Toscot Lighting

Toscot Lighting was founded in 2001 by Colin Patrick Dinley in the Italian countryside in Tuscany. Toscot creates beautiful light fixtures in terracotta: pendant lights and chandeliers, wall scones, and ceiling lights for indoor and outdoor use. Toscot uses innovative techniques without losing sight of the traditional Italian aesthetic. Toscot Lighting combines materials such as copper, clay, terracotta, and brass to create classic and contemporary pieces of art. All the lights are hand made and each individual piece is unique.


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Spoleto Wall LightSpoleto 1230 Wall Light
Spoleto 1230 Wall Light Sale price$589.00
1170 Wall light on a frame1170 Wall light
Vinci 1170 Wall Light Sale price$569.00
Carso clay downlightCarso clay downlight
Carso Downlight Sale priceFrom $389.00
Notorius pendant lightNotorius clay large dome pendant light
Notorius Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,039.00
Chapeau small outdoor terracotta wall lightChapeau small outdoor terracotta wall light
Chapeau Wall Light Sale priceFrom $689.00
Settimello Ceiling LightSettimello Ceiling Light
Settimello Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $399.00
Settimello Pendant lightSettimello Pendant Light
Settimello Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $449.00
Settimello wall lightSettimello Wall Light
Settimello Wall Light Sale priceFrom $399.00
settimello downlightSettimello Downlight
Settimello Downlight Sale price$249.00
Edge P230 outdoor wall lightEdge P230 outdoor wall light
Edge P230 Wall Light Sale price$779.00
1110 wall light gesso finish1110 wall light pietra finish
1110 Wall Light Sale price$469.00
Hans Wall LightHans Wall Light
Hans Wall Light Sale price$669.00
Newton Ceramic orb wall light featured as a bedside lightNewton 2lt Wall Light
Newton 2lt Wall Light Sale priceFrom $479.00
Chapeau Arm Wall LightChapeau Arm Wall Light
Chapeau Arm Wall Light Sale price$589.00
Hans 1lt Wall LightHans 1lt Wall Light
Hans 1lt Wall Light Sale price$449.00
Aura Pendant LightAura Pendant Light
Aura Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $849.00
Aura Wall Light by Toscot Lighting at Nook CollectionsAura Wall Light
Aura Wall Light Sale price$989.00
Aura Table LampAura Table Lamp
Aura Table Lamp Sale price$959.00
Carso minimalistic terracotta pendant lightCarso Small Pendant Light
Carso Small Pendant Light Sale price$549.00
Lido Wall LightLido Wall Light
Lido Wall Light Sale priceFrom $419.00
Swing wall and downlightSwing wall and downlight
Swing Wall and downlight Sale price$699.00
Swing Pendant Light
Swing Pendant Light Sale price$719.00
Apuane Wall LightApuane Wall Light
Apuane Wall Light Sale price$429.00
Apuane Wal LightApuane Wal Light
Apuane 1123 Pendant Light Sale price$389.00
Apuane pendant lightApuane Pendant Light
Apuane 1122 Pendant Light Sale price$389.00
Apuane Pendant Light Apuane Pendant Light
Apuane 1121 Pendant Light Sale price$369.00
Apuane pendant lightapuane pendant light
Apuane 1120 Pendant Light Sale price$369.00
Spoleto Wall LightSpoleto 1232 Wall Light
Spoleto 1232 Wall Light Sale price$859.00
Spoleto Wall LightSpoleto 1231 Wall Light
Spoleto 1231 Wall Light Sale price$589.00
Swinger wall lightSwinger wall light
Swinger Wall Light Sale priceFrom $529.00
Bistro Wall Light Bistro Wall Light
Bistro Wall Light Sale price$829.00
U boat pedestal bollard lightU boat pedestal bollard light
U-Boat Pedestal Light Sale priceFrom $759.00
Novecento 901s pendant lightNovecento 901s Pendant Light
Battersea 955g pendant lightBattersea 955g pendant light cluster on a table
Battersea 955g Pendant Light Sale price$1,479.00
Settimello 1165 pendant light Settimello 1165 Pendant Light
Settimello 1165 Pendant Light Sale price$1,849.00
Chapeau outdoor pendant light
Chapeau Pendant Light Sale price$1,119.00
Torino 822 pendant light
Torino 822 Pendant Light Sale price$1,269.00
Torino 830 pendant light
Torino 830 Pendant Light Sale price$749.00
Torino industrial Italian wall light
Torino Wall Light Sale price$719.00
Chapeau long arm wall light
Chapeau Long Arm Wall Light Sale price$1,185.00
Vivaldi clay organic wall light on the sides of a frameVivaldi clay organic wall light
Vivaldi Wall Light Sale price$419.00
Smith wide clay up and down wall ightSmith Wide Wall Light
Smith Wide Wall Light Sale price$1,059.00
Nna Outdoor up and down contemporary clay wall lightNina Wall Light
Nina Wall Light Sale price$999.00
Castelverde Wall LightCastelverde Wall Light
Castelverde Wall Light Sale priceFrom $495.00
Marion outdoor large clay wall lightMarion Wall Light
Marion Wall Light Sale price$749.00
Smith clay wall lightSmith clay wall light
Smith Wall Light Sale priceFrom $549.00
Carso minimalistic terracotta pendant light cluster over a kitchen islandCarso minimalistic terracotta pendant light
Carso Pendant Light Sale price$669.00
Notorius Vertical clay long pendant light
Notorius Wide clay large dome pendant lightNotorius Wide Pendant Light
Notorius Wide Pendant Light Sale price$2,419.00
Newton Ceramic orb wall light 2 sizesNewton Wall Light
Newton Wall Light Sale priceFrom $439.00