Handmade Lighting

Explore our Handmade Lighting range, a curated fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Crafted by skilled artisans globally, our bespoke fixtures encompass blown glass, hand-moulded clay, cut stone, and carved wood, each piece a unique testament to artistry, sustainability, and cultural inspiration.

Embrace individuality with made-to-order fixtures, reflecting exceptional quality and eco-conscious materials. Choose from pendants, chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps to infuse your space with the warmth of handcrafted artistry. Shop the Handmade Lighting collection at Nook Collections today and illuminate your home with distinctive beauty.


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Alby Table LampAlby Table Lamp
Alby Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $580.00
Aurelia Surface Wall LightAurelia Surface Wall Light
Aurelia Surface Wall Light Sale price$928.00
Coral Organic Wall LightCoral Organic Wall Light
Coral Organic Wall Light Sale price$1,200.00
Bell Ochre Pendant LightBell Ochre Pendant Light
Bell Ochre Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $190.00
Bowl Wall LightBowl Wall Light
Bowl Wall Light Sale price$425.00
Attalos Wall LightAttalos Wall Light
Attalos Wall Light Sale priceFrom $895.00
Cloud Wall LightCloud Wall Light
Cloud Wall Light Sale price$620.00
Down Ceramic indoor wall light bed sideDown Ceramic indoor wall light bed side
Dawn Wall Light Sale priceFrom $510.00
Eclipse Ceramic Wall LightEclipse Ceramic Wall Light
Eclipse Ceramic Wall Light Sale priceFrom $700.00
Okina Double pendant light above a dining tableOkina Double pendant light
Okina Double Pendant Light Sale price$898.00
Dawn Pendant LightDawn Pendant Light
Dawn Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $415.00
Bell Ceramic dome pendant in a dining areaBell Ceramic dome pendant
Bell Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $190.00
Dawn Ceramic outdoor wall light cluster on rendered exterior wallDawn Ceramic outdoor wall light
Dawn Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$600.00
Bemuda marble contemporary wall light on Nook CollectionsBemuda marble contemporary wall light on Nook Collections
Bermuda Wall Light Sale price$1,028.00
Aurelia Pendant LightAurelia Pendant Light
Aurelia Pendant Light Sale price$1,099.00
Coral Clear Wall LightCoral Clear Wall Light
Coral Clear Wall Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Delilah Table LampDelilah Table Lamp
Delilah Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $460.00
Coral Duo Pendant LightCoral Duo Pendant Light
Coral Duo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,200.00
Dusked Evo Wall LightDusked Evo Wall Light
Dusked Evo Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Cylinder Pendant LightCylinder Pendant Light
Cylinder Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $160.00
Day ceramic hand made wall light above a loungeDay ceramic hand made wall light bed side
Day Wall Light Sale priceFrom $540.00
Dish Wall LightDish Wall Light
Dish Wall Light Sale price$495.00
Mariupol Wall LightMariupol Wall Light
Mariupol Wall Light Sale price$410.00
Flo Bathroom Wall LightFlo Bathroom Wall Light
Flo Bathroom Wall Light Sale price$1,400.00
Hazel Table LampHazel Table Lamp
Hazel Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $580.00
Pearl Ceramic wavy wall light over a tablePearl Ceramic wavy wall light
Pearl Wall Light Sale price$550.00
Istanbul Pendant LightIstanbul Pendant Light
Istanbul Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $749.00
Liviv Wall Light Liviv Wall Light
Lviv Wall Light Sale price$410.00
Marquesas wall lightMarquesas wall light
Marquesas Wall Light Sale price$410.00
Mauritius Pendant LightMauritius Pendant Light
Mauritius Pendant Light Sale price$2,279.00
Nais rechargeable portable table lamp handmade in clay terracottaNais rechargeable portable table lamp handmade in clay white finish marble table
Nais Table Lamp Sale price$698.00
Nudie handmade ceramic outdoor wall light cluster on stone wallNudie handmade ceramic outdoor wall light above a plant
Nudie Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$570.00
Nudie handmade ceramic wall light in a bathroom mirror sidesNudie handmade ceramic wall light above a plant
Nudie Wall Light Sale price$510.00
Okina Terracotta table lamp on a tableOkina Terracotta table lamp
Okina Table Lamp Sale price$698.00
Orb Porcelain Pendant LightOrb Porcelain Pendant Light
Orb Porcelain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Orb Small Surface Wall LightOrb Small Surface Wall Light
Crescent Wall LightCrescent Wall Light
Crescent Wall Light Sale priceFrom $320.00
Organic Pendant LightOrganic Pendant Light
Organic Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $500.00
Oyster Wall LightOyster Wall Light
Oyster Wall Light Sale price$695.00
Sash Pendant Light Sash Pendant Light  above a dining table
Sash Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,998.00
Seagrass organic pendant light above a bedSeagrass organic pendant light above a dinin table
Seagrass Pendant Light Sale price$479.00
Selene minimalistic timber dish wall light on Nook CollectionsSelene minimalistic timber dish wall light on Nook Collections
Selene Surface Wall Light Sale priceFrom $880.00
Selene Uplight Wall LightSelene Uplight organic contemporary timber wall light on Nook Collections
Selene Uplight Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,187.00
Shanghai pendant light
Shanghai Pendant Light Sale price$880.00
Shield Wall Light Shield Wall Light
Shield Wall Light Sale price$768.00
Slate Short Wall LightSlate Short Wall Light
Slate Short Wall Light Sale price$540.00
Sol Round Wall lightSol Round Wall light
Sol Round Wall light Sale price$1,400.00
Terra 00 Pendant LightTerra 00 pendant light
Terra 00 Pendant Light Sale price$1,036.00
Sonn Wall LightSonn Wall Light
Sonn Wall Light Sale price$1,400.00
Sora Bathroom Wall LightSora Bathroom Wall Light
Sora Bathroom Wall Light Sale price$1,400.00

Handmade Lighting

Step into the world of our Handmade Lighting, where artful illumination meets the essence of skilled craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. Curated meticulously from talented artisans worldwide, our collection showcases bespoke lighting fixtures that exude elegance and uniqueness. Revel in the beauty of blown glass, intricately hand-molded clay, the timeless allure of marble and alabaster in cut stone, and the richness of intricately carved wood—each piece a story of dedication and artistry from craftsmen across the globe.

Our Handmade Lighting Collection prides itself on several remarkable facets:

Unique Artistry: Embrace the essence of individuality with fixtures tailored to your vision, ensuring that your space boasts an exclusive masterpiece.
Crafted with Precision: Our artisans infuse passion and expertise into every detail, guaranteeing exceptional quality that resonates in every corner.
Sustainability at Its Core: Many of our fixtures are crafted from recycled or sustainable materials, underscoring our commitment to eco-conscious practices.
Worldly Inspirations: Delight in a tapestry of diverse styles and cultural traditions sourced globally, each design celebrating the richness of its origin.

Explore our Handmade Lighting Collection to infuse your home with the warmth and allure of handcrafted artistry. From captivating pendants to opulent chandeliers, intimate sconces, versatile table lamps, and ambient floor lamps, immerse yourself in the beauty of artisanal lighting. Illuminate your space with distinction. Shop our Handmade Lighting Collection today and let craftsmanship redefine your home's ambiance.