Project: Jinja Restaurant

Project: Jinja Restaurant

The interior design of the restaurant is the first thing that people see. It is important to make a good first impression and provide an atmosphere that is welcoming and cozy. The studio Archebiosis worked on this project to bring together a mix of old and new features from different parts of China. Think of old Shanghai style with a touch of classic Hong Kong and contemporary Beijing! They have achieved this with clever use of exposed bricks, red, gold and black details, curved shapes and wooden floors as well as floral wallpapers and neon lights.

“Get ready to be impressed here, where modernity and tradition come together. It's a journey through time and space created by Archebiosis!”

“The project was facing some teething issues due to the DALI SYSTEM in place where the lighting was required to be compatible with the system without the usage of adaptors. Collaborating with the Design Team at Archebiosis, Nook Collections has been able to provide a selection of products that was suiting the scope”


Designed by Archebiosis