Canopies represent versatile systems designed to discreetly conceal the electrical connections of lighting sources. They serve as functional solutions for supporting wall or ceiling suspension lights, while also adding a distinctive decorative touch. These canopies play a pivotal role in giving each light fixture a unique appearance and enable creative combinations of fixtures. With a wide range of configurations available, including cable organisation and the ability to position light fixtures individually or in groups, they cater to diverse customisation needs for living spaces.

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Recessed Micro CanopyRecessed Micro Canopy
Recessed Micro Canopy Sale priceFrom $94.00
Single Mini CanopySingle Mini Canopy
Single Mini Canopy Sale priceFrom $158.00
Standard Single CanopyStandard Single Canopy
Standard Single Canopy Sale price$216.00
Multiple Round CanopyMultiple Round Canopy
Multiple Round Canopy Sale priceFrom $951.00
Track System CanopyTrack System Canopy
Track System Canopy Sale priceFrom $1,395.00
Rectangular Cluster CanopyRectangular Cluster Canopy
Rectangular Cluster Canopy Sale priceFrom $2,072.00
Radial CanopyRadial Canopy
Radial Canopy Sale priceFrom $452.00
Standard Wall CanopyStandard Wall Canopy
Standard Wall Canopy Sale price$434.00
Single Pendant Ceiling CanopySingle Pendant Ceiling Canopy
Multiple Pendant Ceiling CanopyMultiple Pendant Ceiling Canopy
Recessed CanopyRecessed Canopy
Recessed Canopy Sale price$60.00