Zafferano Ailati Lights

Zafferano AiLati Lights, featured on Nook Collections, was established in 2005 by Federico de Majo, combining the art of glass with cutting-edge technology to create a unique range of indoor and outdoor luminaires that blend elementary geometric shapes with innovative LED technology, resulting in customisable, modular lighting solutions.

Their Architectural line offers versatile, technologically advanced lighting suitable for various settings, while the Decorative product line focuses on creating tailor-made, colourful lighting projects that can be adapted to meet various design preferences, making them an ideal choice for hotels and large spaces.


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Poldina Metallic Table LampPoldina Metallic Table Lamp
Poldina Metallic Table Lamp Sale price$575.00
Swap Dots Table LampSwap Dots Table Lamp
Swap Dots Table Lamp Sale price$420.00
Olimpia Metallic Table LampOlimpia Metallic Table Lamp
Olimpia Metallic Table Lamp Sale price$548.00
Olimpia Table LampOlimpia Table Lamp
Olimpia Table Lamp Sale price$452.00
Swap Marilyn Table LampSwap Marilyn Table Lamp
Swap Marilyn Table Lamp Sale price$420.00
Poldina Mini Metallic Table LampPoldina Mini Metallic Table Lamp
Poldina Micro Metallic Table LampPoldina Micro Metallic Table Lamp
Sferis Table LampSferis Table Lamp
Sferis Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $380.00
Olivia Mini Table LampOlivia Mini Table Lamp
Olivia Mini Table Lamp Sale price$307.00
Poldina Lido Table LampPoldina Lido Table Lamp
Poldina Lido Table Lamp Sale price$482.00
Sister Table LampSister Table Lamp
Sister Table Lamp Sale price$623.00
Olivia Table LampOlivia Table Lamp
Olivia Table Lamp Sale price$307.00
Sister Mini Table LampSister Mini Table Lamp
Sister Mini Table Lamp Sale price$577.00
Ofelia Table LampOfelia Table Lamp
Ofelia Table Lamp Sale price$307.00
Pina Table LampPina Table Lamp
Pina Table Lamp Sale price$319.00
Swap Mini Table LampSwap Mini Table Lamp
Swap Mini Table Lamp Sale price$226.00
Swap Table LampSwap Table Lamp
Swap Table Lamp Sale price$304.00
Poldina Table LampPoldina Table Lamp
Poldina Table Lamp Sale price$403.00
Poldina Micro Table LampPoldina Micro Table Lamp
Poldina Micro Table Lamp Sale price$282.00
Poldina 230v Table LampPoldina 230v Table Lamp
Poldina 230v Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $283.00
Bridge Wall LightBridge Wall Light
Bridge Wall Light Sale priceFrom $274.00
Cubetto Outdoor Wall LightCubetto Outdoor Wall Light
Cubetto Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$205.00
Lens Outdoor Wall LightLens Outdoor Wall Light
Lens Outdoor Wall Light Sale priceFrom $363.00
Cubetto Wall LightCubetto Wall Light
Cubetto Wall Light Sale priceFrom $142.00
Ciottolo Outdoor Wall LightCiottolo Outdoor Wall Light
Ciottolo Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$182.00
Sole Outdoor  Wall LightSole Outdoor  Wall Light
Sole Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$363.00
Stripe Magneto Wall LightStripe Magneto Wall Light
Stripe Magneto Wall Light Sale priceFrom $677.00
Stripe Wall LightStripe Wall Light
Stripe Wall Light Sale priceFrom $228.00
Omega Wall LightOmega Wall Light
Omega Wall Light Sale price$891.00
Sister Wall LightSister Wall Light
Sister Wall Light Sale price$565.00
Stick 65 Single Wall LightStick 65 Single Wall Light
Stick 65 Single Wall Light Sale priceFrom $528.00
Stick 65 Double Wall LightStick 65 Double Wall Light
Stick 65 Double Wall Light Sale priceFrom $812.00
Poldina 230V Wall LightPoldina 230V Wall Light
Poldina 230V Wall Light Sale priceFrom $283.00
Romeo Pendant LightRomeo Pendant Light
Romeo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $683.00
Giulietta Pendant LightGiulietta Pendant Light
Giulietta Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $683.00
Riga Pendant LightRiga Pendant Light
Riga Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $842.00
Sferis Pendant LightSferis Pendant Light
Sferis Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $422.00
Poldina XXL Expandable Floor/Table LampPoldina XXL Expandable Floor/Table Lamp
Poldina 230V Floor LampPoldina 230V Floor Lamp
Poldina 230V Floor Lamp Sale price$731.00
Poldina Expandable Table/Floor LampPoldina Expandable Table/Floor Lamp
Pina Floor LampPina Floor Lamp
Pina Floor Lamp Sale price$493.00
Ciottolo Bollard LightCiottolo Bollard Light
Ciottolo Bollard Light Sale price$221.00
Bis Bayonet Ceiling LightBis Bayonet Ceiling Light
Bis Bayonet Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $155.00
Drum Bayonet Ceiling LightDrum Bayonet Ceiling Light
Drum Bayonet Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $195.00
Lens Outdoor Ceiling LightLens Outdoor Ceiling Light
Lens Outdoor Ceiling Light Sale price$380.00
Sole Outdoor Ceiling LightSole Outdoor Ceiling Light
Sole Outdoor Ceiling Light Sale price$261.00
Ciottolo Large Bollard LightCiottolo Large Bollard Light
Bianca Outdoor Wall LightBianca Outdoor Wall Light
Bianca Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$413.00
Home Portable Table LampHome Portable Table Lamp
Home Portable Table Lamp Sale price$375.00

Zafferano Ailati Lights

Established in 2005 by Federico de Majo's return to the lighting industry, Zafferano AiLati Lights brings together the art of glass and cutting-edge technology to create indoor and outdoor luminaires with a distinctive decorative and technical identity. Their product line revolves around elementary geometric shapes, incorporating innovative LED technology, resulting in customisable, modular, and bespoke lighting solutions that infuse public and private spaces with captivating decorative light and colour effects.

Their Architectural line focuses on indoor and outdoor technical lighting, characterised by neutral colours and clean geometric lines that seamlessly blend into various settings. These luminaires feature state-of-the-art technological standards, including new generation LED sources and efficient assembly and fixing systems. High-quality, long-lasting materials like die-cast aluminium and opal glass are used, especially in outdoor models with high IP ratings, enhancing efficiency, light quality, and longevity. The contract-furnishing sector, including hospitality, retail, and office spaces, naturally benefits from these versatile luminaires.

In contrast, their Decorative product line is dedicated to interior decor lighting, offering tailor-made projects with a rich catalog of original and colourful collections. These collections draw on Federico de Majo's three decades of experience in lighting design and artistic glassworks. All models are customisable and feature modular elements, enabling endless creative possibilities for lighting installations, both small and large-scale. From colour choices to metal finishes, every detail can be adapted to suit functional requirements and aesthetic preferences, resulting in uniquely exclusive and visually striking interiors with captivating decorative light and colour effects. These collections are ideal for crafting bespoke lighting solutions for hotels and expansive spaces.