LZF is a successful designer lighting company founded in 1994 by Sandro Totthil and Marivi Calvo, known for their hand-assembled lamps made from high-quality tulipwood veneers sourced from FSC forests in the Eastern USA. Their lamps are now found in private homes and major buildings worldwide.


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I-Club Slim Pendant LightI-Club Slim Pendant Light
I-Club Slim Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,580.00
I-Club Wall LightI-Club Wall Light
I-Club Wall Light Sale price$1,720.00
X-Club Pendant LightX-Club Pendant Light
X-Club Pendant Light Sale price$5,473.00
Cuad Pendant LightCuad Pendant Light
Cuad Pendant Light Sale price$5,496.00
X-Club Wall LightX-Club Wall Light
X-Club Wall Light Sale price$3,567.00
Stitches Bamako Pendant LightStitches Bamako Pendant Light
Stitches Bamako Pendant Light Sale price$2,780.00
Stitches Tombuctu Pendant LightStitches Tombuctu Pendant Light
Hi-Collar Wall LightHi-Collar Wall Light
Hi-Collar Wall Light Sale price$1,051.00
Lola Pendant LightLola Pendant Light
Lola Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,422.00
Pleg Wall LightPleg Wall Light
Pleg Wall Light Sale price$890.00
Agatha Large Pendant LightAgatha Large Pendant Light
Agatha Large Pendant Light Sale price$6,880.00
Agatha Small Pendant LightAgatha Small Pendant Light
Agatha Small Pendant Light Sale price$3,197.00
Agatha Ball Pendant LightAgatha Ball Pendant Light
Agatha Ball Pendant Light Sale price$5,034.00
Link Small Pendant LightLink Small Pendant Light
Link Small Pendant Light Sale price$1,820.00
New Wave Pendant LightNew Wave Pendant Light
New Wave Pendant Light Sale price$3,431.00
Air Wall LightAir Wall Light
Air Wall Light Sale price$1,105.00
Link Chain Pendant LightLink Chain Pendant Light
Link Chain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $6,944.00
Link Large Pendant LightLink Large Pendant Light
Link Large Pendant Light Sale price$3,845.00
Domo Pendant LightDomo Pendant Light
Domo Pendant Light Sale price$2,202.00
Swirl Pendant LightSwirl Pendant Light
Swirl Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,518.00
Black Note Pendant LightBlack Note Pendant Light
Black Note Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $7,336.00
Black Note Double Wall LightBlack Note Double Wall Light
Black Note Double Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,555.00
Banga Medium Pendant Light by LZF | Nook CollectionsBanga Medium Pendant Light by LZF | Nook Collections
Banga Medium Pendant Light Sale price$7,192.00
Banga Large Pendant LightBanga Large Pendant Light
Banga Large Pendant Light Sale price$7,864.00
MiniMikado Pendant LightMiniMikado Pendant Light
MiniMikado Pendant Light Sale price$4,047.00
Orbit Wall LightOrbit Wall Light
Orbit Wall Light Sale price$1,043.00
Dandelion Pendant LightDandelion Pendant Light
Dandelion Pendant Light Sale price$14,148.00
Lens Circular Wall LightLens Circular Wall Light
Lens Circular Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,446.00
Lens Wall LightLens Wall Light
Lens Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,864.00
Lens Superoval Wall LightLens Superoval Wall Light
Lens Superoval Wall Light Sale priceFrom $2,295.00
Tomo Tall Pendant LightTomo Tall Pendant Light
Tomo Tall Pendant Light Sale price$2,310.00
Tomo Long Pendant LightTomo Long Pendant Light
Tomo Long Pendant Light Sale price$2,210.00
Dune Horizontal Pendant LightDune Horizontal Pendant Light
Dune Horizontal Pendant Light Sale price$5,522.00
Dune Vertical Pendant LightDune Vertical Pendant Light
Dune Vertical Pendant Light Sale price$5,176.00
Omma 4lt Pendant LightOmma 4lt Pendant Light
Omma 4lt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $11,275.00
Omma 3lt Pendant LightOmma 3lt Pendant Light
Omma 3lt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $6,511.00
Omma 2lt Pendant LightOmma 2lt Pendant Light
Omma 2lt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,154.00
Omma Wall LightOmma Wall Light
Omma Wall Light Sale priceFrom $2,688.00
Omma Long Leaf Pendant LightOmma Long Leaf Pendant Light
Omma Long Leaf Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $6,114.00
I-Club Slim Wall LightI-Club Slim Wall Light
I-Club Slim Wall Light Sale price$4,166.00


In 1994, Sandro Totthil and Marivi Calvo founded their design company, initially known as Luzifer. Calvo, an artist, created the first lamps - simple upright hand-painted wood tubes. The couple displayed their creations at the Madrid Gift Fair, where a buyer for a hotel project in Mallorca placed an order for 700 units, marking their breakthrough. Today, LZF lamps can be found in private homes and prominent structures worldwide, including the Sony Centre in Berlin and the Metropol in Barcelona. The company's success is largely attributed to their use of high-quality tulipwood veneers sourced from FSC forests in the Eastern USA. All LZF lamps are designed in-house and hand-assembled at their factory, a converted winery located in the village of Chiva on the outskirts of Valencia. In 2013, the company launched the award-winning High-Fidelity campaign, which drew inspiration from 50s jazz and album graphics. The campaign featured a CD with tracks composed by Rithma, named after each lamp in the collection. LZF's commitment to innovation continues with the introduction of remote control on/off/dimming options, which they refer to as democratizing domotics. In 2015, the Chou by Yonoh studio creativo and the Asterico by Cuatro Cuatros were both awarded prestigious iF Product Design Awards.