Studio Enti

Studio Enti is inspired by the natural world, our love of light and our desire to make functional objects that are a delight to use. The core principle is to create pieces that work intuitively and beautifully in any setting, from the most casual to the most formal.

Each piece is handmade and finished in Sydney, Australia. Contemporary, unique and stylish, Studio Enti’s lights are made in the most sustainable way with attention to the smallest detail.


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Orb Porcelain Pendant LightOrb Porcelain Pendant Light
Orb Porcelain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Eclipse Ceramic Wall LightEclipse Ceramic Wall Light
Eclipse Ceramic Wall Light Sale priceFrom $700.00
Dusked Pendant LightDusked Pendant Light
Dusked Pendant Light Sale price$520.00
Dusked Eos Wall LightDusked Eos Wall Light
Dusked Eos Wall Light Sale priceFrom $750.00
Crescent Wall LightCrescent Wall Light
Crescent Wall Light Sale priceFrom $320.00
Dusked Evo Wall LightDusked Evo Wall Light
Dusked Evo Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Dawn Pendant LightDawn Pendant Light
Dawn Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $415.00
Dawn Ceiling LightDawn Ceiling Light
Dawn Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $475.00
Dusked Eos Ceiling LightDusked Eos Ceiling Light
Dusked Eos Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $450.00

Studio Enti

Studio Enti, led by Naomi Taplin, is a renowned design studio located in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in meticulously handcrafting ceramic lighting, tableware, and home decor.
Each piece of porcelain created by Studio Enti is expertly crafted with the intention of being cherished and utilised. The studio's core philosophy revolves around the significance of exceptional design and the principles of longevity and sustainability. Their pendant lights, wall lights, and ceiling lamps offer a diverse range of options with over 25 finishes available, catering to various interior styles.
Naomi firmly believes that products must skillfully blend functionality and aesthetics in order to be truly appreciated and serve their intended purpose. Additionally, she emphasises the importance of having a profound respect for the materials and processes involved in the creation of these products. At Nook Collections, we take great pride in showcasing the exquisite ceramic lighting collections from Studio Enti.