Moretti Luce

Discover the allure of Moretti Luce lighting collection, meticulously crafted in Northern Italy. Elevating tradition with contemporary flair, each piece embodies timeless elegance. Utilising premium materials such as brass and wood, Moretti Luce artisans expertly handcraft every detail to ensure enduring quality. The opaline glass, forged by master glass blowers using ancient techniques, adds a touch of sophistication to every design.

Resilient against tarnishing, Moretti Luce outdoor lighting fixtures are built to withstand the elements, making them ideal for coastal environments. With over two decades of dedicated research and innovation, they seamlessly blend functionality with artistic finesse. Moretti Luce epitomises elegance, innovation, and unwavering support, illuminating spaces with unparalleled grace and style.


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Samoa Wall LightSamoa Wall Light
Samoa Wall Light Sale price$714.00
Silene Spot Wall LightSilene Spot Wall Light
Silene Spot Wall Light Sale price$820.00
Trasimeno Ceiling LightTrasimeno Ceiling Light
Trasimeno Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $502.00
Samoa Pendant LightSamoa Pendant Light
Samoa Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $653.00
Trasimeno Wall LightTrasimeno Wall Light
Trasimeno Wall Light Sale price$515.00
Samoa Curve Wall Light by Moretti Luce at Nook CollecitonsSamoa Curve Wall Light
Samoa Curve Wall Light Sale price$731.00
Trasimeno Pendant LightTrasimeno Pendant Light
Trasimeno Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $510.00
Trasimeno Curve Wall LightTrasimeno Curve Wall Light
Trasimeno Curve Wall Light Sale price$582.00
Patio Ceiling LightPatio Ceiling Light
Patio Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $638.00
Cubic Wall LightCubic Wall Light
Cubic Wall Light Sale priceFrom $843.00
Samoa Ceiling LightSamoa Ceiling Light
Samoa Ceiling Light Sale price$667.40
Patio Wall LightPatio Wall Light
Patio Wall Light Sale price$643.00
Patio Pendant LightPatio Pendant Light
Patio Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $537.00
Mill Pendant LightMill Pendant Light
Mill Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $748.00
Cubic Ceiling LightCubic Ceiling Light
Cubic Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $631.00
Cubic Rod Pendant LightCubic Rod Pendant Light
Cubic Rod Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $711.00
Circle Pendant LightCircle Pendant Light
Circle Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $399.00
Cubic Arm Wall LightCubic Arm Wall Light
Cubic Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $623.00
Little Mill Wall LightLittle Mill Wall Light
Little Mill Wall Light Sale priceFrom $375.00
Mill Curve Wall LightMill Curve Wall Light
Mill Curve Wall Light Sale price$850.00
Mill Wall LightMill Wall Light
Mill Wall Light Sale price$789.00
Patio Curve Wall LightPatio Curve Wall Light
Patio Curve Wall Light Sale price$704.00
Campanula Outdoor Wall LightCampanula Outdoor Wall Light
Cubic Square Wall LightCubic Square Wall Light
Cubic Square Wall Light Sale priceFrom $799.00
Cubic Square Ceiling LightCubic Square Ceiling Light
Cubic Square Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $711.00
Cocci Lid Outdoor Wall LightCocci Lid Outdoor Wall Light
Cocci Lid Outdoor Wall Light Sale priceFrom $460.00
Cocci Outdoor Wall LightCocci Outdoor Wall Light
Cocci Outdoor Wall Light Sale priceFrom $406.00
Cocci Grate Outdoor Wall LightCocci Grate Outdoor Wall Light
Cocci Grate Outdoor Wall Light Sale priceFrom $422.00
Casale Outdoor Wall LightCasale Outdoor Wall Light
Casale Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$676.99
Chalet Outdoor Wall LightChalet Outdoor Wall Light
Chalet Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$511.00
Circle Outdoor Wall LightCircle Outdoor Wall Light
Circle Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$718.00
Golfo Outdoor Wall LightGolfo Outdoor Wall Light
Golfo Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$616.00
Golfo Curve Outdoor Wall Light by Moretti Luce at Nook CollectionsGolfo Curve Outdoor Wall Light
Little Mill Straight Arm Wall LightLittle Mill Straight Arm Wall Light
Little Mill Curve Wall LightLittle Mill Curve Wall Light
Mill Wall LightMill Wall Light
Mill Wall Light Sale price$985.00
Patio Outdoor Wall LightPatio Outdoor Wall Light
Patio Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$836.00
Samoa Outdoor Wall LightSamoa Outdoor Wall Light
Samoa Outdoor Wall Light Sale price$877.00
Samoa Angled Ceiling LightSamoa Angled Ceiling Light
Samoa Angled Ceiling Light Sale price$667.40

Moretti Luce

Indulge in the captivating allure of Moretti Luce's diverse range of indoor and outdoor lighting creations, each exuding a rustic industrial charm meticulously crafted from premium brass. The collection embodies the quintessential Italian design ethos, seamlessly blending timeless elegance with modern functionality.

Explore our selection of lighting fixtures, meticulously curated to evoke a classic ambiance, boasting distinctive shapes and exquisite material quality. Whether illuminating intimate interiors or outdoor spaces, Moretti Luce's products transcend mere functionality, becoming timeless works of art that elevate any environment.

With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, every piece in their collection undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure unparalleled excellence. Embrace the essence of Italian luxury and sophistication with Moretti Luce, where each lighting creation is a testament to their dedication to perfection and passion for design innovation.