Aldo Bernardi Lighting

Discover the captivating beauty of Aldo Bernardi Lighting, featuring exquisite Italian craftsmanship for over 46 years. Each distinctive fixture harmoniously fuses classic, contemporary, and modern elements, reflecting a perfect blend of style, tradition, and meticulous attention to detail. Elevate your space with these captivating lighting options – shop now and experience the quality of Italian craftsmanship.


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Calà Pendant LightCalà Pendant Light
Calà Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,236.00
Abarth up and down made in Italy outdoor wall light on concrete wallAbarth Double Wall Light
Abarth Double Wall Light Sale price$2,108.00
Materia Pendant LightMateria Pendant Light
Materia Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $902.00
Tubò Flex Pendant LightTubò Flex Pendant Light
Tubò Flex Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $820.00
Moonlight Pendant LightMoonlight pendant light above a table
Moonlight Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,097.00
Turandot industrial Italian Large pendant lightTurandot Pendant Light
Turandot Pendant Light Sale price$2,304.00
Fashion Outdoor Wall Light Fashion Outdoor Wall Light
Fashion Wall Light Sale priceFrom $950.00
Meridiana long arm wall light Meridiana long arm wall light above a desk
Meridiana Wall Light Sale price$2,702.00
Acelum Wall LightAcelum Wall Light
Acelum Wall Light Sale price$1,868.00
Allegro Rectangular Brass wall light made in Italy on concrete wallAllegro Rectangle Wall Light
Allegro Rectangle Wall Light Sale price$1,053.00
Tubo indoor contemporary downlightTubò Downlight
Tubò Downlight Sale priceFrom $820.00
Abarth outdoor made in Italy wall lightAbarth Wall Light
Abarth Wall Light Sale price$1,694.00
Allegro Curve Wall LightAllegro Curve Wall Light
Allegro Curve Wall Light Sale price$1,053.00
Hanny Outdoor Wall lightHanny Outdoor Wall light
Hanny Wall Light Sale price$1,280.00
Hiva Oa Pendant LightHiva Oa Pendant Light
Hiva Oa Pendant Light Sale price$3,772.00
Traviata Wall LightTraviata Wall Light
Traviata Wall Light Sale price$1,168.00
Tubo Pendant light Tubo Pendant light bedside
Tubò Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $879.00
Fonderia industrial italian pendant lightFonderia industrial italian pendant light
Fonderia Pendant Light Sale price$3,097.00
Merano Ourdoor Italian Industrial pendant lightMerano Pendant Light
Merano Pendant Light Sale price$1,114.00
Hua Hika Floor LampHua Hika Floor Lamp
Hua Hika Floor Lamp Sale price$4,567.00
Traviata Straight Arm Wall LightTraviata Straight Arm Wall Light
Glamour Wall LightGlamour Wall Light
Glamour Wall Light Sale priceFrom $994.00
Mulino Indoor industrial pendant lightMulino Pendant Light
Mulino Pendant Light Sale price$2,890.00
Postierla outdoor industrial wall light above a bicycle Postierla Wall Light
Postierla Wall Light Sale price$3,217.00
Allegro Italian industrial brass wall light on concrete wallAllegro Wall Light
Allegro Wall Light Sale price$1,310.00
Polare industrial indoor wall lightPolare Wall Light
Polare Wall Light Sale price$414.00
Clematide Pendant LightClematide Pendant Light
Clematide Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,360.00
Funnel pendant light cluster above a living areaFunnel pendant light
Funnel Pendant Light Sale price$1,868.00
Polare indoor industrial ceiling lightPolare Ceiling Light
Polare Ceiling Light Sale price$414.00
polare industrial pendant lightPolare Pendant Light
Polare Pendant Light Sale price$498.00
Loggiato Italian industrial outdoor pendant lightLoggiato Pendant Light
Loggiato Pendant Light Sale price$2,097.00
Traviata Curve Wall LightTraviata industrial outdoor wall light
Traviata Curve Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,168.00
Cubetto Multi Wall LightCubetto Multi Wall Light
Cubetto Multi Wall Light Sale price$837.00
Pasdedeux Wall LightPasdedeux Wall Light
Pasdedeux Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,168.00
Lustri L9 Pendant LightLustri L9 Pendant Light
Lustri L9 Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,002.00
Nuku Hiva Pendant LightNuku Hiva Pendant Light
Nuku Hiva Pendant Light Sale price$3,772.00
Merano outdoor wall lightMerano Wall Light
Merano Wall Light Sale price$1,420.00
Rangiroa Pendant LightRangiroa Pendant Light
Rangiroa Pendant Light Sale price$3,772.00
Jasmin Wall LightJasmin Wall Light
Jasmin Wall Light Sale price$2,153.00
Piega Pendant LightPiega Pendant Light
Piega Pendant Light Sale price$703.00
Trumpet Ceiling LightTrumpet Ceiling Light
Trumpet Ceiling Light Sale price$1,646.00
Guinguette Single Pendant LightGuinguette Single Pendant Light
Guinguette Single Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,002.00
Tamiso Pendant LightTamiso Pendant Light
Tamiso Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $734.00

Aldo Bernardi Lighting

Unveil Aldo Bernardi Lighting, where exceptional Italian craftsmanship shines for over 46 years.

Drawing inspiration from nature and North Italy's breathtaking landscapes, the collection presents a stunning selection of handmade brass lamps and ceramic designs. Each piece masterfully marries style, tradition, and attention to detail, blending classic, contemporary, and modern aesthetics.

Experience the rich cultural heritage and relentless innovation that Aldo Bernardi Lighting embodies, elevating your indoor and outdoor spaces with a touch of timeless elegance.

Explore Aldo Bernardi at Nook Collections today and discover an exquisite range of brass, copper, and ceramic lights, including wall lights, ceiling lights, and pendant lights for both indoor and outdoor settings. Transform your surroundings with Aldo Bernardi's captivating charm.