Trends of 2024

We've delved into the top designer lighting trends of 2024; continue reading to discover the evolving designs & styles.

In the wake of the intriguing lighting trends that emerged in 2023, including the embrace of organic shapes, vibrant colours, and the contrasting aesthetics of minimalism and maximalism.

Now, with January behind us, it's time to embark on a new journey and explore the distinctive personality that 2024 promises to bring. From the resurgence of Modern Romanticism to the captivating allure of Textured Lighting, the designer lighting landscape for 2024 appears to be a departure from the ordinary. Join us as we delve into the six most anticipated lighting trends of the year ahead!

Porta alabaster contemporary table lamp in small and large over a counter

Modern Romanticism

Modern Romanticism Lighting seamlessly combines modernist simplicity with the opulent emotions of romanticism, creating a captivating design fusion.

Textured Lighting

Textured Lighting collection celebrates the beauty of natural stone-like materials, showcasing fixtures that embody raw simplicity and authenticity.

Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting collection offers an exclusive range of customisable options from size and finishes to materials and composition.

Doul Pendant Light by Aromas | Nook Collections

Hotel in the Home

Experience the luxury and glamour of a high-end hotel in your own home with our designer lighting collection, featuring pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, and more

Dopamine Design

Embrace a burst of creativity with vibrant finishes, quirky designs, and unconventional materials. "Dopamine Design" is your enduring gateway to artistic lighting.

Sustainable Lighting

Discover eco-friendly lamps in our Sustainable Lighting collection with biodegradable packaging and materials, along with sustainable shipping options.

Trends Leaving 2024

In 2024, lighting trends are shifting away from matching lights, exclusive use of recessed lights, and muted lighting, opening the door to a more eclectic, diverse, and expressive approach to interior illumination. Read more about trends leaving 2024 below.

Matching Lights

The era of meticulously matching lights throughout a space is fading away as designers and homeowners embrace unique lighting fixtures, allowing for more diverse and individualised room aesthetics.

Only Recessed Lights

Sole reliance on recessed lights, once the epitome of minimalism, is being diversified to embrace a blend of fixture types, adding depth and character to interiors.

Muted Lights

the era of muted lights, with its understated charm, is evolving to incorporate bolder and more expressive lighting designs, promising a dynamic and vibrant future for interior illumination.


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