Gypset Cargo Lighting

Gypset Cargo Lighting was Founded by the stylist and designer Jilian Middleton in Byron Bay where she design stunning pendants and chandeliers inspired by American Glamour crafted from natural, recycled or sustainable materials. All the products are Handmade in Indonesia by expert Artisans.

Jilian’s creations are refreshing, sophisticated, glamorous, and timeless. Inspired by the natural world her design style is original and organic. Gypset Cargo creations are the perfect addition to any interior with a sophisticated coastal look.


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25 products

Fluted Shell Wall LightFluted shell wall light
Fluted Shell Wall Light Sale price$479.00
Kyiv Wall lightKyiv Wall light
Kyiv Wall Light Sale price$710.00
Norfolk Wall lightNorfolk Wall light
Norfolk Wall Light Sale price$429.00
Tiki wall lighttiki wall light
Tiki Wall Light Sale price$399.00
Ibiza wall lightIbiza wall light
Ibiza Wall Light Sale price$485.00
Formentera Wall Light
Formentera Wall Light Sale price$429.00
Biarritz wall light Biarritz wall light near seat
Biarrits Wall Light Sale price$429.00
Tahiti Wall LightThaiti wall light
Tahiti Wall Light Sale price$429.00
San Paolo pendant lightSan Paolo pendant light
San Paolo Pendant Light Sale price$559.00
Florida Keys Pendant Light, a indoor chandelier with a coastal chic style | Gypset Cargo | Nook Collections
Florida Keys Pendant Light Sale price$3,900.00
Shanghai pendant light
Shanghai Pendant Light Sale price$880.00
Marquesas wall lightMarquesas wall light
Marquesas Wall Light Sale price$410.00
Mariupol Wall LightMariupol Wall Light
Mariupol Wall Light Sale price$410.00
Liviv Wall Light Liviv Wall Light
Lviv Wall Light Sale price$410.00
Banana leaf nature inspired pendant light whiteBanana leaf nature inspired pendant light Champagne
Banana Leaf Palm Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,285.00
Las Palmas wall lightLas Palmas wall light
Las Palmas Wall Light Sale price$429.00
Mango Tree Wall Light
Mango Tree Wall Light Sale price$895.00
Copenhagen Wall Light
Copenhagen wall lightCopenhagen wall light
Copenhagen Wall Light Sale price$549.00
Rio Wall LightRio Wall Light
Rio Wall Light Sale price$479.00
Ginko Leaf Wall light bedsideGinko Leaf Wall light
Gingko Leaf Wall Light Sale price$910.00
Mauritius Pendant LightMauritius Pendant Light
Mauritius Pendant Light Sale price$2,279.00
Istanbul Pendant LightIstanbul Pendant Light
Istanbul Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $749.00
Barcelona Pendant light above seatBarcelona Pendant light
Barcelona Pendant Light Sale price$695.00
Bahamas pendant lightBahamas pendant light
Bahamas Pendant Light Sale price$699.00

Gypset Cargo Lighting