Upgrade Your Bathroom: Spa-like Luxury with Lighting

Upgrade Your Bathroom: Spa-like Luxury with Lighting

There’s no denying that our bathrooms have evolved from being purely functional spaces to our very own private sanctuaries. We’ve all dreamt of transforming our bathrooms into a tranquil retreat reminiscent of a luxury spa or hotel, haven't we? Welcome to the concept of "Spathrooms" – a sublime blend of spa tranquility and bathroom functionality. One key element that can make this transition successful is bathroom lighting.

At Nook Collections we offer a wide range of lighting options that can help elevate your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Here’s how the right lighting can make your bathroom feel more luxurious and spa-like.

Bathroom Lighting Attalos Wall Light by Marz Design at Nook Collections

The Power of Layered Lighting

Just like a spa, the ideal bathroom atmosphere requires layers of light to create a relaxing, indulgent environment. There are three main layers to consider:

1. Ambient Lighting: This is your bathroom's main light source, often coming from ceiling fixtures. For a spa-like vibe, opt for fixtures with dimming capabilities to adjust the brightness according to your mood or time of day.

2. Task Lighting: These lights are practical, providing adequate illumination for grooming tasks. Consider wall sconces on either side of the mirror or vanity lights above it. They should provide a clear, shadow-free light for makeup application, shaving, etc.

3. Accent Lighting: This is all about highlighting your bathroom’s aesthetic features. If you have art or a beautiful freestanding tub, spotlight these with dedicated lights. This layer of bathroom lighting adds depth and dimension to the bathroom, echoing the immersive, visually engaging experience found in high-end spas.

io bathroom wall light | nook collections

Bathroom Lighting Styles

Just as every home is unique, lighting comes in a plethora of styles to suit your taste and personality. Let’s delve into some popular design themes:

1. Natural/Organic Lighting: This style utilises materials sourced from nature, such as wood, bamboo, stone, ceramic or rattan. Organic lighting often features warm, soothing light and designs that mimic natural shapes or elements. It is perfect for creating a serene, spa-like ambiance in your bathroom.

With an IP rating of 44, the Terra 2 Wall Light serves as a stunning addition to your bathroom lighting ensemble. Embodying an organic/natural aesthetic, this stylish light fixture incorporates ceramic elements available in three distinct finishes: sage, vanilla bean, and slate. The central metal ring, which can be opted in brushed black, white, or brass, adds a sophisticated touch to the overall design.

With its distinctive contemporary architectural vibe, the Terra 2 Wall Light is not confined to the bathroom but can be an artistic addition to any interior space. Its versatile charm perfectly complements a wide range of décor styles, blending seamlessly while enhancing the ambience.

Terra 2 Wall Light by Marz Design | Nook Collections

2. Scandinavian Lighting: The Scandinavian style celebrates simplicity, functionality, and the beauty of nature. In lighting, this translates to elegant shapes, a lot of white and neutral tones, and the smart use of materials like wood or metal. It includes airy light fixtures that produce a soft glow and enhance natural light.

The Terra 00 Wall Light is a striking embodiment of Scandinavian design. Boasting an IP rating of 44, it's an excellent choice for bathroom wall lighting. Its distinct design features two half-domes - one made of richly textured timber, the other crafted from high-quality ceramic.

The Terra 00 Wall Light's allure lies in the harmonious contrast between these materials, making it an ideal addition to modern and contemporary interiors.

3. Industrial Lighting: Inspired by old factories and industrial spaces, this style is characterised by exposed bulbs, matte black or metallic finishes (think bronze or copper), and utilitarian designs. Vintage Edison-style bulbs paired with metal light fixtures can give your bathroom an edgy, industrial feel.

If you're seeking to achieve an industrial ambiance for your bathroom, consider the Poppy Wall Light. This fixture blends mid-century inspiration with an industrial flair, lending it an irresistible allure. Distinguished by a round, blown glass shade exhibiting a crackled effect and elegantly suspended from a right-angled metal arm, this light fixture exudes a distinctive, charismatic charm that's sure to enhance your bathroom's appeal. 

4. Contemporary Lighting: This style is all about clean lines and simplicity, mirroring the minimalistic ethos of contemporary design. Sleek, metallic finishes, neutral finish palettes, and innovative forms are the hallmarks of contemporary bathroom lighting. Think of uncluttered ceiling fixtures, streamlined wall lights, or minimal pendant lights.

Bathroom light Ost Pendant Light by Soktas at Nook Collections

While the Ost Pendant Light carries an IP20 rating, indicating its indoor use primarily, it's an exceptional addition to Bathroom Zone 3. Perfect for corners or flanking the sides of a basin (outside of the 60cm zone), it offers an aesthetic boost to these areas.

Crafted from premium Swedish glass, each Ost Pendant Light is created through a meticulous process of hand-blowing at high temperatures. This results in a beautifully shaped sphere that delicately houses a distinctive pineapple-shaped LED bulb. When lit, this unique bulb emits a captivating glow, refracting through the glass to produce mesmerising patterns of light. This elegant interaction of light and glass transforms any room, making the Ost Pendant Light an artistic statement piece in addition to its functional role.

Bermuda Wall Light by Marz Designs | Bathroom Lighting | Nook Collections

5. Artistic Lighting: For those who view their home as a canvas for self-expression, artistic lighting is the perfect choice. These fixtures are unique, bold, and often the centre piece of the room. Sculptural light fixtures, colourful pendants, or handcrafted sconces fall into this category. 

Inspired by the sleek lines of modernist architecture, the Bermuda Wall Light is a vibrant choice for those seeking to infuse their spaces with an artistic lighting solution. This unique fixture is available in three exquisite marble finishes: Moss, Plum, and White Carrara.

The Bermuda Wall Light showcases an equilateral triangle design, striking in its simplicity, that houses a circular diffuser at its core. With an IP-rating of 44, the Bermuda Wall Light is a beautiful additional to contemporary and eccentric interiors.

Our Tips for Spathroom Lighting Selection

1. Function First: Start by determining the function your light will serve. Do you need ambient, task, or accent lighting? The purpose should guide your selection process. A beautiful light fixture that doesn't adequately illuminate your vanity will do more harm than good.

2. Less is More: Embrace the concept of minimalism. A few well-chosen fixtures can create the perfect ambiance without cluttering the space. Too many light sources can result in a glaring, harshly lit bathroom, detracting from the soothing spa atmosphere desired.

Bathroom Light, Coral Trio Pendant Light by Soktas Lighting at Nook Collections3. Side-Mounted Sconces: For that luxurious hotel feel, consider side-mounted sconces or wall lights around your mirror. Not only do they provide ideal, shadow-free illumination for grooming tasks, but they also add a touch of elegance.

Turn Wall Light by Astro Lighting at Nook Collections

4. Pay Attention to Scale: The size of your lighting fixtures should be proportional to your bathroom's size. Large chandeliers or pendant lights can overwhelm a small bathroom. Remember, it's about enhancing the space, not overpowering it.

Creating your dream Spathroom is a journey of exploration, playing with light, and ultimately choosing what best suits your space and personal style.  The right lighting not only enhances the look of your bathroom but also affects how you feel within the space. Choose fixtures that speak to you, your style, and your needs. Nook Collections is here to light the way, offering a wide variety of designer lighting to cater to any style and preference. Let us assist you in transforming your bathroom into your private spa-like retreat.