Lighting Republic

Established in 2012, Lighting Republic is an Australian born lighting brand known for its timeless and elegant light fixtures. Using honest materials like brass and glass, coupled with artisanal manufacturing techniques, the brand is synonymous with classic design, exceptional quality, and attention to detail. Their diverse indoor and outdoor collections feature organic mouth-blown glass pendant shades, contemporary glass spheres, and modular suspension designs, all bringing softness and tranquility to any space.

From residential to hospitality and commercial installations, Lighting Republic's versatile and practical products cater to various locations. Experience the allure of their lighting solutions at Nook Collections and transform your space into an enchanting haven of radiance and grace.


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Orb Mirror Wall LightOrb Mirror Wall Light
Orb Mirror Wall Light Sale priceFrom $128.00
Bode Wall LightBode Wall Light
Bode Wall Light Sale price$660.00
Orb Ledge Wall LightOrb Ledge Wall Light
Orb Ledge Wall Light Sale priceFrom $370.00
Shadow Wall LightShadow Wall Light
Shadow Wall Light Sale priceFrom $265.00
Shadow Long Wall LightShadow Long Wall Light
Shadow Long Wall Light Sale price$295.00
Tuva Round Outdoor Wall LightTuva Round Outdoor Wall Light
Tuva Outdoor Wall LightTuva Outdoor Wall Light
Tuva Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$650.00
Stak Pendant LightStak Pendant Light
Stak Pendant Light Sale price$600.00
Parlour Lite Geo Pendant LightParlour Lite Geo Pendant Light
Parlour Lite Sphere Pendant LightParlour Lite Sphere Pendant Light
Parlour Lite Elong Pendant LightParlour Lite Elong Pendant Light
Parlour Lite Curve Pendant LightParlour Lite Curve Pendant Light
Parlour Lite Glass Pendant LightParlour Lite Glass Pendant Light
Parlour Lite Pendant LightParlour Lite Pendant Light
Parlour Lite Pendant Light Sale price$180.00
Parlour Elong Pendant LightParlour Elong Pendant Light
Parlour Elong Pendant Light Sale price$510.00
Parlour Curve Pendant LightParlour Curve Pendant Light
Parlour Curve Pendant Light Sale price$515.00
Parlour Glass Pendant LightParlour Glass Pendant Light
Parlour Glass Pendant Light Sale price$555.00
Parlour Geo Pendant LightParlour Geo Pendant Light
Parlour Geo Pendant Light Sale price$545.00
Parlour Sphere Pendant LightParlour Sphere Pendant Light
Parlour Pendant LightParlour Pendant Light
Parlour Pendant Light Sale price$325.00
Organic White Pendant LightOrganic White Pendant Light
Organic White Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $500.00
Organic Pendant LightOrganic Pendant Light
Organic Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $500.00
Orb Max Pendant LightOrb Max Pendant Light
Orb Max Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $360.00
Orb Sur Mini Wall LightOrb Sur Mini Wall Light
Orb Sur Mini Wall Light Sale priceFrom $170.00
Orb Sur Wall LightOrb Sur Wall Light in Brass by Lighting Republic at Nook Collections
Orb Sur Wall Light Sale priceFrom $194.00
Orb Long Arm Wall LightOrb Long Arm Wall Light
Orb Long Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $190.00
Orb Short Arm Wall LightOrb Short Arm Wall Light
Orb Short Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $180.00
Orb Dome Short Arm Wall LightOrb Dome Short Arm Wall Light
Orb Dome Mirror Wall LightOrb Dome Mirror Wall Light
Orb Dome Mirror Wall Light Sale price$163.00
Lille Wall LightLille Wall Light
Lille Wall Light Sale priceFrom $600.00
Lille 2lt Wall LightLille 2lt Wall Light
Lille 2lt Wall Light Sale price$760.00
Dover Lantern Pendant LightDover Lantern Pendant Light
Dover Lantern Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $990.00
Dover Linear Pendant LightDover Linear Pendant Light
Dover Linear Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,850.00
Orb Air Pendant LightOrb Air Pendant Light
Orb Air Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $425.00

Lighting Republic

Established in 2012, Lighting Republic is an esteemed Australian lighting brand, renowned for its exquisite designs and commitment to manufacturing high-quality, elegant light fixtures. Embracing the spirit of the laid-back yet sophisticated way of life down under, Lighting Republic crafts lighting solutions that embody both refinement and relaxation.
Crafted with integrity, the brand's light fixtures feature the finest materials, including brass and glass, combined with artisanal manufacturing techniques. This approach ensures each piece exudes an air of classic design, while meticulous attention to detail adds an extra layer of distinction.
Indoor and outdoor collections define the essence of Lighting Republic's offerings, all integrating highly skilled production with exceptional design. From organic mouth-blown glass pendant shades that embrace nature's allure to contemporary and minimalist glass spheres that captivate with their simplicity, the diversity of choices caters to various tastes. Whether illuminating your walls with grace or suspending a pendant for a soft and tranquil ambiance, these lighting solutions create an inviting atmosphere.
Modular suspension collections are a hallmark of Lighting Republic's catalogue, epitomising a minimalist and versatile design philosophy. They adapt effortlessly to diverse spaces, enhancing aesthetics with an understated charm. In contrast, other collections present modern interpretations of timeless traditional lantern styles, with a hint of industrial allure.
Lighting Republic prioritises more than aesthetics; their lighting is designed to be practical and adaptable to modern-day living. Striking the perfect balance between beauty and functionality, their products shine as brilliantly in residential settings as they do in hospitality venues and various commercial installations.
At Lighting Republic, the focus is on crafting lighting fixtures that not only elevate your spaces but also suit your lifestyle. With a diverse array of designs that blend contemporary allure with enduring elegance, Lighting Republic creates a soft, warm, and inviting atmosphere that transcends the ordinary.
Experience the charm and brilliance of Lighting Republic's light fixtures at Nook Collections. Explore their collection today and discover lighting solutions that will transform your space into an enchanting haven of radiance and grace.