Discover Norlys at Nook Collections and experience outdoor lighting that is both a testament to design and a triumph of resilience. Our selection of IP-Rated Designer Lights by Norlys seamlessly blend style and functionality, bringing sophistication to your outdoor spaces. From Designer Outdoor Bollard Lights that elevate your surroundings to Outdoor Wall Lights that create captivating ambiance, their  fixtures bring together timeless elegance and unyielding strength.

Embrace the spirit of Scandinavian craftsmanship  and transform your outdoor spaces into havens of beauty and durability. Shop our collection at Nook Collections and be inspired by the marriage of design and resilience that defines Norlys.


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Lillehammer Down Wall LightLillehammer Down Wall Light
Lillehammer Down Wall Light Sale priceFrom $439.00
Asker Wall LightAsker Wall Light
Asker Wall Light Sale priceFrom $272.00
Lofoten 2lt Ceiling LightLofoten 2lt Ceiling Light
Lofoten 2lt Ceiling Light Sale price$665.00
London Pillar LightLondon Pillar Light
London Pillar Light Sale priceFrom $361.00
Visby Pole LightVisby Pole Light
Visby Pole Light Sale price$1,443.00
Vasa Wall LightVasa Wall Light
Vasa Wall Light Sale price$424.00
Vansbro Wall LightVansbro Wall Light
Vansbro Wall Light Sale priceFrom $246.00
Stockholm Pole LightStockholm Pole Light
Stockholm Pole Light Sale priceFrom $1,215.00
Stockholm Pillar LightStockholm Pillar Light
Stockholm Pillar Light Sale priceFrom $360.00
Stockholm Flush Wall LightStockholm Flush Wall Light
Stockholm Flush Wall Light Sale priceFrom $397.00
Stockholm Bollard LightStockholm Bollard Light
Stockholm Bollard Light Sale priceFrom $738.00
Stockholm Arm Wall LightStockholm Arm Wall Light
Stockholm Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $360.00
Sandvik Wall LightSandvik Wall Light
Sandvik Wall Light Sale priceFrom $241.00
Sandvik Ceiling LightSandvik Ceiling Light
Sandvik Ceiling Light Sale price$272.00
Paris Wall LightParis Wall Light
Paris Wall Light Sale priceFrom $134.00
Oppland Bollard LightOppland Bollard Light
Oppland Bollard Light Sale price$1,338.00
Nordland Ceiling LightNordland Ceiling Light
Nordland Ceiling Light Sale price$358.00
Nice Pole LightNice Pole Light
Nice Pole Light Sale price$1,921.00
Moss Wall LightMoss Wall Light
Moss Wall Light Sale price$335.00
Moss Spike LightMoss Spike Light
Moss Spike Light Sale price$313.00
Mandal Wall LightMandal Wall Light
Mandal Wall Light Sale priceFrom $246.00
Lund Wall LightLund Wall Light
Lund Wall Light Sale priceFrom $300.00
Lund Pole LightLund Pole Light
Lund Pole Light Sale priceFrom $911.00
London Pendant LightLondon Pendant Light
London Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $363.00
London Flush Wall LightLondon Flush Wall Light
London Flush Wall Light Sale price$442.00
London Bollard LightLondon Bollard Light
London Bollard Light Sale price$495.00
London Arm Wall LightLondon Arm Wall Light
London Arm Wall Light Sale priceFrom $374.00
Lofoten Pillar LightLofoten Pillar Light
Lofoten Pillar Light Sale price$602.00
Lofoten Pendant LightLofoten Pendant Light
Lofoten Pendant Light Sale price$548.00
Lofoten Opal Pillar LightLofoten Opal Pillar Light
Lofoten Opal Pillar Light Sale price$602.00
Lofoten Opal Flush Wall LightLofoten Opal Flush Wall Light
Lofoten Opal Arm Wall LightLofoten Opal Arm Wall Light
Lofoten Opal Arm Wall Light Sale price$575.00
Lofoten Flush Wall LightLofoten Flush Wall Light
Lofoten Flush Wall Light Sale price$453.00
Lofoten Ceiling LightLofoten Ceiling Light
Lofoten Ceiling Light Sale price$622.00
Lofoten Bollard LightLofoten Bollard Light
Lofoten Bollard Light Sale price$773.00
Lofoten Arm Wall LightLofoten Arm Wall Light
Lofoten Arm Wall Light Sale price$575.00
Lillesand Bollard LightLillesand Bollard Light
Lillesand Bollard Light Sale price$768.00
Lillehammer Wall LightLillehammer Wall Light
Lillehammer Wall Light Sale priceFrom $491.00
Larvik Wall LightLarvik Wall Light
Larvik Wall Light Sale priceFrom $345.00
Koster Wall LightKoster Wall Light
Koster Wall Light Sale price$505.00
Koster Pole LightKoster Pole Light
Koster Pole Light Sale price$1,594.00
Kisa 1lt Bollard LightKisa 1lt Bollard Light
Kisa 1lt Bollard Light Sale price$1,261.00
Karlstad Wall LightKarlstad Wall Light
Karlstad Wall Light Sale priceFrom $224.00
Karlstad Pendant LightKarlstad Pendant Light
Karlstad Pendant Light Sale price$290.00
Helsinki Wall LightHelsinki Wall Light
Helsinki Wall Light Sale price$774.00
Halden Wall LightHalden Wall Light
Halden Wall Light Sale price$330.00
Glasgow Wall LightGlasgow Wall Light
Glasgow Wall Light Sale price$269.00
Genova Wall LightGenova Wall Light
Genova Wall Light Sale price$276.00
Genova Mini Wall LightGenova Mini Wall Light
Genova Mini Wall Light Sale price$195.00
Egersund Bollard LightEgersund Bollard Light
Egersund Bollard Light Sale priceFrom $1,738.00


At Nook Collections, we take pride in curating the finest lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces, and our latest addition, Norlys, perfectly embodies our commitment to quality and durability.

Norlys, renowned as a leader in crafting outdoor lighting products, is your ideal choice for illuminating your exterior spaces, designed to thrive in the challenging Scandinavian climate. Specializing in fixtures made from premium materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper – often combined in ingenious ways – Norlys stands as a testament to exceptional design and performance.

Originating from Scandinavia, where harsh weather conditions are a daily reality, Norlys understands the importance of creating products that can endure nature's toughest tests. With Norlys, you not only get products that stand up to the most extreme conditions but also the assurance of a long-term anti-corrosion guarantee.

The secret to Norlys' unwavering product quality lies in their meticulous approach. They start by selecting top-quality raw materials and employ cutting-edge industrial techniques, all backed by years of experience. Their painted fixtures undergo a thorough, multistage surface treatment before being powder-coated, ensuring impeccable resistance to corrosion.

Remaining at the forefront of their industry is a challenge Norlys readily accepts. They constantly invest in research and development, pushing the boundaries of quality and introducing innovative products that reflect their bold and technologically advanced approach.

At Nook Collections, we're proud to offer Norlys' exceptional outdoor lighting solutions to elevate your spaces. Join us in embracing the perfect blend of resilience and refinement with Norlys. Illuminate your outdoor world with confidence.