Hamptons Lighting

Embrace the timeless allure of Hamptons style lighting and infuse your home with a blend of traditional charm and modern elegance. At Nook Collections, we understand the essence of Hamptons design and curate lighting fixtures that capture its essence. Dive into our Hamptons Lighting Collection and illuminate your space with sophistication and coastal flair.


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Stonington Pendant light entry doorStonington Pendant light detail
Stonington Pendant Light Sale price$1,124.00
Porteau 4lt ChandelierPorteau 4lt Chandelier
Porteau 4lt Chandelier Sale price$1,665.00
Carlow 6lt Linear ChandelierCarlow 6lt Linear Chandelier
Carlow 6lt Linear Chandelier Sale price$3,509.00
Colton Wall LightColton Wall Light
Colton Wall Light Sale price$750.00
Brianna 6lt Pendant LightBrianna 6lt Pendant Light
Brianna 6lt Pendant Light Sale price$1,639.00
Banks Table LampBanks Table Lamp
Banks Table Lamp Sale price$369.00
Bowery Wall LightBowery Wall Light
Bowery Wall Light Sale price$998.00
Somerset pendant light cluster above kitchenSomerset pendant light cluster above kitchen island
Somerset Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $834.00
Somerset Semi-Flush Ceiling LightSomerset Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
Harvard Lantern contemporary outdoor glass and metal wall light near entry doorHarvard Lantern contemporary outdoor glass and metal wall light side view
Harvard Lantern Wall Light Sale price$969.00
Bowery Round Wall LightBowery Round Wall Light
Bowery Round Wall Light Sale price$781.00
Ios Wall LightIos Wall Light
Ios Wall Light Sale priceFrom $258.01
Eldridge Curve Pendant LightEldridge Curve Pendant Light
Eldridge Curve Pendant Light Sale price$2,355.00
Pratt large dome pendant light above a sinkPratt large dome pendant light
Pratt Glass Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $627.00
Juniper Wall Light
Juniper Wall Light Sale price$808.00
Kymi contemporary architectural wall light above a coffe tableKymi contemporary architectural wall light cluster above a sofa
Kymi Wall Light Sale priceFrom $369.00
Denise Wall LightDenise Wall Light
Denise Wall Light Sale price$628.00
Lima wall lightLima wall light
Lima wall light Sale price$498.00
Bolla Wall LightBolla Wall Light
Bolla Wall Light Sale price$332.00
Stonington 1lt Pendant LightStonington 1lt Pendant Light
Stonington 1lt Pendant Light Sale price$1,155.00
Dover Lantern Pendant LightDover Lantern Pendant Light
Dover Lantern Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Esther Ceiling LightEsther Ceiling Light
Esther Ceiling Light Sale price$990.00
Islip Wall LightIslip Wall Light
Islip Wall Light Sale price$866.00
Turandot industrial Italian Large pendant lightTurandot Pendant Light
Turandot Pendant Light Sale price$2,304.00
Cabin wall lightCabin wall light
Cabin Wall Light Sale price$949.00
Bowery Linen Wall LightBowery Linen Wall Light
Bowery Linen Wall Light Sale price$1,785.00
Blend plaster contemporary architectural style wall light on the sofa sideBlend Wall Light
Blend Wall Light Sale price$439.00
Harper Wall LightHarper Wall Light
Harper Wall Light Sale price$2,476.00
Homefield Pendant LightHomefield Pendant Light
Homefield Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $989.00
Elba fabric wall light in 2 sizesElba fabric wall light 2 light in a hallway
Elba Wall Light Sale priceFrom $459.00
Veo wall light cluster in a hallwayVeo wall light
Veo Wall Light Sale price$469.00
Eldridge Cone Pendant LightEldridge Cone Pendant Light
Eldridge Cone Pendant Light Sale price$2,355.00
Koza plaster minimalistic contemporary wall light with switchKoza plaster minimalistic contemporary wall light with switch bed side
Koza Wall Light Sale price$489.01
Juniper ChandelierJuniper Chandelier
Juniper Chandelier Sale priceFrom $3,105.00
Harvard Pendant LightHarvard Pendant Light
Harvard Pendant Light Sale price$1,009.00
Amalfi 315 Wall light in a living area above a plant and a sofaAmalfi 315 Wall light above flowers
Amalfi 315 Wall Light Sale price$239.00
Amat 320 wall light in a living area aboce a sofaAmat 320 wall light
Amat 320 Wall Light Sale price$239.00
Amas 3 Wall LightAmas 3 Wall Light
Amas 3 Wall Light Sale price$259.00
Carrie Chandelier
Carrie Chandelier Sale price$3,284.00
Bowery 9lt ChandelierBowery 9lt Chandelier
Bowery 9lt Chandelier Sale price$8,601.00
Dover Linear Pendant LightDover Linear Pendant Light
Dover Linear Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,200.00
Tresa Single Wall LightTresa Single Wall Light
Tresa Single Wall Light Sale price$484.00
Pratt large dome pendant light above a kitchen islandPratt large dome pendant light  above a kitchen
Pratt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $752.00
Milo Wall Light by Kalco Lighting at Nook CollectionsMilo Wall Light by Kalco Lighting at Nook Collections
Milo Wall Light Sale price$638.00
Asher Ceiling LightAsher Ceiling Light
Asher Ceiling Light Sale price$724.00
Hadley Ceiling LightHadley Ceiling Light
Hadley Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $526.00
Stonington Shade Pendant LightStonington Shade Pendant Light
Stonington Shade Pendant Light Sale price$1,749.00
Aida metal and glass classic chain link pendant light
Aida Pendant Light Sale price$862.29
Arti Pendant LightArti Pendant Light
Arti Pendant Light Sale price$636.00
Mashiko Round Classic outdoor ceiling lightMashiko Round Classic outdoor ceiling light
Mashiko Round Ceiling Light Sale price$939.00

