Project: Polola Restaurant

Project: Polola Restaurant

Nook Collections is proud to showcase Alkot Studio's exceptional interior design project at Polola Restaurant, which introduces a captivating blend of artisanal charm and modern elegance to the Townsville dining scene. With its relaxed sophistication inspired by Mexican cuisine, Polola invites patrons to embark on a culinary journey unmatched outside of a capital city.

Alkot Studio was presented with a dynamic brief: to craft a space that seamlessly transitions from an intimate dinner setting to a vibrant cocktail bar, all while embodying a timeless aesthetic. "The goal was to evoke a sense of modernity intertwined with a feeling of timeless familiarity, as if the venue had been a fixture for generations," explained the design team at Alkot Studio.

Polola Restaurant’s striking design posed a unique challenge — transforming a narrow, voluminous space into an intimate oasis of warmth and authenticity. Drawing inspiration from the rustic charm of Tulum, the design team employed hand-troweled rendered walls and handmade terracotta brick tiles to infuse the space with a sense of artisanal craftsmanship and earthy elegance.

To further enhance the rustic charm of Tulum, the team at Alkot Studio incorporated several statement lighting pieces from Nook Collections. Among these, the Barcelona Pendant stands out with its modern hanging luminaire that exudes a relaxed coastal ambiance. This stylish piece features a soft ecru cotton shade, gently diffusing light, and a striking outer rattan framework that creates captivating shadows and highlights. Additionally, the Norfolk Wall Light, with its organic design and intricate hand-woven rattan structure, adds layers of intricate patterns and a unique silhouette to the space.

Alkot Studio's attention to detail and innovative design has transformed Polola Restaurant into a destination that perfectly balances modern elegance with timeless charm, offering patrons an unparalleled dining experience in Townsville.

Interior Design: Alkot Studio

Polola Restaurant

Designed by Alkot Studio