Australian Lighting

Discover the exquisite range of Australian Lighting at Nook Collections, where each product is a testament to local craftsmanship and design. Our collection features meticulously crafted lighting fixtures made from high-quality materials such as glass, leather, ceramic, wood, and metals, showcasing the finest of Australian artistry. By choosing our locally made lights, you support sustainable practices and local artisans while adding elegance and sophistication to your space. Shop Australian designed lights at Nook Collections today and bring a touch of Australian craftsmanship into your home.


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124 products

Bell Pendant LightBell Pendant Light
Bell Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $190.00
Dish Wall LightDish Wall Light
Dish Wall Light Sale price$495.00
Pearl Wall LightPearl Wall Light
Pearl Wall Light Sale price$550.00
Dusked Pendant LightDusked Pendant Light
Dusked Pendant Light Sale price$520.00
Crescent Wall LightCrescent Wall Light
Crescent Wall Light Sale priceFrom $320.00
Bowl Wall LightBowl Wall Light
Bowl Wall Light Sale price$425.00
Day ceramic hand made wall light above a loungeDay ceramic hand made wall light bed side
Day Wall Light Sale priceFrom $630.00
Freckles handmade ceramic wall light above a sofaFreckles handmade ceramic wall light tall
Freckles Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Eclipse Ceramic Wall LightEclipse Ceramic Wall Light
Eclipse Ceramic Wall Light Sale priceFrom $700.00
Orb Porcelain Pendant LightOrb Porcelain Pendant Light
Orb Porcelain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Selene minimalistic timber dish wall light on Nook CollectionsSelene minimalistic timber dish wall light on Nook Collections
Selene Surface Wall Light Sale priceFrom $880.00
Dawn Pendant LightDawn Pendant Light
Dawn Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $415.00
Terra 00 Wall LightTerra 00 Wall Light
Terra 00 Wall Light Sale price$1,045.00
Hazel Table LampHazel Table Lamp
Hazel Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $580.00
Cylinder Pendant LightCylinder Pendant Light
Cylinder Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $160.00
Cloud Wall LightCloud Wall Light
Cloud Wall Light Sale price$720.00
Nudie handmade ceramic wall light in a bathroom mirror sidesNudie handmade ceramic wall light above a plant
Nudie Wall Light Sale price$590.00
Day outdoor handmade ceramic wall light on exterior cladded wallDay outdoor handmade ceramic wall light cluster on entry wall
Day Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$690.00
Terra 0 Wall LightTerra 0 Wall Light
Terra 0 Wall Light Sale priceFrom $685.00
Down Ceramic indoor wall light bed sideDown Ceramic indoor wall light bed side
Dawn Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Terra 0 Long Arm Wall LightTerra 0 Long Arm Wall Light
Terra 0 Long Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $820.00
Terra 2 Wall LightTerra 2 Wall Light
Terra 2 Wall Light Sale price$1,035.00
Coral Frosted Wall LightCoral Frosted Wall Light
Coral Frosted Wall Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Dish Ochre Wall LightDish Ochre Wall Light
Dish Ochre Wall Light Sale price$495.00
Bowl Ochre Wall LightBowl Ochre Wall Light by Robert Gordon | Nook Collections
Bowl Ochre Wall Light Sale price$425.00
Oyster Wall LightOyster Wall Light
Oyster Wall Light Sale price$695.00
Bell Ochre Pendant LightBell Ochre Pendant Light
Bell Ochre Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $190.00
Orb Rod Pendant LightOrb Rod Pendant Light
Orb Rod Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $575.00
Aurelia Surface Wall LightAurelia Surface Wall Light
Aurelia Surface Wall Light Sale price$928.00
Coral Travertine Frosted Wall LightCoral Travertine Frosted Wall Light
Dusk Tall Wall LightDusk Tall Wall Light
Dusk Tall Wall Light Sale price$660.00
Stone Short Wall LightStone Short Wall Light
Stone Short Wall Light Sale price$630.00
Tenn Pendant lightTenn Pendant light
Tenn Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,990.00
Coral Stone Wall LightCoral Stone Wall Light
Coral Stone Wall Light Sale price$1,200.00
Coral Organic Wall LightCoral Organic Wall Light
Coral Organic Wall Light Sale price$1,200.00
Selene Uplight Wall LightSelene Uplight organic contemporary timber wall light on Nook Collections
Selene Uplight Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,187.00
Terra 1 Pendant LightTerra 1 Pendant Light
Terra 1 Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $546.00
Attalos DownlightAttalos brass and glass ceiling light detail
Attalos Downlight Sale price$625.00
Dusked Evo Wall LightDusked Evo Wall Light
Dusked Evo Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Terra 00 Pendant LightTerra 00 Pendant Light
Terra 00 Pendant Light Sale price$1,036.00
Terra 1 Wall LightTerra 1 Wall Light
Terra 1 Wall Light Sale price$553.00
Terra 1 Long Arm Wall LightTerra 1 Long Arm Wall Light
Terra 1 Long Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $779.00
Coral Duo Pendant LightCoral Duo Pendant Light
Coral Duo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,200.00
Tapa Pendant LightTapa Pendant Light
Tapa Pendant Light Sale price$550.00
Periwinkle Table LampPeriwinkle Table Lamp
Periwinkle Table Lamp Sale price$800.00
Nest Table LampNest Table Lamp
Nest Table Lamp Sale price$1,100.00
Alby Table LampAlby Table Lamp
Alby Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $580.00
Nelly Table LampNelly Table Lamp
Nelly Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $460.00
Delilah Table LampDelilah Table Lamp
Delilah Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $460.00
Spaghetti Junction Bowl Wall LightSpaghetti Junction Bowl Wall Light