Picture Lights

Enhance the beauty of your artwork and cherished photographs with picture lights designed to showcase them in the best possible light. At Nook Collections, we offer a curated selection of picture lights that blend functionality with style, allowing you to create a captivating display that captivates attention and elevates your interior decor.


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Mondrian Wall LightMondrian linear frame wall light above a picture
Mondrian Wall Light Sale priceFrom $759.00
Arti 2lt Wall LightArti 2lt Wall Light
Arti 2lt Wall Light Sale priceFrom $704.00
Renoir Wall LightRenoir Wall Light
Renoir Wall Light Sale priceFrom $509.00
Kenyon Wall LightKenyon Wall Light
Kenyon Wall Light Sale priceFrom $704.00
Baruch Wall LightBaruch Wall Light
Baruch Wall Light Sale price$2,392.00
Hayden Wall LightHayden Wall Light
Hayden Wall Light Sale price$1,859.00
Goya Wall LightGoya Wall Light
Goya Wall Light Sale price$1,159.00
Terra 1 Short Arm DownlightTerra 1 Short Arm Downlight
Terra 1 Short Arm Downlight Sale priceFrom $683.00
Ycro spotlight, contemporary downlight in matte black and brassYcro spotlight, contemporary downlight in matte black and brass
Ycro Downlight Sale price$400.00
Minima twin adjustable downlight  in whiteMinima twin adjustable downlight in black
Minima Twin Downlight Sale price$129.00
Volta DownlightVolta Downlight
Volta Downlight Sale priceFrom $541.00
Arti 1lt Wall LightArti 1lt Wall Light
Arti 1lt Wall Light Sale priceFrom $636.00
I-Club Wall LightI-Club Wall Light
I-Club Wall Light Sale price$1,720.00
Aqua Downlight with recessed canopy in whiteAqua Downlight with recessed canopy sizes
Aqua Recessed Downlight Sale price$279.00
Dodot adjustable downlightDodot adjustable downlight in a hallway
Dodot Downlight Sale price$930.00
Pro R Ceiling Light by IP44.DE | Outdoor Ceiling Light | Shop now at Nook CollectionsPro R Ceiling Light by IP44.DE | Outdoor Ceiling Light | Shop now at Nook Collections
Pro R Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $569.00
Trimless Twin Adjustable DownlightTrimless Twin Adjustable Downlight
Trimless Twin Adjustable Downlight Sale priceFrom $279.00
Lola adjustable Downlight cluster on ceilingLola adjustable Downlight cluster near staircase
Lola Downlight Sale priceFrom $749.45
Trimless Square Adjustable DownlightTrimless Square Adjustable Downlight
Trimless Round Adjustable DownlightTrimless Round Adjustable Downlight
Brooklyn Spot DownlightBrooklyn Spot Downlight
Brooklyn Spot Downlight Sale price$1,219.56
Aqua Downlight with standard canopy in whiteAqua Downlight with standard canopy sizes
Aqua Downlight Sale price$279.00
Lynx adjustable modern surface mount downlight black clusterLynx adjustable modern surface mount downlight in white
Lynx Downlight Sale price$589.00
Spring Ceiling LightSpring Ceiling Light
Spring Ceiling Light Sale price$3,201.00
Tubes cylinder contemporary ceiling light clusterTubes cylinder contemporary ceiling light
Tubes Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,437.00
Explore 3 ceiling light showcasing a cladded wall and frameExplore 3 ceiling light
Explore 3 Ceiling Light Sale price$169.00
Nautilus Wall LightNautilus Wall Light
Nautilus Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,355.00
Piega Adjustable Spotlight by Studio Italia | Nook CollectionsPiega Adjustable Spotlight by Studio Italia | Nook Collections
Piega Adjustable Spotlight Sale price$145.00
Tommy Spot Ceiling Light by Studio Italia | Nook CollectionsTommy Spot Ceiling Light by Studio Italia | Nook Collections
Tommy Spot Ceiling Light Sale price$230.00
Ascoli Twin Recessed SpotlightAscoli Twin Recessed Spotlight
Ascoli Twin SpotlightAscoli Twin Spotlight
Ascoli Twin Spotlight Sale price$489.00
Ascoli Triple SpotlightAscoli Triple Spotlight
Ascoli Triple Spotlight Sale priceFrom $709.00

Picture Lights

What is a Picture Light?
A picture light is a specialised lighting fixture designed to illuminate artwork, photographs, and other wall-mounted displays. Typically mounted above or beside the artwork, picture lights provide targeted illumination, enhancing the colours, textures, and details of the piece while adding a touch of ambiance to the surrounding space.

Styles of Picture Lights
- Traditional Picture Lights: Timeless and elegant, traditional picture lights feature classic designs with ornate details and rich finishes such as antique brass or polished nickel. These fixtures complement traditional and vintage-inspired interiors, adding a touch of sophistication to any art display.

- Contemporary Picture Lights: Sleek and minimalist, contemporary picture lights boast clean lines, understated profiles, and modern finishes such as matte black or brushed steel. These fixtures blend seamlessly with modern and transitional decor, offering a minimalist aesthetic that lets your artwork take centre stage.

Types of Picture Lights
- Adjustable Downlights: Ideal for highlighting individual pieces or small galleries, adjustable down lights offer precise illumination control, allowing you to direct light exactly where it's needed to accentuate the details of your artwork.

- Picture Wall Lights: Mounted directly onto the wall above or beside the artwork, picture wall lights provide even illumination across the entire piece, enhancing its visual impact while creating a focal point within the room.

- Adjustable Wall Lights: Offering versatility and flexibility, adjustable wall lights feature swivel heads or extendable arms that allow you to customise the angle and direction of light, ensuring optimal illumination for different sizes and styles of artwork.

Tips for Picture Light Placement
As a general guideline, the picture wall light should be at least half of the width of the frame you are illuminating. This ensures adequate coverage and prevents shadows or uneven lighting. Additionally, consider the height and placement of the artwork relative to the surrounding decor to achieve a balanced and visually pleasing display.

Illuminate Your Artwork in Style
Transform your walls into a gallery-worthy display with picture lights from Nook Collections. Browse our curated selection today and discover the perfect lighting solutions to showcase your masterpieces with elegance and sophistication.