Ebb & Flow

EBB & FLOW, founded in 2009, is a brand that transcends fleeting trends, offering bespoke lighting with enduring personality. Each creation is meticulously designed, drawing inspiration from perfume bottles, jewellery, and British antique markets, focusing on organic shapes, premium materials, and intricate detailing.

Their diverse collection spans from elegant simplicity to bold sculptural statements, encompassing table and floor lamps, wall light fixtures, pendant lights, surface lamps, and fabric lampshades, all meticulously handcrafted.

EBB & FLOW's commitment to traditional craftsmanship, celebrated through their handmade production in Europe, ensures each product has a unique story. Available online at Nook Collections, their wide array of lighting solutions invites you to illuminate your space with enduring style and individuality.


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10 products

Rowan Wall LightRowan Wall Light
Rowan Wall Light Sale price$749.00
Horizon Arm Wall LightHorizon Arm Wall Light
Horizon Arm Wall Light Sale price$589.00
Uva Pendant LightUva Pendant Light
Uva Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $599.00
Horizon Pendant LightHorizon Pendant Light
Horizon Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $479.00
Smykke Pendant LightSmykke Pendant Light
Smykke Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $990.00
Rowan Pendant LightRowan Pendant Light
Rowan Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $429.00
A-Spire Pendant LightA-Spire Pendant Light
A-Spire Pendant Light Sale price$2,990.00
Futura Glass Pendant LightFutura Glass Pendant Light
Futura Glass Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $709.00
Lute Pendant LightLute Pendant Light
Lute Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $699.00
Horizon Wall LightHorizon Wall Light
Horizon Wall Light Sale priceFrom $699.00