Mayfield Lighting

Mayfield Lighting, founded in Melbourne in 1945 by Adi Felder, stands as a beacon of craftsmanship and innovation in the world of lighting. With a legacy spanning three generations, this 100% Australian-owned family-run brand specialises in custom-made and ready-to-purchase lighting solutions crafted through collaborations with designers, makers, and discerning buyers.

Mayfield's commitment to strong personal relationships, integrity, and good design shines through in their products, which have the power to transform interiors with inviting warmth, serenity, or energy.

Experience Mayfield's radiant creations at Nook Collections online and within their Surry Hills showroom, and discover how their lighting can fundamentally shape the atmosphere of your interiors.


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22 products

Mintu Floor LampMintu Floor Lamp
Mintu Floor Lamp Sale price$469.00
Mintu Table LampMintu Table Lamp
Mintu Table Lamp Sale price$299.00
Pia Floor LampPia Floor Lamp
Pia Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $349.00
Soren Floor LampSoren Floor Lamp
Soren Floor Lamp Sale price$579.00
Loose Linen Pendant LightLoose Linen Pendant Light
Loose Linen Pendant Light Sale price$389.00
Soren Shade Table LampSoren Shade Table Lamp
Soren Shade Table Lamp Sale price$499.00
Liv Pendant LightLiv Pendant Light
Liv Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $269.00
Otis Pendant LightOtis Pendant Light
Otis Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $469.00
Kiawah Pendant LightKiawah Pendant Light
Kiawah Pendant Light Sale price$329.00
Malik Pendant LightMalik Pendant Light
Malik Pendant Light Sale price$429.00
Arlen Table LampArlen Table Lamp
Arlen Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $249.00
Arlen Floor LampArlen Floor Lamp
Arlen Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $399.00
Floris Portable Table LampFloris Portable Table Lamp
Floris Portable Table Lamp Sale price$199.00
Leone Table LampLeone Table Lamp
Leone Table Lamp Sale price$249.00
Banks Table LampBanks Table Lamp
Banks Table Lamp Sale price$369.00
Banks Floor LampBanks Floor Lamp
Banks Floor Lamp Sale price$549.00
Pia Table LampPia Table Lamp
Pia Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $249.00
Margot Table LampMargot Table Lamp
Margot Table Lamp Sale price$349.00
Leone Floor LampLeone Floor Lamp
Leone Floor Lamp Sale price$629.00
Remi Table LampRemi Table Lamp
Remi Table Lamp Sale price$299.00
Remi Floor LampRemi Floor Lamp
Remi Floor Lamp Sale price$469.00
Soren Table LampSoren Table Lamp
Soren Table Lamp Sale price$469.00

Mayfield Lighting

Step into the radiant world of Mayfield Lighting, a brand that has been illuminating homes and spaces since its inception in Melbourne in 1945. Founded by the visionary Adi Felder, Mayfield specialises in crafting custom-made and ready-to-purchase lighting solutions through collaborations with designers, makers, and discerning buyers alike.

Adi Felder's journey began humbly, selling lamp shades from a market stall in Melbourne's Glenferrie Markets. However, his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for lighting soon led him to establish a thriving business.

Remarkably, Adi was entirely self-taught, and his profound knowledge and legacy have been lovingly passed down through three generations of dedicated craftspeople.

Today, Mayfield Lighting stands as a proudly family-run enterprise, 100% Australian owned and operated. Adi's enduring principles of fostering strong personal relationships, upholding integrity, and championing good design continue to guide Mayfield's mission.

Mayfield firmly believes that lighting has the power to transform living spaces, imbuing them with atmosphere and character. Collaborating with Australia's premier trade retailers, interior designers, and esteemed hotel brands, Mayfield creates lighting products that infuse interiors with inviting warmth, a sense of serenity, or an energising burst of vitality.

At Mayfield Lighting, the pursuit of excellence in illumination is not just a tradition; it's a way of life. Discover their exquisite lighting solutions that shape living spaces into vibrant, welcoming, and beautifully lit environments.

Experience the artistry and craftsmanship of Mayfield Lighting at Nook Collections online and explore their offerings in person at their Surry Hills showroom. Illuminate your world with Mayfield's timeless designs.