Santa & Cole

Explore Santa & Cole a renowned Barcelona-based company founded in 1985, focused on creating high-quality designer lighting solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company collaborates with designers, architects, and engineers to develop indoor and outdoor lighting products. Their designs prioritise aesthetics, functionality, and technical precision, aiming to enhance everyday life while respecting the environment. Santa & Cole is dedicated to promoting good design, supporting young talent, and fostering the use of noble materials in their products.


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Babel Alabaster Table LampBabel Alabaster Table Lamp
Babel Alabaster Table Lamp Sale price$1,910.00
Básica Tall Table LampBásica Tall Table Lamp
Básica Tall Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $895.00
Cesta Table LampCesta Table Lamp
Cesta Table Lamp Sale price$1,585.00
Básica Table LampBásica Table Lamp
Básica Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $870.00
Básica Mínima Table LampBásica Mínima Table Lamp
Básica Mínima Table Lamp Sale price$745.00
Asa Table LampAsa Table Lamp
Asa Table Lamp Sale price$860.00
Tekiò Vertical Pendant LightTekiò Vertical Pendant Light
Tekiò Vertical Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,260.00
Cesta Metálica Table LampCesta Metálica Table Lamp
Cesta Metálica Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $2,165.00
Tekiò Horizontal Pendant LightTekiò Horizontal Pendant Light
Tekiò Horizontal Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,260.00
Básica Mínima Portable Table LampBásica Mínima Portable Table Lamp
Americana Table LampAmericana Table Lamp
Americana Table Lamp Sale price$1,065.00
Tekiò Circular Pendant LightTekiò Circular Pendant Light
Tekiò Circular Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,600.00
Trípode Floor LampTrípode Floor Lamp
Trípode Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,420.00
TMM Floor LampTMM Floor Lamp
TMM Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,455.00
Shop TMD Floor Lamp by Santa & Cole at Nook CollectionsShop TMD Floor Lamp by Santa & Cole at Nook Collections
TMD Floor Lamp Sale price$2,445.00
TMC Floor LampTMC Floor Lamp
TMC Floor Lamp Sale price$1,840.00
Tatu Alta Floor LampTatu Alta Floor Lamp
Tatu Alta Floor Lamp Sale price$1,510.00
Pie de Salon Floor LampPie de Salon Floor Lamp
Pie de Salon Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,925.00
Maija Floor LampMaija Floor Lamp
Maija Floor Lamp Sale price$3,720.00
Lámina Dorada 45 Floor LampLámina Dorada 45 Floor Lamp
Lámina Dorada 45 Floor Lamp Sale price$1,990.00
Lamina 165 Floor LampLamina 165 Floor Lamp
Lamina 165 Floor Lamp Sale price$2,100.00
Lámina 45 Floor LampLámina 45 Floor Lamp
Lámina 45 Floor Lamp Sale price$1,925.00
GATCPAC Floor LampGATCPAC Floor Lamp
GATCPAC Floor Lamp Sale price$3,165.00
Fontana Alta Floor LampFontana Alta Floor Lamp
Fontana Alta Floor Lamp Sale price$3,585.00
FAD Fija Floor LampFAD Fija Floor Lamp
FAD Fija Floor Lamp Sale price$1,955.00
FAD Floor LampFAD Floor Lamp
FAD Floor Lamp Sale price$2,000.00
Dorica Floor LampDorica Floor Lamp
Dorica Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $2,600.00
Sin Table LampSin Table Lamp
Sin Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $2,640.00
Trípode M3 Table LampTrípode M3 Table Lamp
Trípode M3 Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $925.00
Zeleste Table LampZeleste Table Lamp
Zeleste Table Lamp Sale price$1,775.00
TMD Table LampTMD Table Lamp
TMD Table Lamp Sale price$910.00
Tatu Table LampTatu Table Lamp
Tatu Table Lamp Sale price$865.00
Sylvestrina Table LampSylvestrina Table Lamp
Sylvestrina Table Lamp Sale price$745.00
Lámina Dorada 45 Table LampLámina Dorada 45 Table Lamp
Lámina Dorada 45 Table Lamp Sale price$1,470.00
Moragas Table LampMoragas Table Lamp
Moragas Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $2,315.00
Maija Table LampMaija Table Lamp
Maija Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $2,205.00
Lámina 45 Table LampLámina 45 Table Lamp
Lámina 45 Table Lamp Sale price$1,370.00
Gira Table Lamp by Santa & Cole | Nook CollectionsGira Table Lamp by Santa & Cole featured within an office | Nook Collections
Gira Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $890.00
FAD Table LampFAD Table Lamp
FAD Table Lamp Sale price$1,590.00
FAD Menor Table LampFAD Menor Table Lamp
FAD Menor Table Lamp Sale price$970.00
Duo Table LampDuo Table Lamp
Duo Table Lamp Sale price$1,585.00
Cestita Metálica Table LampCestita Metálica Table Lamp
Cestita Metálica Table Lamp Sale price$1,860.00
Contemporary table lamp called the Cestita Alubut Table Lamp in black finish by Santa & Cole featuredContemporary table lamp called the Cestita Portable Table Lamp in black finish by Santa & Cole featured outside a residence
Cestita Alubat Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,215.00
Cestita Portable Table LampCestita Portable Table Lamp
Cestita Portable Table Lamp Sale price$1,225.00
Cestita Table LampCestita Table Lamp
Cestita Table Lamp Sale price$790.00
Cesta Outdoor Table LampCesta Outdoor Table Lamp
Cesta Outdoor Table Lamp Sale price$1,620.00
Tekiò Oval Pendant LightTekiò Oval Pendant Light
Tekiò Oval Pendant Light Sale price$18,590.00
Bijou Pendant LightBijou Pendant Light
Bijou Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,485.00
Arne S Domus Pendant LightArne S Domus Pendant Light
Arne S Domus Pendant Light Sale price$1,965.00
Arne Domus Pendant LightArne Domus Pendant Light
Arne Domus Pendant Light Sale price$3,110.00

Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole, a prestigious company based in Barcelona, Spain, has been at the forefront of the lighting industry since its inception in 1985. Their primary focus is on designing and manufacturing top-tier lighting solutions that cater to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Driven by a passion for innovation and sustainability, Santa & Cole works in close collaboration with renowned designers, architects, and engineers from around the world. This multidisciplinary approach enables the company to develop exceptional lighting products that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and technical precision.

Santa & Cole's lighting solutions are designed to enhance everyday life by providing optimal illumination and creating comfortable, inviting environments. The company is deeply committed to environmental stewardship, ensuring that their products are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and made with eco-friendly materials.

Moreover, Santa & Cole prides itself on using noble materials in its products, valuing quality and durability over short-lived trends. This focus on timeless design and craftsmanship has earned the company numerous awards and recognition on the international stage.

In summary, Santa & Cole is a distinguished lighting company that prioritises innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. With a dedication to creating high-quality lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, the company works with leading designers, architects, and engineers to craft products that blend aesthetics, functionality, and technical precision. Santa & Cole's commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting environmentally responsible practices has solidified its reputation as a leader in the lighting industry.