Outdoor Floor Lamps & Bollards

Outdoor floor lamps & bollards can be moved when and where you prefer, to create new light nooks and create a relaxed atmosphere in the outdoor dining or entertaining areas. Furnishing your outdoor space in style with our range of exterior floor lights & bollards selected from the best lighting brands around the world.


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Float outdoor and indoor rechargeable floor lamp in a living areaFloat outdoor and indoor rechargeable floor lamp on patio
Float Floor Lamp Sale price$945.00
Bols Floor Lamp by Estiluz Lighting | Nook CollectionsBols Floor Lamp by Estiluz Lighting | Nook Collections
Bols Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $3,137.00
Sponge outdoor minimal floor lampSponge Floor Lamp
Sponge Floor Lamp Sale price$325.00
Circ Floor LampCirc Floor Lamp
Circ Arm Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,929.00
Frame outdoor floor lampFrame outdoor floor lamp
Frame Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,102.00
U boat pedestal bollard lightU boat pedestal bollard light
U-Boat Pedestal Light Sale priceFrom $759.00
Frame outdoor floor lampFrame outdoor floor lamp
Frame Short Floor Lamp Sale price$1,053.00
Shop Fil Floor Lamp by IP44.DE at Nook Collections today | Outdoor Floor LampShop Fil Floor Lamp by IP44.DE at Nook Collections today | Outdoor Floor Lamp
Fil Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,390.00
Moss Spike LightMoss Spike Light
Moss Spike Light Sale price$313.00
Alta Bollard LightAlta Bollard Light
Alta Bollard Light Sale priceFrom $831.00
Asker Bollard LightAsker Bollard Light
Asker Bollard Light Sale price$684.00
Borg Bollard LightBorg Bollard Light
Borg Bollard Light Sale priceFrom $872.00
Egersund Bollard LightEgersund Bollard Light
Egersund Bollard Light Sale priceFrom $1,738.00
Kisa 1lt Bollard LightKisa 1lt Bollard Light
Kisa 1lt Bollard Light Sale price$1,261.00
Lillesand Bollard LightLillesand Bollard Light
Lillesand Bollard Light Sale price$768.00
Lofoten Bollard LightLofoten Bollard Light
Lofoten Bollard Light Sale price$773.00
London Bollard LightLondon Bollard Light
London Bollard Light Sale price$495.00
Oppland Bollard LightOppland Bollard Light
Oppland Bollard Light Sale price$1,338.00
Stockholm Bollard LightStockholm Bollard Light
Stockholm Bollard Light Sale priceFrom $738.00
Potter floor lampPotter floor lamp on a patio around a pool
Potter Floor Lamp Sale price$1,507.00
London Pillar LightLondon Pillar Light
London Pillar Light Sale priceFrom $361.00
Poldina XXL Expandable Floor/Table LampPoldina XXL Expandable Floor/Table Lamp
Poldina Expandable Table/Floor LampPoldina Expandable Table/Floor Lamp
Pina Floor LampPina Floor Lamp
Pina Floor Lamp Sale price$493.00
Ciottolo Bollard LightCiottolo Bollard Light
Ciottolo Bollard Light Sale price$221.00
Ciottolo Large Bollard LightCiottolo Large Bollard Light

Outdoor Floor Lamps & Bollards

There are many different types and shapes of outdoor floor lamps such as from short, tall floor lamps and arched floor lamps, they can be plug in or portable. It’s important to place them in a space to strike a balance between lighting rules and taste. An outdoor floor lamp can be for instance positioned on your balcony or terrace to bring soft ambient light creating a relaxing corner, an arched floor lamp can be placed overreaching a dining or coffe table to be used as a task light or layered with other outdoor lights. The advantage of purchasing a floor lamp is that we are able to move it whenever and wherever we like, to create a new magic corner in our garden or any other outdoor space.

As per any outdoor lighting fixture even free standing floor lamps need to be IP rated to guarantee durability and quality. Lamps designed for outdoor use are essential for anyone living the outdoor spaces. They are made from materials that are resistant to water and wear, as well as being able to withstand different types of weather. A minimum of IP44 rating is strongly recommended.

Our selection of outdoor floor lamps guarantees maximum flexibility, durability and style, at Nook Collections we select our range from the best luxury lighting brands all over the world to guarantee the highest quality.