Our Designer Lighting Guide: Outdoor Wall Lights

Our Designer Lighting Guide: Outdoor Wall Lights

“Outdoor wall Lights are a terrific addition to any external area, whether you're lighting up the facade of a building or the front entrance to your home”.

When evaluating outdoor lighting, the primary design purpose should be established: are you wanting to define significant elements, give drama to areas that don't usually stand out, or create an entryway? You may emphasise structural characteristics while also guiding visitors around your spaces. Start by determining the outdoor space you wish to decorate and then research options for each area. The options are countless, ranging from functional wall task lights to ambient lights and or layer them both for the perfect outdoor entertaining areas. When developing your outdoor lighting strategy, you should first grasp the various types of fixtures. Furthermore, you should think about safety and maintenance.

We will guide you through the process of selecting the best outdoor wall lights for your needs and you will take a peek to our exclusive collections of designer lighting.

Basic of IP Rating

Most outdoor wall lights are intended for usage in wet or damp areas.  Wet Rated outdoor lighting is intended for use in areas subject to continuous wind and rain.

Having the right IP rating will minimise problems and assure the light's durability.  IP ratings are properly marked by leading manufacturers. IP is an abbreviation for Ingress Protection, and lights are graded based on this property. The IP rating scale measures how well a light is protected from factors such as liquids or solid objects.

Two numbers indicate the IP rating, the first denotes how well the light source is protected from solid objects such as dust, while the second number reflects the water resistance. Check out the table below.

IP-Rating Solids Water
0 Not Protected Not Protected
1 Solids greater than 50mm Dripping water
2 Solids greater than 12mm Dripping water when tilted 15°
3 Solids greater than 2.5mm Spraying water
4 Solids greater than 1mm Splashing water
5 Dust limited amount Water jets
6 All ust and deposits Powerful water jets
7 Immersion up to 1m
8 Immersion beyond 1m

Styles of outdoor wall lights

Contemporary: these lights have a really modern vibe about them. Often simple geometric curvy designs to create symmetry and balance while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Mid-century: as the name implies, they will give the house a classic appearance. Lantern-style or barn lights with bronze, brass, or copper accents for a timeless aesthetic.

Coastal: often casual and extremely clean, and they are constructed of special materials or coated to withstand salt and severe weather conditions.

Industrial: the straightforward and edgy look of old factories and industrial areas. Built using robust, raw, and durable materials with a more deliberate design.


Decorative and functional outdoor wall lights

When selecting your new outdoor wall light, consider if it will be functional or decorative. A functional outdoor wall light is required for safety reasons, to illuminate your garage, or a pathway, or to shine over your entertainment spaces such as dining and lounge areas, where the wall light is frequently layered with other lights such as floor lamps, ceiling lights, and pendant lamps to brighten up large spaces in style.

Your new outdoor wall light can sometimes serve solely ornamental purposes, such as drawing attention to particular walls, creating interaction and contrast between light and shadow, or emphasising the architectural features of your home.

Our best selling outdoor wall lights:

Canto Maxi Wall Light | Outdoor Wall lights | Nook Collections
Canto Maxi 2 Wall Light

Canto Maxi 2 provides a unique lighting experience either installed indoors or outdoors. The lamp's basic design makes it both ornamental and sculptural. Designed by Danish designer Bønnelycke MDD Canto Maxi 2 outdoor wall light shine for its Scandinavian effective and contemporary design. The light is projected upwards and downwards. Available in black, white, stainless steel, grey, brass and galvanised metal to adapt to any decor.

Chapeau Wall Light

This beautiful outdoor wall light features a fascinating motif inspired by the hats ("chapeau" in French) worn by women in the nineteenth century. It is intended for outdoor usage and includes a circular coated copper wall mount and a beautiful, brim-like terracotta piece wrapped around the matte blown glass shade delivering a pleasing soft glow spread through the surrounding environment. The Chapeau outdoor wall light is small yet functional and decorative, bringing the charm of the Italian countryside to your outdoor spaces. The terracotta hat is available in orange, green, grey and natural terracotta.

Chapeau Wall Light | Nook Collections

Canto Wall Light | Nook Collections
Canto 2 Wall Light

Like its bigger sibylline above, Canto 2 outdoor wall light can be placed indoors or outdoors. The lamp's basic design makes it both ornamental and sculptural. The light flows both up and down, and the three provided pattern inserts let you to adjust the light pattern to suit your mood and particular taste. The brass version is particularly sturdy and weather-resistant, making the lamp suitable for harsh coastal areas. Over time, the brass will take on a beautiful darker patina. Designed by Danish designer Bønnelycke MDD Maxi 2 outdoor wall light is the epitome of simplicity and functionality in Scandinavian design. Also available in black, white, grey, stainless steel and galvanised metal.

Day Wall Light

Handmade ceramic wall lamp built in Australia to add warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor areas by giving a delicate but dynamic downlight. Day outdoor wall light is handmade, with a gorgeous inverted ribbed design on the bottom section. To achieve a sturdy, robust, and enduring shape, the sleek ceramic is skilfully immersed by hand into an eggshell white low gloss glaze and kiln fired twice at high temperatures. Beautifully installed through an almost undetectable bespoke IP-certified back plate, Day ceramic wall light is flush mounted and is appropriate for any wall colour.

Day Wall Light | Nook Collections

Ava Wall Light | Nook Collections
Ava Wall Light

Ava outdoor wall light provides the ideal look for contemporary settings. These elegant cylinder lights, available in brushed stainless steel, coastal brass, and black, will look great in any modern garden, garage, patio, or entrance. These lights are compatible with dimmer switches, IP44 certified, waterproof, and rain resistant, and are available as basic downlighters or with an up-and-down light. If you are looking for a clean-looking outdoor wall light to create a walkway or to emphasise a certain element of your home's exterior, Ava will meet all of your requirements.


Dioscuri Outdoor Wall Light

Dioscuri Outdoor Wall Light has a traditional orb form with a new spin, making it a lasting designer light that delivers a soft light. This versatile light features a simple design that never grows old.

This classic design is suitable for those who appreciate a subtle aesthetic. Because of its IP65 classification, the Dioscuri Wall Light is perfect as an outdoor fixture. It is composed of hand-blown opal glass and polycarbonate. It is a designer light that may be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. Dioscuri outdoor wall light comes in various sizes, allowing you to mix & match them to create eye-catching clusters.

Dioscuri Wall Light | Nook Collections