Ferroluce, founded in 1982, stands out in the realm of artistic lighting, merging Italian craftsmanship with modern design. Specialising in decorative lighting, their collections feature handcrafted pieces such as designer pendant lights and unique table lamps, showcasing techniques like slip casting, dip glazing, and glassmaking.

Each product, proudly Italian made, is a blend of traditional skills and contemporary aesthetics, making Ferroluce synonymous with quality and exclusivity. For an exclusive selection of these Italian made lights that combine artistry with functionality, explore Ferroluce products online at Nook Collections.


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Bumbum 3 Pendant LightBumbum 3 Pendant Light
Bumbum 3 Pendant Light Sale price$2,309.00
Berimbau Wall LightBerimbau Wall Light
Berimbau Wall Light Sale price$738.00
Bumbum Wall LightBumbum Wall Light
Bumbum Wall Light Sale price$801.00
Berimbau Table LampBerimbau Table Lamp
Berimbau Table Lamp Sale price$671.00
Ayrton Wall LightAyrton Wall Light
Ayrton Wall Light Sale price$771.00
Copacabana Single Pendant LightCopacabana Single Pendant Light
Afoxé Pendant LightAfoxé Pendant Light
Afoxé Pendant Light Sale price$487.00
50's Pendant Light50's Pendant Light
50's Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $877.00
Afoxé 6lt Pendant LightAfoxé 6lt Pendant Light
Afoxé 6lt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,396.00
Corcovado Bell Pendant LightCorcovado Bell Pendant Light
Corcovado Bell Pendant Light Sale price$1,234.00
Berimbau Tall Table LampBerimbau Tall Table Lamp
Berimbau Tall Table Lamp Sale price$732.00
Berimbau Mix 5lt Pendant LightBerimbau Mix 5lt Pendant Light
Berimbau Mix 5lt Pendant Light Sale price$2,250.00
Bumbum 4 Pendant LightBumbum 4 Pendant Light
Bumbum 4 Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,309.00
Afoxé Large Pendant LightAfoxé Large Pendant Light
Afoxé Large Pendant Light Sale price$1,586.00
Bumbum 1 Pendant LightBumbum 1 Pendant Light
Bumbum 1 Pendant Light Sale price$1,056.00
Ayrton Pendant LightAyrton Pendant Light
Ayrton Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,357.00
50's Wall Light50's Wall Light
50's Wall Light Sale price$867.00
Colours Ceiling LightColours Ceiling Light
Colours Ceiling Light Sale price$658.00
Corcovado Pendant LightCorcovado Pendant Light
Corcovado Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,237.00
B&W Pendant LightB&W Pendant Light
B&W Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $503.00
Berimbau 5lt Pendant LightBerimbau 5lt Pendant Light
Berimbau 5lt Pendant Light Sale price$2,250.00
Berimbau Pendant LightBerimbau Pendant Light
Berimbau Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $416.00
Bellota Wall/Ceiling LightBellota Wall/Ceiling Light
Bellota Wall/Ceiling Light Sale price$729.00
Copacabana Table LampCopacabana Table Lamp
Copacabana Table Lamp Sale price$1,021.00
Colours Pendant LightColours Pendant Light
Colours Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $729.00
B&W Curve Pendant LightB&W Curve Pendant Light
B&W Curve Pendant Light Sale price$845.00
Churuata Pendant LightChuruata Pendant Light
Churuata Pendant Light Sale price$1,261.00
B&W Wall LightB&W Wall Light
B&W Wall Light Sale price$567.00
Berimbau 2lt Wall LightBerimbau 2lt Wall Light
Berimbau 2lt Wall Light Sale price$803.00
Caxixi Pendant LightCaxixi Pendant Light
Caxixi Pendant Light Sale price$874.00
B&W Curve Wall LightB&W Curve Wall Light
B&W Curve Wall Light Sale price$919.00
Bellota Pendant LightBellota Pendant Light
Bellota Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,199.00
Copacabana Pendant LightCopacabana Pendant Light
Copacabana Pendant Light Sale price$2,174.00
B&W Rise & Fall Pendant LightB&W Rise & Fall Pendant Light
Batucada Table LampBatucada Table Lamp
Batucada Table Lamp Sale price$638.00
B&W Curve Ceiling LightB&W Curve Ceiling Light
B&W Curve Ceiling Light Sale price$771.00
B&W Classic Wall LightB&W Classic Wall Light
B&W Classic Wall Light Sale price$555.00
Selaròn Pendant LightSelaròn Pendant Light
Selaròn Pendant Light Sale price$1,489.00
B&W Classic Pendant LightB&W Classic Pendant Light
B&W Classic Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $758.00
Maracanà Pendant LightMaracanà Pendant Light
Maracanà Pendant Light Sale price$1,182.00
Madame Grès Ceiling LightMadame Grès Ceiling Light
Madame Grès Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,093.00
B&W Classic Ceiling LightB&W Classic Ceiling Light
B&W Classic Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $696.00
Lariat Diamond Pendant LightLariat Diamond Pendant Light
Lariat Diamond Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,590.00
B&W Ceiling LightB&W Ceiling Light
B&W Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $406.00
Colours Wall LightColours Wall Light
Colours Wall Light Sale price$725.00
Pau Pendant LightPau Pendant Light
Pau Pendant Light Sale price$1,283.00
Colours Rise & Fall Pendant LightColours Rise & Fall Pendant Light
Madame Grès Pendant LightMadame Grès Pendant Light
Madame Grès Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,283.00
Lariat Cylinder Pendant LightLariat Cylinder Pendant Light
Lariat Cylinder Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,590.00
B&W Straight Wall LightB&W Straight Wall Light
B&W Straight Wall Light Sale price$516.00


Ferroluce, established in 1982, epitomises the essence of artistic lighting with its Italian heritage. As a specialist in decorative lighting, this brand stands at the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. Each piece in their collection, from designer pendant lights to elegant table lamps, is a testament to the brand's commitment to preserving Italian artisanship.

Their vibrant and handmade lighting collections are crafted using time-honoured techniques such as slip casting, dip glazing, glassmaking, and blacksmithing, often adorned with hand-painted patterns that add a unique narrative to every item. Ferroluce's products aren't just lighting solutions; they are artistic expressions, blending antique values with the allure of contemporary design.

Proudly Italian made, Ferroluce's lights are synonymous with quality and exclusivity. The brand’s range includes stunning designer pendant lights, offering both classic and modern styles. These pendant lights are not just functional but are statement pieces that enhance the ambiance of any space.

As a beacon of handmade lighting, Ferroluce ensures that each product is a unique piece of art. Their commitment to producing exclusively in Italy guarantees that every lighting fixture is an embodiment of Italian elegance and sophistication. Ferroluce caters to a discerning clientele who value artistic, designer lighting with a unique personality. Explore their exquisite collection at Nook Collections, where Italian made lights meet the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship.