Stilnovo Lighting

Stilnovo was founded in Milan in 1946 by designer Bruno Gatta. The company has evolved through the decades to become a pioneering lighting manufacturer and an iconic brand of Italian design. Stilnovo focuses on elegant and functional design, at once modern and timeless. Their diverse range of innovation goes from classic materials like glass to cutting edge nanotechnology, giving their products the unique Stilnovo touch.

Stilnovo Lighting creates timeless pieces of design mixing new technologies and production methods with traditional materials. A vast range of table, ceiling, wall and pendant lights is now sold on Nook Collections.


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29 products

Honey Wall LightHoney Wall Light
Honey Wall Light Sale priceFrom $697.00
Megafono Double Wall LightMegafono Double Wall Light
Megafono Double Wall Light Sale price$2,970.00
Minibox Table lamp on a deskMinibox Table lamp
Minibox Table Lamp Sale price$1,311.00
Saliscendi Pendant LightSaliscendi Pendant light
Saliscendi Pendant Light Sale price$7,051.00
Megafono pendant light above a lounge areaMegafono pendant light
Megafono Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,907.00
La Mariee blown glass table lampLa Mariee blown glass table lamp
La Mariée Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,792.00
Megafono Table Lamp in a lounge area on a coffee tableMegafono Table Lamp
Megafono Table Lamp Sale price$2,057.00
Gravita Iconic Italian table lampGravita Iconic Italian table lamp on a desk
Gravita Table Lamp Sale price$9,819.00
Fante Table lamp with adjustable shadeFante Table lamp with adjustable shade
Fante Table Lamp Sale price$846.00
Xilema Wall LightXilema Wall Light
Xilema Wall Light Sale priceFrom $967.00
Demi Ceiling Light by Stilnovo, a clear ceiling lamp in two sizes.Demi Ceiling light
Demì Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $3,225.00
Fante Iconic adjustable ceiling light Fante Iconic adjustable ceiling light
Fante Ceiling Light Sale price$846.00
Oxygen Ceiling Light above a round tableOxygen Ceiling Light
Oxygen Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $4,032.00
Oxygen Wall Light Oxygen Wall Light
Oxygen Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,543.00
Minibox wall lightMinibox wall light in a bedroom
Minibox Wall Light Sale price$1,250.00
Galassia blown glass and brass wall light above lounge areaGalassia blown glass and brass wall light
Galassia Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,324.00
Megafono Wall LightMegafono Wall Light
Megafono Wall Light Sale price$1,609.00
Diphy Wall LightDiphy Wall Light
Diphy Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,257.00
Honey Linear Pendant LightHoney Linear Pendant Light
Honey Linear Pendant Light Sale price$3,559.00
Mr Magoo ceiling light Mr Magoo ceiling light
Mr Magoo Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $2,203.00
Honey Pendant LightHoney Pendant Light
Honey Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,559.00
Lampiatta pendant light above a table in a cafeLampiatta pendant light
Lampiatta Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $473.00
Mr Magoo Pendant light above tables in a cafeMr Magoo Pendant light staircase void filler cluster
Mr Magoo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,991.00
Trepiu Pendant light above a deskTrepiu Pendant light above a desk
Trepiù Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,281.00
Sputnik Pendant LightSputnik Pendant Light
Sputnik Pendant Light Sale price$10,549.00
Galassia pendant light above a coffee tableGalassia pendant light
Galassia Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $7,944.00
Diphy pendant light above a lounge areaDiphy pendant light in a bedroom
Diphy Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,135.00
La Mariee Pendant light blown glass above a tableLa Mariee Pendant light blown glass bedside
La Mariée Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,735.00
Demi Pendant Light above dining tableDemi Pendant Light above desk
Demì Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,129.00