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In 1947, founder Carlo Panzeri decided to start the production of chandelier components. Panzeri lighting production started in 1991 and in 2009, Panzeri launched its first architectural lighting collection. Panzeri is the perfect choice for architects and designers looking to create special pieces. Panzeri uses high-quality materials to create contemporary pieces of art, their lights are a mix of technologies and traditions, mixed together to create bespoke solutions. Made-in-Italy values are a constant in all Panzeri creations, produced with raw materials coming exclusively from Italian suppliers, including glass made in Venice and nationally-sourced metals, LEDs and the latest generation of machinery.
All Panzeri products are designed and made in Italy.


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46 products

Zero wall light in hallwayZero Wall Light
Zero Wall Light Sale priceFrom $957.00
Viisi Italian made linear pendant, minimalistic suspension, large size cluster in black over a sofa in a lounge areaViisi Pendant Light
Viisi Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,175.00
App wall light contemporary minimal brass clusterApp wall light contemporary minimal in brass hallway
App Wall Light Sale priceFrom $837.00
Ralph Outdoor pendant in a lounge area, cluster small and medium in brownRalph pendant light Outdoor balcony cluster in brown
Ralph Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,325.84
To be Pendant light above restaurant tablesTo be Pendant light cluster in a restaurant
To-be Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $814.86
Smoke blown glass pendant light cluster above receptionSmoke blown glass pendant light cluster above table
Smoke Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,271.34
Murané Single Pendant LightMuranè single pendant light
Muranè pendant lightMuranè pendant light in a living area
Murané Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $10,208.82
Hilow line pendant light cluster above a kitchenHilow line pendant light cluster above a reception
Hilow Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,505.00
Giano Pendant LightGiano Pendant Light
Giano Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,214.00
Candle Pendant LightCandle Pendant Light
Candle Pendant Light Sale price$722.00
zero ellipse pendant lights cluster over a kitchen islandzero ellipse pendant lights cluster over a table
Zero Ellipse Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,645.00
zero round pendant cluster above a staircasezero round pendant cluster above a kitchen island
Zero Round Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,403.00
Opuntia ceiling light above a marble benchOpuntia ceiling light
Opuntia Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $3,146.00
Zero square pendant light clusterZero square pendant light
Zero Square Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,497.00
Brooklyn Linear Pendant LightBrooklyn Linear Pendant Light
Brooklyn Linear Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,135.00
Bella Round Pendant LightBella Round Pendant Light
Bella Round Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $838.00
Hilow Ceiling light cluster in a living areaHilow Ceiling light
Hilow Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $5,396.00
Bella Table LampBella Table Lamp
Bella Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $820.00
Firefly in the Sky Table LampFirefly in the Sky Table Lamp
Firefly in the Sky Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,156.00
Brooklyn Spot DownlightBrooklyn Spot Downlight
Brooklyn Spot Downlight Sale price$1,220.00
Murané blown glass orb wall light by Panzeri on Nook CollectionsMurané Wall Light
Murané Wall Light Sale price$839.00
Hilow wall light in a lounge area near stoolsHilow wall light
Hilow Wall Light Sale priceFrom $5,396.00
Carmen Wall LightCarmen Wall Light
Carmen Wall Light Sale price$1,356.00
Bella Wall LightBella Wall Light
Bella Wall Light Sale priceFrom $820.00
Aldecimo made in Italy square flat wall light in a bedroomAldecimo made in Italy square flat wall light lounge area above a sofa
Aldecimo Wall Light Sale price$1,667.00
Arena circular pendant light with spotlight in a lounge areaArena circular pendant light with spotlight above a round table
Arena Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,978.00
Tubino Pendant light cluster over a bench topTubino Pendant light cluster on coffee tables
Tubino Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $824.39
Willy blown glass indoor pendant clusterWilly blown glass indoor pendant large
Willy Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,508.00
Ginevra Pendant LightGinevra Pendant Light
Ginevra Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,842.00
Ginevra Ceiling LightGinevra Ceiling Light
Ginevra Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $2,265.00
Carl 2 DownlightCarl 2 Downlight
Carl 2 Downlight Sale priceFrom $1,867.00
Three downlight cluster near a staircaseThree downlight
Three Downlight Sale priceFrom $714.02
Lola adjustable Downlight cluster on ceilingLola adjustable Downlight cluster near staircase
Lola Downlight Sale priceFrom $750.00
Optunia contemporary adjustable table lamp on a shelfOptunia contemporary adjustable table lamp brass
Opuntia Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,055.00
Toy minimalistic Italian up and down wall light in medium and large brassToy minimalistic Italian up and down wall light small polished steel
Toy Wall Light Sale priceFrom $707.21
Gonio Wall LightGonio Wall Light
Gonio Wall Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Jay Wall Light in a bedroomJay wall light in a hotel room bedside
Jay Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,457.00
Cross Wall lightCross Wall light
Cross Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,166.00
ypsilon wall lightypsilon wall light
Ypsilon Wall Light Sale priceFrom $736.00
Tubino wall lightTubino wall light
Tubino Wall Light Sale priceFrom $824.39
Opuntia long wall light above a table in a cafeOpuntia long wall light
Opuntia Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,612.00
Hilow Line Wall Light in a living area next to a sofaHilow wall light
Hilow Line Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,120.00
Potter floor lampPotter floor lamp on a patio around a pool
Potter Floor Lamp Sale price$1,507.00
Ralph floor lampRalph floor lamp
Ralph Floor Lamp Sale price$1,935.00
Ralph outdoor floor table lampRalph outdoor floor table lamp
Ralph Table Lamp Sale price$2,063.03