Mark Douglass Lighting

Mark Douglass Lighting is currently not operational, as soon as we hear any further news, we will update you. If you are in search of glass lights, please feel free to reach out to our staff in the contact form below for alternative glass lights.

Mark Douglass, a renowned artist and designer with a career spanning over three decades, initially focused on sculpture and painting before specialising in glass blowing. This specialisation led to the creation of his inaugural lighting collection in 2010. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Mark Douglass's in-house team crafts each bespoke contemporary pendant light and mouth-blown wall light to order, resulting in unique masterpieces that distinguish themselves through distinctive features and one-of-a-kind shapes, elevating any space as timeless works of art.

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Mark Douglass Lighting

Mark Douglass, a renowned artist and designer, has enjoyed a celebrated career spanning over three decades. His journey began as a skilled sculptor and painter, but it was his specialization in the art of glass blowing that paved the way for his inaugural lighting collection in 2010. Over the years, he has consistently delivered exquisite, bespoke contemporary pendant lights and mouth-blown wall lights, all painstakingly crafted by a dedicated team of artisans under Mark's expert guidance.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Mark Douglass's collection is entirely conceived and crafted in-house. Each piece is made to order, ensuring that every light is a unique masterpiece, distinctly different from any other. From distinctive features to one-of-a-kind shapes, every Mark Douglass light stands as a timeless and exceptional work of art, capable of elevating any space.