Fluxwood Lighting

Fluxwood Lighting, a family-owned business based in Currumbin, Queensland, is known for its exceptional timber lighting range. With a small team of craftspeople and designers, Fluxwood collaborates with local artisans to create high-quality components for their bespoke lighting. Since 2018, they have been crafting unique timber lighting, offering customisation and unparalleled craftsmanship.

As a registered Australian Made Campaign business, Fluxwood proudly showcases the excellence of Australian craftsmanship. Now featured at Nook Collections, Fluxwood's brand exemplifies their passion, dedication, and commitment to creating extraordinary timber lighting that enhances any space. 


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Tenn Pendant lightTenn Pendant light
Tenn Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,990.00
Sibling Brass Pendant LightSibling Brass Pendant Light
Sibling Brass Pendant Light Sale price$1,280.00
Silo Ceramic Wall LightSilo Ceramic Wall Light
Silo Ceramic Wall Light Sale price$1,350.00
Sibling Wall LightSibling Wall Light
Sibling Wall Light Sale price$1,180.00
Spru Pendant Light by Fluxwood Lighting at Nook CollectionsSpru Pendant Light by Fluxwood Lighting at Nook Collections
Spru Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,850.00
Button Wall LightButton Wall Light
Button Wall Light Sale price$980.00
Sibling Table LampSibling Table Lamp
Sibling Table Lamp Sale price$1,380.00
Sibling Brass Wall LightSibling Brass Wall Light
Sibling Brass Wall Light Sale price$1,280.00
Sibling Pendant LightSibling Pendant Light
Sibling Pendant Light Sale price$1,180.00
Silo Mini Wall LightSilo Mini Wall Light
Silo Mini Wall Light Sale price$980.00
Lander Short Pendant lightLander Short Pendant light
Lander Short Pendant light Sale price$1,250.00
Lander Tall Pendant lightLander Tall Pendant light
Lander Tall Pendant light Sale price$1,350.00
Talli Pendant lightTalli Pendant light
Talli Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,900.00
Fluted Roller Pendant lightFluted Roller Pendant light
Fluted Roller Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,850.00
Roller Pendant lightRoller Pendant light
Roller Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,760.00
Tenn Up Pendant lightTenn Up Pendant light
Tenn Up Pendant light Sale priceFrom $2,400.00

Fluxwood Lighting

Fluxwood is a family-owned business, comprising a close-knit team of skilled craftspeople and designers. Their design studio, timber and electrical workshops are situated in the captivating area of Currumbin, Queensland. Collaborating with a network of talented local artisans throughout Queensland, Fluxwood Lighting takes immense pride in the collective effort to fashion the highest quality components for their exceptional timber lighting range.
Their mastery lies in the artistry of creating custom-made timber lighting, boasting an expanding collection of pendant and wall light designs. Since their inception in 2018, Fluxwood has been devoted to perfecting the craftsmanship of their timber pendants, anticipating the opportunity to continually offer unparalleled excellence in the realm of timber lighting.
Distinguishing themselves in the market, Fluxwood's pendants emanate a sense of individuality, presenting bespoke options and embodying meticulous craftsmanship. Their comprehensive lighting range is thoughtfully designed to complement an array of residential and commercial projects, allowing for customisation and module lighting to suit diverse interior styles and budgets.
As a testament to their dedication to showcasing the excellence of Australian craftsmanship, Fluxwood proudly bears the distinction of being a registered Australian Made Campaign business.
Discover the exceptional artistry of Fluxwood Lighting at Nook Collections, where their brand now finds its rightful place among a curated selection of outstanding designer lighting offerings.