Hudson Valley Lighting

Explore the Hudson Valley Lighting Collection at Nook Collections and immerse yourself in a world where illumination becomes artistry, where designer lighting is more than just a fixture – it's a statement of refined taste and enduring style. Whether you're seeking the allure of mid-century lighting or the captivating charm of indoor chandeliers and designer pendant lights, our collection invites you to transform your space with brilliance.


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Labra ChandelierLabra Chandelier
Labra Chandelier Sale priceFrom $3,242.00
Ariana ChandelierAriana Chandelier
Ariana Chandelier Sale price$4,176.00
Huntington Linear Pendant LightHuntington Linear Pendant Light
Brigitte ChandelierBrigitte Chandelier
Brigitte Chandelier Sale price$2,281.00
Hinsdale ChandelierHinsdale Chandelier
Hinsdale Chandelier Sale price$6,890.00
Astrid 4lt Pendant Light by Hudson Valley displayed within a dining room | Nook CollectionsAstrid 4lt Pendant Light by Hudson Valley at Nook Collections
Astrid 4lt Pendant Light Sale price$1,653.00
Signature ChandelierSignature Chandelier
Signature Chandelier Sale price$10,571.00
District Pendant LightDistrict Pendant Light
District Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,072.00
Huntington Chandelier
Huntington Chandelier Sale price$8,649.00
Cora Wall LightCora Wall Light
Cora Wall Light Sale price$787.00
Chandler Ceiling LightChandler Ceiling Light
Chandler Ceiling Light Sale price$3,031.00
Fleming ChandelierFleming Chandelier
Fleming Chandelier Sale price$10,180.00
Calligraphy ChandelierCalligraphy Chandelier
Calligraphy Chandelier Sale priceFrom $7,244.00
Blossom ChandelierBlossom Chandelier
Blossom Chandelier Sale priceFrom $7,704.00
Sphere No.2 Pendant LightSphere No.2 Pendant Light
Sphere No.2 Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,702.00
Fleming Ceiling LightFleming Ceiling Light
Fleming Ceiling Light Sale price$4,773.00
Colton Wall LightColton Wall Light
Colton Wall Light Sale price$750.00
Charm Pendant LightCharm Pendant Light
Charm Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,345.00
Moxy Pendant LightMoxy Pendant Light
Moxy Pendant Light Sale price$2,154.00
Baruch Wall LightBaruch Wall Light
Baruch Wall Light Sale price$2,392.00
Evie Wall LightEvie Wall Light
Evie Wall Light Sale price$576.00
Blixen Wall LightBlixen Wall Light
Blixen Wall Light Sale price$1,109.00
Broomley Pendant LightBroomley Pendant Light
Broomley Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,039.00
Fleming Wall LightFleming Wall Light
Fleming Wall Light Sale price$1,309.00
Diggs Wall LightDiggs Wall Light
Diggs Wall Light Sale price$1,848.00
Barkley Wall LightBarkley Wall Light
Barkley Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,911.00
Sperry Wall LightSperry Wall Light
Sperry Wall Light Sale price$781.00
Amherst Wall LightAmherst Wall Light
Amherst Wall Light Sale price$1,035.00
Ariana Wall LightAriana Wall Light
Ariana Wall Light Sale price$607.00
Brigitte Wall LightBrigitte Wall Light
Brigitte Wall Light Sale price$750.00
Denise Wall LightDenise Wall Light
Denise Wall Light Sale price$628.00
Anya Wall LightAnya Wall Light
Anya Wall Light Sale price$618.00
Cecily Wall LightCecily Wall Light
Cecily Wall Light Sale priceFrom $718.00
Emerald Wall Light
Emerald Wall Light Sale price$818.00
West End Pendant LightWest End Pendant Light
West End Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,199.00
Atwater Pendant Light
Atwater Pendant Light Sale price$1,621.00
Zara Pendant LightZara Pendant Light
Zara Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,183.00
Kyle Pendant LightKyle Pendant Light
Kyle Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,722.00
Eldridge Curve Pendant LightEldridge Curve Pendant Light
Eldridge Curve Pendant Light Sale price$2,355.00
Eldridge Cone Pendant LightEldridge Cone Pendant Light
Eldridge Cone Pendant Light Sale price$2,355.00
Latham Pendant LightLatham Pendant Light
Latham Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,439.00
Glendale Pendant LightGlendale Pendant Light
Glendale Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,907.00
Draper Pendant Light
Draper Pendant Light Sale price$5,312.00
Zara Linear Pendant Light
Zara Linear Pendant Light Sale price$3,733.00
Astrid 8lt Pendant LightAstrid 8lt Pendant Light
Astrid 8lt Pendant Light Sale price$2,476.00
Wallis ChandelierWallis Chandelier
Wallis Chandelier Sale priceFrom $4,124.00
Fenwater ChandelierFenwater Chandelier
Fenwater Chandelier Sale price$6,035.00
Royalton ChandelierRoyalton Chandelier
Royalton Chandelier Sale price$6,299.00
Signature Linear ChandelierSignature Linear Chandelier
Signature Linear Chandelier Sale price$10,270.00
Modernist ChandelierModernist Chandelier
Modernist Chandelier Sale priceFrom $7,244.00

Hudson Valley Lighting

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Lighting Collection at Nook Collections! Our journey began in the inventive spirit of 1930’s Brooklyn, where the Littman family founded Hudson Valley Lighting. With a legacy rooted in timeless design, we seamlessly blend mid-century lighting with modern elegance.

Timeless Illumination, Modern Elegance:
Discover indoor chandeliers that captivate and designer pendant lights that enchant. Our fixtures embody the perfect balance of classic and contemporary, reflecting our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to the marriage of form and function.

Crafted to Illuminate:
With unwavering commitment to excellence, we employ superior materials and techniques to create fixtures that stand the test of time. Lighting is more than ambiance; it's a source of enrichment. Hudson Valley Lighting believes in enhancing spaces and lives, uniting our brands under this guiding principle.

Where Vintage Meets Modern:
Our collection unites the nostalgia of mid-century lighting with the sophistication of contemporary design. Experience the fusion of classic charm and modern allure. From iconic designs to captivating collections, our fixtures transcend trends, inviting you to revisit them again and again.

Explore the Hudson Valley Lighting Collection at Nook Collections. Immerse yourself in a world where illumination becomes art, and designer lighting embodies refined taste and enduring style. Illuminate your space with brilliance, whether through mid-century allure or the captivating charm of designer pendant lights and indoor chandeliers.