Hamptons Lighting

What is Hamptons Style?
Hamptons style embodies a seamless fusion of traditional refinement and contemporary comfort, drawing inspiration from the serene coastal landscapes of Long Island's Hamptons region. Characterised by light-filled interiors, neutral palettes, and natural textures, Hamptons style exudes a sense of laid-back luxury that effortlessly combines classic elements with modern sensibilities.

The Four Styles of Hamptons
1. Classic Hamptons: Timeless and sophisticated, Classic Hamptons style embraces refined elegance with a focus on symmetry, traditional furnishings, and understated luxury. Think crisp whites, soft neutrals, and elegant silhouettes that evoke a sense of timeless charm.
2. Plantation Hamptons: Inspired by the grandeur of Southern plantations, Plantation Hamptons style infuses traditional design with a touch of tropical flair. Rich woods, rattan accents, and botanical motifs create a warm and inviting atmosphere that celebrates relaxed luxury.
3. Luxe Hamptons: Opulent and indulgent, Luxe Hamptons style elevates traditional elements with luxurious finishes and lavish details. Think gleaming metallics, sumptuous fabrics, and statement lighting that exudes glamour and sophistication.
4. Coastal Hamptons: Embrace the laid-back charm of coastal living with Coastal Hamptons style, where relaxed comfort meets seaside sophistication. Light, airy spaces, natural textures, and nautical accents evoke a sense of tranquillity and serenity inspired by the ocean's beauty.

Materials & Finishes
Our Hamptons Lighting Collection features an exquisite array of materials and finishes that capture the essence of coastal luxury:
• Natural Woods: Crafted from high-quality wood such as oak, maple, and walnut, our lighting fixtures exude warmth and authenticity, adding a touch of rustic elegance to any space.
• Brushed Metals: Sleek and sophisticated, brushed metal finishes such as nickel, brass, and bronze lend a contemporary edge to traditional designs, creating a harmonious balance of old and new.
• Woven Rattan & Wicker: Embrace the coastal charm of woven rattan and wicker accents, adding texture and visual interest to your lighting fixtures while infusing your space with a relaxed, beachy vibe.
• Seeded Glass: Capturing the essence of coastal living, seeded glass shades evoke the beauty of sea glass and add a touch of organic elegance to your lighting ensemble, casting a warm and inviting glow throughout your space.

Shop Hamptons Style Lighting at Nook Collections
Elevate your interior with the timeless elegance of Hamptons style lighting from Nook Collections. Browse our curated selection today and discover the perfect lighting solutions to transform your home into a sanctuary of coastal sophistication.