David Trubridge

Begin your exploration of environmentally responsible lighting design with David Trubridge at Nook Collections. Hailing from New Zealand, David Trubridge is a globally recognised designer who pioneered the 'raw sophistication' trend, with his work featured in influential international publications and earning him a spot among the top 15 designers in the world by the French magazine Express in 2008.

His remarkable journey in lighting design began with the innovative coral pendant light, which set the stage for a remarkable range of pendant collections, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lights. Beyond his designs, Trubridge's commitment to sustainability shines through in his products, packaging, and shipping practices, leaving a legacy that will inspire generations to come. Shop David Trubridge at Nook Collections and experience the enduring beauty of handmade designer lighting.


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Nikau Pendant LightNikau Pendant Light
Nikau Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,591.00
Cloud Bamboo Pendant LightCloud Bamboo Pendant Light
Cloud Bamboo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,611.00
Sola Pendant LightSola Pendant Light
Sola Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,438.00
Snowflake Pendant LightSnowflake Pendant Light
Snowflake Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,256.00
Hinaki Pendant LightHinaki Pendant Light
Hinaki Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $525.00
Flax Pendant LightFlax Pendant Light
Flax Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,224.00
Koura Pendant LightKoura Pendant Light
Koura Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $684.00
Kina Pendant LightKina Pendant Light
Kina Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $729.00
Floral Pendant LightFloral Pendant Light
Floral Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $506.00
Tui Pendant LightTui Pendant Light
Tui Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $939.00
Navicula Pendant LightNavicula Pendant Light
Navicula Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,011.00
Coral Bamboo Pendant LightCoral Bamboo Pendant Light
Coral Bamboo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $506.00

David Trubridge

David Trubridge: Iconic Designer of Environmentally Responsible Lighting

Based in New Zealand, David Trubridge is a globally renowned designer and a prominent figure in environmentally responsible design. His work has been prominently featured in influential international publications, setting the stage for the 'raw sophistication' design trend. In 2008, he was recognized as one of the top 15 designers in the world by the French magazine Express. Trubridge's accolades include the 2005 Antarctica Fellow and the prestigious John Britten Award from the Designer's Institute of New Zealand in 2007.

Trubridge's journey into lighting design began with an experiment involving the creation of the sought-after coral bamboo pendant light, which involved placing a bulb within the light's structure. This initial success led to the expansion of his design repertoire, including pendant collections, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lights. His designs are a testament to timelessness and sustainability, not only in his products but also in his packaging and shipping practices.

Discover the enduring beauty of David Trubridge's handmade designer lighting at Nook Collections, which epitomises the essence of environmentally responsible design.