Wall Covering Trends 2023

Wall Covering Trends 2023

Do you want to breathe some life into your home in a way that a fresh coat of paint can’t capture, wall coverings can be a design investment worth making. The endless options of patterns and colours means there’s a design to complement every room, whatever its style and your taste. Wall coverings can elevate rooms around the home, venue or commercial space but where do you start when selecting the perfect print for the right room?

Wall coverings have a reputation for being bold and eye-catching, but it can also be modest and understated just like indoor designer lighting. Whether it’s used as an accent wall or to envelop an entire space, it adds dimension, impact and vibrancy to a room.

While you might be looking for decorating ideas using wall coverings for living rooms and bedrooms, be mindful that there are options suitable for kitchens and even bathrooms. Just like bathroom lighting, wall coverings has had technological advances enabling them to tolerate humid conditions, so these rooms can be full of decorative appeal too.

We wanted to help make your decision easier by identifying 5 different types of wall coverings perfect for any interior style.

1. GlamDecor - Decorative Wall Covering by Glamora

This is the ideal wallpaper for covering walls, ceilings, doors and wardrobe doors simply and quickly. Produced using environmentally friendly, breathable and odourless inks, it is the ideal solution for any interior surface, whether residential, commercial hospitality and healthcare. This material has a light finish that enhances the texture of the design. 

The product and the production process conform to current national and international legislation and standards. The material does not release volatile substances that could pollute the indoor environment.

What we love even more about the GlamDecor collection is that any wall-covering can be converted into waterproof, acoustic or wallpaper alternatives making it suitable for just about any interior wall or ceiling. 

2. GlamPure - Organic Wall Covering by Glamora

GlamPure is composed of organic fibres, making it an eco-sustainable wall-covering with a small environmental footprint. Its technical qualities also make it ideal for use in residential and hospitality contexts inspired by bio-architecture. 

GlamPure stands out for its humidity-absorbing, insulating, heat-regulating, anti-allergy properties and exceptional durability. Made with pure European linen, environmentally friendly and compostable vegetable textile fiber, with high aesthetic and functional content. GlamPure is part of a conscious choice that aims at the well-being of nature, focusing on sustainable materials with a small environmental footprint.

A fibrous surface with a reduced index of thermal conductivity attesting to insulating and thermoregulatory qualities.

3. GlamFusion - Waterproof Wall-Covering by Glamora

GlamFusion™ is a waterproof wall-coverings collection, with patent pending, that needs no waterproofing treatment by the installer. A perfect combination of technical function and appearance, it is the ideal covering for walls in contact with water or undergoing intense stresses, both mechanical and chemical. 

It does not allow any water to enter the lower layer and completely waterproofs the surface to which it is applied. It is resistant to most chemical detergents (ammonia, bleach, limescale preventer etc). Its smooth and non-porous surface makes it mould and bacteria resistant. It prevents them from taking hold and spreading along joins or under the surface itself. Its special surface overlay makes it resistant to scrapes and intense force. 

4. GlamMetal - Metal Wall-Covering by Glamora

GlamMetal collection gives architectural surfaces the iridescent reflections of metal and the charm of silk, communicating a style that is sophisticated yet minimalist. Created from a combination of thin metallic laminate and a fabric-like texture, GlamMetal plays with colour and iridescent effects to give interiors a distinctive look. This material’s finish has the delightful tactility of silk. This product gives architectural surfaces the iridescent reflections of metal. Its play on colour mixes and iridescent effects give interiors a distinctive look.

5. GlamAcoustic - Acoustic Wall Covering by Glamora

GlamAcoustic wall-coverings are sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties that improve a room’s acoustic comfort. GlamAcoustic is a vinyl wall-covering. Its layers allow it to reduce noises from outside the room, as well as muffle the noises that leave the room. This material’s finish has a delightful texture that is reminiscent of plasterwork.

This wall-covering’s sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties improve the room’s acoustic comfort. It reduces noises from outside the room and muffles those that leave it. This material can be easily washed with a mild neutral detergent dissolved in warm water.

Who is Glamora? 

Since 2010, Glamora has been proposing new stylistic ideas with wall coverings that add interest to architectural surfaces. Custom solutions with a contemporary feel for home, community and work, created in Italy and used all over the world.

Brand new materials and exquisite finishes are the foundation of Glamora's aesthetic philosophy: expressions of a refined style resulting from contemporary research yet still free form trends. In their first 10 years of business, Glamora has never ceased to grow and develop, offering a wide range of collections and devising innovative solutions to enable the creation of different stylistic moods in each living space, meeting the clients’ needs and wishes for their homes. The unifying principle of the Glamora world lies in its timeless simplicity and elegance.

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