Indoor Downlights

If you're looking for a modern and stylish way to light up your home, check out our collection of designer downlights. With a range of LED, recessed, adjustable and traditional options available, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your space. Downlights have a minimalist look that won't take away from the other features in your interiors enhancing pitched ceilings and other architectural features and perfectly showcasing art pieces. Read more in our comprehensive guide to Indoor Designer Downlights.


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Volta DownlightVolta Downlight
Volta Downlight Sale priceFrom $541.00
Lynx adjustable modern surface mount downlight in whiteLynx adjustable modern surface mount downlight in black
Lynx Downlight Sale price$589.00
Brooklyn Spot DownlightBrooklyn Spot Downlight
Brooklyn Spot Downlight Sale price$1,219.56
Focus minimalistic contemporary downlightFocus minimalistic contemporary downlight
Focus Downlight Sale price$463.00
Ycro spotlight, contemporary downlight in matte black and brassYcro spotlight, contemporary downlight in matte black and brass
Ycro Downlight Sale price$400.00
Trimless mini recessed modern downlightTrimless mini recessed modern downlight
Trimless Mini Downlight Sale price$119.00
Carl 2 DownlightCarl 2 Downlight
Carl 2 Downlight Sale priceFrom $1,866.81
Minima minimal round downlight whiteMinima minimal round downlight white
Minima Downlight Sale price$89.00
Shadow surface elegant minimal downlight in a feature nicheShadow surface elegant minimal downlight ceiling cluster
Shadow Surface Downlight Sale priceFrom $219.00
Minima twin adjustable downlight  in whiteMinima twin adjustable downlight in black
Minima Twin Downlight Sale price$129.00
Ycro downlights 4 lights contemporary adjustable heads over a benchYcro adjustable 4 lights downlight product photo
Ycro 4 Light Downlight Sale price$1,665.00
Can 50 surface adjustable downlightCan 50 surface adjustable downlight black
Can 50 Downlight Sale price$389.00
Void DownlightVoid Downlight
Void Downlight Sale priceFrom $339.00
Three downlight cluster near a staircaseThree downlight
Three Downlight Sale priceFrom $714.02
Terra 1 Short Arm DownlightTerra 1 Short Arm Downlight
Terra 1 Short Arm Downlight Sale priceFrom $683.00
Osca Plaster minimal adjustable downlightOsca Plaster minimal adjustable downlight sizes
Osca Downlight Sale priceFrom $359.00
Yuma Surface DownlightYuma contemporary downlight black
Yuma Surface Downlight Sale priceFrom $439.00
Lola adjustable Downlight cluster on ceilingLola adjustable Downlight cluster near staircase
Lola Downlight Sale priceFrom $749.45
Urban contemporary downlight various sizesUrban contemporary downlight various sizes
Urban Downlight Sale priceFrom $650.00
Ego adjustable elegant downlight
Ego Downlight Sale price$1,305.00
Terra 1.5 DownlightTerra 1.5 Downlight
Terra 1.5 Downlight Sale price$684.00
Vancouver modern thin downlightVancouver modern thin downlight cluster
Vancouver Downlight Sale price$319.00
Terra 00 DownlightTerra 00 Downlight
Terra 00 Downlight Sale price$1,045.00
Hashira contemporary indoor downlight silverHashira contemporary indoor downlight sizes
Hashira Surface Downlight Sale price$189.00
Attalos DownlightAttalos brass and glass ceiling light detail
Attalos Downlight Sale price$625.00
Aqua Downlight with standard canopy in whiteAqua Downlight with standard canopy sizes
Aqua Downlight Sale price$279.00
Terra 1 DownlightTerra 1 Downlight
Terra 1 Downlight Sale price$675.00
Carso clay downlightCarso clay downlight
Carso Downlight Sale priceFrom $389.00
Kos II minimal cylinder metal downlight above a mirror in a bathroomKos II minimal cylinder metal downlight in a shower
Kos II Downlight Sale priceFrom $219.00
Dodot adjustable downlightDodot adjustable downlight in a hallway
Dodot Downlight Sale price$930.00
Tubo indoor contemporary downlightTubò Downlight
Tubò Downlight Sale priceFrom $820.00
settimello downlightSettimello Downlight
Settimello Downlight Sale price$249.00
Swing wall and downlightSwing wall and downlight
Swing Wall and downlight Sale price$699.00
Aballs contemporary orb ceiling light blackAballs contemporary orb ceiling light golden
Aballs Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,670.00
Latto Ceiling Light by Aromas Del Campo | Nook CollectionsLatto Ceiling Light
Latto Ceiling Light Sale price$481.00
Minima Round Adjustable DownlightMinima Round Adjustable Downlight
Trimless Round Fixed DownlightTrimless Round Fixed Downlight
Trimless Round Adjustable DownlightTrimless Round Adjustable Downlight
Trimless Square Adjustable DownlightTrimless Square Adjustable Downlight
Trimless Twin Adjustable DownlightTrimless Twin Adjustable Downlight
Trimless Twin Adjustable Downlight Sale priceFrom $279.00
Blanco Round Adjustable DownlightBlanco Round Adjustable Downlight
Pro R Ceiling Light by IP44.DE | Outdoor Ceiling Light | Shop now at Nook CollectionsPro R Ceiling Light by IP44.DE | Outdoor Ceiling Light | Shop now at Nook Collections
Pro R Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $569.00
2 Kos Concrete Downlight by Astro Lighting at Nook CollectionsKos Concrete Downlight by Astro Lighting at Nook Collections
Kos Concrete Downlight Sale price$699.00
Jura minimal contemporary coastal brass outdoor downlightJura minimal contemporary coastal brass outdoor downlight entry door
Jura Surface Downlight Sale price$449.00
Fairy Recessed Ceiling LightFairy Recessed Ceiling Light
Fairy Recessed Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $620.00
Aqua Downlight with recessed canopy in whiteAqua Downlight with recessed canopy sizes
Aqua Recessed Downlight Sale price$279.00
Day Ceiling LightDay Ceiling Light
Day Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Featured within a contemporary kitchen is the Wobbly Ceilng Light by We Ponder at Nook CollectionWobbly Ceiling Light
Wobbly Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Wobbly Slate Ceiling LightWobbly Slate Ceiling Light
Wobbly Slate Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Piega Adjustable Spotlight by Studio Italia | Nook CollectionsPiega Adjustable Spotlight by Studio Italia | Nook Collections
Piega Adjustable Spotlight Sale price$145.00

Indoor Downlights

Downlights are a popular choice for many Aussie homes, a must-have in any modern home. They are stylish and unobtrusive compared to other light fixtures. They can be used to enhance a ceiling pitch or other architectural features of your interiors and showcase art.

Downlights help to create a minimalist and elegant atmosphere. Wattage, colour temperature and longevity are extremely important factors to consider when shopping for led downlights to perfectly match the needs of the space in terms of illumination.

The number of downlights you'll need for a space can be determined by measuring the area of the space and dividing it by two. If there is another light source in the space, you may not need as many downlights. If you need stronger illumination in a space, like in a bathroom or powder room (we also have Ip rated downlights), it's better to install more downlights.