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NewsBehind the Nook Collections Showroom

Behind the Nook Collections Showroom

Explore behind the scenes of the creation of the Nook Collections showroom and join us for an enlightening Q&A with Lisa from Loopea Design.

ProjectsProject: Astrid Residence

Project: Astrid Residence

“Situated on the Mornington Peninsula, Astrid is a set of Nordic-inspired townhouses imbued with warm, tonal finishes and an abundance of natural light. With an emphasis on streamline, con...

ProjectsProject: Jinja Restaurant

Project: Jinja Restaurant

The interior design of the restaurant is the first thing that people see. It is important to make a good first impression and provide an atmosphere that is welcoming and cozy. The studio A...

ProjectsProject: South West Sydney Orthopaedics

Project: South West Sydney Orthopaedics

South West Sydney Orthopaedics -Gregory Hills “We developed a softened and refined interior response, aimed at creating a sense of calm, well-being and comfort for patients and visitors.” ODCM ...

ProjectsProject: Home Low Residence

Project: Home Low Residence

“The key to success in this room was cohesion, so we began planning how best to make the space feel like it was intentionally designed with our client's mind” - Catherine Liedtke (Princi...

ProjectsProject: Bar Quattro

Project: Bar Quattro

 “When it comes to wine bars, it's hard to go past Bar Quattro. This small European-style wine bar has been designed so that you feel an immediate a sense of belonging here”. “Bar Qua...