FontanaArte Lighting

FontanaArte, the esteemed Italian lighting company founded in 1932, is celebrated for its fusion of design excellence and functionality, collaborating with world-renowned designers to craft iconic lighting fixtures. Their diverse range of lighting solutions, including pendant lights, table lamps, and outdoor fixtures, combines premium materials like glass and metal with cutting-edge technology, resulting in timeless, elegant designs suitable for various interior styles.

FontanaArte's commitment to sustainability is evident through the integration of energy-efficient LED solutions. For those seeking these exceptional lighting creations, FontanaArte products are available at Nook Collections, offering a curated selection of their iconic pieces and innovative designs.


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39 products

Pangen Ceiling lightPangen Ceiling light
Pangen Ceiling Light Sale price$2,493.00
Fontana table lamp on a coffee tableFontana Brass Table Lamp
Fontana Brass Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $3,136.00
Pinecone pendant light above a coffee tablePinecone Long Pendant Light
Pinecone Long Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $7,373.00
Prima Signora floor lampPrima Signora floor lamp
Prima Signora Floor Lamp Sale price$4,032.00
Pinecone Table lampPinecone Table lamp
Pinecone Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $5,227.00
Galerie floor lamp in a living area near a sofaGalerie floor lamp
Galerie Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $6,422.00
Bruco Wall LightBruco blown glass double orb wall light
Bruco Wall Light Sale price$866.00
Huna Pendant LightHuna Pendant Light
Huna Pendant Light Sale price$956.00
Chandelier Pendant LightChandelier Pendant Light
Chandelier Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $10,604.00
Pinecone pendant light above a tablePinecone pendant light above a table
Pinecone Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,347.00
Avico large dome pendant above a tableAvico large dome pendant above a table
Avico Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,361.00
Giova table lamp coffee tableGiova table lamp
Giova Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $3,585.00
Bilia Table lamp on a deskBilia Table lamp on a coffee table
Bilia Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $956.00
Tropico table lampTropico table lamp
Tropico Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $3,525.00
Apex wall lightApex wall light in a studio
Apex Wall Light Sale price$1,523.00
Galerie Wall lightGalerie Wall light
Galerie Wall Light Sale price$2,838.00
Meridiano pendant lightMeridiano pendant light
Meridiano Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,466.00
Bolla blown glass organic shape pendant light Bolla blown glass organic shape pendant light above tables in a restaurant
Bolla Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,210.00
Io wall lightIo wall light
Io Wall Light Sale priceFrom $866.00
Flex wall light on the bed sideFlex wall light
Flex Wall Light Sale price$1,031.00
Kinx Table LampKinx Table Lamp
Kinx Table Lamp Sale price$1,777.00
Fontana table lamp on a coffee tableFontana Table Lamp
Fontana Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,777.00
Riga Wall Light above a lounge areaRiga Wall Light
Riga Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,075.00
Loop Table LampLoop Table Lamp on a coffee table
Loop Table Lamp Sale price$4,749.00
Amax Iconing Pendant light etched glass over a dining tableAmax Iconing Pendant light etched glass product photo
Amax Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,464.00
Bianca Floor LampBianca Floor Lamp in a living area
Bianca Floor Lamp Sale price$3,286.00
Bianca orb blown glass ceiling light Bianca orb blown glass ceiling light
Bianca Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $970.00
Bianca Wall LightBianca Wall Light
Bianca Wall Light Sale priceFrom $971.00
Bianca Table Lamp blown glass large orb on the floorBianca Table Lamp blown glass orb on a desk
Bianca Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $971.00
Bianca orb blown glass pendant light above a deskBianca orb blown glass pendant light above a desk
Bianca Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,105.00
Globo di Luce blown glass pendant light Globo di Luce blown glass pendant light
Globo di Luce Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,613.00
Pangen pendant light above a tablePangen pendant light above a desk
Pangen Pendant Light Sale price$2,493.00
Cloche Pendant Light above a tableCloche Pendant Light above a desk
Cloche Pendant Light Sale price$1,298.00
Equatore pendant lightEquatore pendant light
Equatore Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,525.00
Equatore Floor LampEquatore Floor Lamp
Equatore Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $4,122.00
Equatore table lampEquatore table lamp
Equatore Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $3,732.00
Yumi floor lamp in a loungeYumi floor lamp
Yumi Floor Lamp Sale price$6,512.00
Blom Table LampBlom Table Lamp
Blom Table Lamp Sale price$568.00
Bonnet contemporary wall light above a deskBonnet contemporary wall light
Bonnet Wall Light Sale price$986.00

FontanaArte Lighting

FontanaArte, an Italian lighting company founded in 1932, has earned a stellar reputation for its unwavering commitment to design excellence. Collaborating with some of the world's most renowned designers and architects, FontanaArte consistently produces lighting fixtures that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Their designs often exude a sense of modernity and minimalism, making them iconic pieces in the world of interior lighting.

What sets FontanaArte apart is its diverse product range, catering to both residential and commercial spaces. Whether it's pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, or outdoor lighting, FontanaArte offers a wide selection of lighting solutions. The company's choice of materials is also noteworthy, as they use premium elements like glass, metal, and high-quality plastics, ensuring the durability and visual appeal of their fixtures.

FontanaArte's designs have transcended time, giving rise to timeless elegance that suits a variety of interior styles, from contemporary to classic. Their integration of cutting-edge lighting technology, such as energy-efficient LED solutions, ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also sustainability. With a global presence, FontanaArte's iconic pieces and innovative lighting solutions have made their mark on the international design landscape, captivating audiences worldwide. Shop FontanaArte at Nook Collections today!