall Light by Aromas Del Campo | Nook CollectionsDelie Wall Light
Delie Wall Light Sale priceFrom $551.00
Gada Pendant light by Estiluz Lighting above a tableGada Pendant light by Estiluz Lighting above a table
Gada Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,481.00
Gada Wall Light by Estiluz Lighting by an entranceGada Wall Light by Estiluz Lighting near hotel entry doors
Gada Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,208.00
Ner Wall Light
Ner Wall Light Sale price$699.00
Leora Wall LightLeora Wall Light
Leora Wall Light Sale price$799.00

Stone Lighting

Stone Lighting: Where Nature Meets Design
Nook Collections is proud to present Stone Lighting, a curated collection that celebrates the timeless elegance and natural beauty of stone. Each piece is meticulously crafted to illuminate your space with a warm glow and a touch of organic texture.

Alabaster's Soft Radiance:

Tranquil Aura: Alabaster's translucent quality allows light to pass through, creating a soft and diffused illumination that promotes relaxation and serenity. Perfect for bedrooms, hallways, or living areas seeking a calming ambiance.
Travertine's Earthy Warmth:

Rustic Charm: Travertine's natural veining and honey-colored tones bring a touch of rustic elegance to your space. Ideal for farmhouse-inspired kitchens, cozy reading nooks, or entryways yearning for a warm welcome.
Marble's Timeless Sophistication:

Luxurious Statement: Marble's classic beauty and intricate patterns elevate any room. This luxurious stone is perfect for creating a focal point in a dining room, entryway, or bathroom, adding a touch of timeless sophistication.
Onyx's Dramatic Depths:

Bold Allure: Onyx's deep, rich tones and dramatic veining make a statement. This captivating stone is a perfect choice for creating a dramatic ambiance in living rooms, home offices, or powder rooms.
Quartz's Modern Edge:

Clean Lines, Modern Appeal: Quartz's smooth surface and cool tones offer a contemporary aesthetic. Ideal for modern kitchens, minimalist living areas, or bathrooms seeking a clean and polished look.
Nook Collections' Stone Lighting Collection:

Our Stone Lighting Collection features a variety of stunning pieces, including:

Pendant lights that cast a warm glow over dining tables or kitchen islands.
Sconces that add a touch of ambient light to hallways, bedrooms, or living rooms.
Table lamps that provide focused task lighting or a touch of ambiance on desks, nightstands, or side tables.
Discover the perfect stone lighting piece to bring a touch of nature's beauty and timeless style to your home. Visit Nook Collections today and explore the collection!