Reflecting on 2023: Unveiling the Top Designer Lights!

Reflecting on 2023: Unveiling the Top Designer Lights!

As we kick off the new year, it's the perfect time to take a moment to look back at the stunning designer lighting products that graced us in 2023. The past year was a truly remarkable one for lighting design, marked by the embrace of vibrant colours, organic shapes, and a shift towards maximalism that contrasted beautifully with the timeless minimalism. In this blog, we'll revisit some of the top designer lighting products of 2023 and explore the trends that shaped our year. Alternatively, you can instantly explore our top 50 designer lights of 2023.


Highlighting the Essence of 2023

While it's challenging to narrow down the standout products of 2023, here are a few that made their debut at Nook Collections in 2023 and captured our hearts as some of our favourite items of the year.



These featured products made their debut at Nook Collections in 2023 and captured our hearts as some of our favourite items of the year. From materials like Jade and Onyx to Japanese Paper Lanterns and sustainable Bamboo, they all delighted us. These products not only illuminate spaces but also create captivating plays of light and shadow. To us, light is more than just function; it's art, emotion, and beyond. Check out our Top 50 Designer Lights of 2023.

From top to bottom Aurelia Surface Wall Light, Aurelia Offset Pendant Light, Tui Pendant Light, Eclipse Wall Light, TMM Floor Lamp, Tekio Collection & Compass Collection.

Vibrant Colours: A Burst of Energy

One of the most striking trends of 2023 was the use of vivid colours & playful shapes in lighting design. We featured a range of fixtures and lamps that incorporated bold and vivacious hues, from rich emeralds and turquoise blues to fiery oranges and passionate reds. These colourful pieces brought an exhilarating burst of energy into interior spaces, allowing homeowners & designers to express their personalities and create lively, inviting atmospheres.

On the left, the Ghaban Wall Light offers a sculptural design with over 24 customisable finishes, blending durability and aesthetics seamlessly.

Turning our attention to the right, we have the Swirl Pendant Light—an enthralling lighting fixture that showcases an intricate and alluring design. This pendant light is available in ten bold finishes, allowing it to become the true centrepiece of any room.

In the top-middle image, we have a personal favourite, the Bumbum 3 Pendant Light. This eye-catching fixture features a trio of donut-shaped ceramic frames, exuding a whimsical yet chic vibe. Its glossy ceramic finish, available in vibrant colours like Green Oil & Turquoise or Poke Orange & Yellow, brings a dynamic and playful touch.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Banga Pendant Light, showcased in the bottom centre of the image. With its unique personality and eye-catching presence, it's available in a selection of ten vibrant and playful finishes.

Looking for more vivid colours, playful shapes, and whimsical patterns? Explore our Artistic Lighting collection which dives into this burst of energy trend of 2023.


Organic Shapes & Materials: A Natural Elegance

Organic shapes & Materials took the design world by storm in 2023. Lighting fixtures with fluid forms resembling natural creations sought-after pieces in contemporary interiors. These artistic and unique designs added an element of intrigue and unpredictability to spaces, turning lighting fixtures into conversation starters and statement pieces.Let's delve into the four products pictured above:

In the top-left corner, we have The Delfina Pendant Light, a stunning blend of sculptural artistry and functionality, elevating your living space to new heights.

Shift your focus to the top-right image, where we spotlight the Flo Wall Light—an exquisite marriage of artistry and functionality. Handcrafted from premium Swedish glass, each piece is individually blown at high temperatures, creating a stunning organic shape.

Next, direct your gaze to the bottom-middle image featuring the Pearl Wall Light. The wavy clay dish imparts an organic feel, elevating the overall aesthetics. Its delicate design emanates a comforting warmth.

One of this year's standout selections is The Orb Porcelain Pendant Light (bottom right image). Crafted from pristine Australian Porcelain, this suspension light bathes your space in a cozy ambient glow. It showcases a hand-carved opening that provides a touch of directional light

Seeking products with organic shapes and natural materials? Discover our Organic Lighting collection, capturing the essence of the 2023 trend in organic shapes and materials.


Minimalism vs. Maximalism: A Harmonious Coexistence

One of the most intriguing aspects of 2023's lighting trends was the clash between maximalism and the timeless minimalism. Maximalist lighting designs indulged in opulence, featuring intricate details, ornate patterns, and luxurious materials. In contrast, minimalism continued to thrive, emphasising clean lines, natural materials, and a serene sense of simplicity. This tension between the two styles created a harmonious balance, allowing homeowners & designers to choose the aesthetic that best suited their preferences.

In the image above, discover the top minimalist lights of 2023. Starting from the right is the Versale Pendant Light, a true epitome of minimalism with its round shade and subtle frame.

Now, direct your gaze to the left image showcasing the Tekio Vertical Pendant Light, a harmonious blend of artisan techniques and Warm to Dim LED technology in line with Japandi minimalism.

The Asa Table Lamp in the bottom-right corner features only three elements: structure, shade, and switch, radiating refined elegance.

Lastly, the Orb Mirror Wall Light embodies extreme minimalism with its glass orb and metal backplate, providing a bold yet gentle glow for various spaces.

In the top-left corner, we feature the Ma-Rock Pendant Light—a modern twist on Moroccan lanterns, evoking the charm of Moroccan nomadic huts.

The Tatu Table Lamp challenges the perception of minimalism by exuding maximalist ethos through its unique and direct lighting design. While it may not appeal to everyone, we adore the distinctiveness of the Tatu collection.

Crafted with ingenious engineering, the Minimikado pendant light features a chaotic yet harmonious form, resembling the plumage of a bird, with radiating wood veneer strips.

The Lariat Pendant Light (pictured top right) showcases a ceramic lampshade, artfully mimicking the graceful drape of a lariat necklace, infusing any space with refined charm. The Lariat Pendant combines bold finishes and unique shapes to offer maximalist elegance in lighting.

As we embrace 2024, the realm of lighting design is poised for ongoing evolution. Rest assured, we at Nook Collections will continue to curate the finest, trendsetting lighting solutions for your home or project. Explore our Top 50 Designer lights of 2023, featuring the ones mentioned above and many more.