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Explore our collection of Sustainable Lighting fixtures featuring biodegradable packaging, eco-conscious materials, and sustainable shipping options. From pendant lights with recycled materials to Illuminate your space while making an eco-friendly choice. Shop Sustainable Lighting at Nook Collections today!


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Coral Bamboo Pendant LightCoral Bamboo Pendant Light
Coral Bamboo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $506.00
Delfina Pendant LightDelfina Pendant Light
Delfina Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,259.00
Tenn Pendant lightTenn Pendant light
Tenn Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,990.00
Hive Pendant LightHive Pendant Light
Hive Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $628.00
Agatha Ball Pendant LightAgatha Ball Pendant Light
Agatha Ball Pendant Light Sale price$5,034.00
Hazel Table LampHazel Table Lamp
Hazel Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $580.00
Tui Pendant LightTui Pendant Light
Tui Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $939.00
Orb Porcelain Pendant LightOrb Porcelain Pendant Light
Orb Porcelain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $800.00
Cloud Wall LightCloud Wall Light
Cloud Wall Light Sale price$720.00
Lens Circular Wall LightLens Circular Wall Light
Lens Circular Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,446.00
Stone Short Wall LightStone Short Wall Light
Stone Short Wall Light Sale price$630.00
Tenn Up Pendant lightTenn Up Pendant light
Tenn Up Pendant light Sale priceFrom $2,400.00
Renata veneer wall light bedsideRenata veneer wall light
Renata Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,009.00
Agatha Large Pendant LightAgatha Large Pendant Light
Agatha Large Pendant Light Sale price$6,880.00
Nais rechargeable portable table lamp handmade in clay terracottaNais rechargeable portable table lamp handmade in clay white finish marble table
Nais Table Lamp Sale price$698.00
Sponge Up pendant light cluster above a coffee tableSponge Up pendant light
Sponge Up Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $498.00
Nikau Pendant LightNikau Pendant Light
Nikau Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,591.00
Terra 00 Pendant LightTerra 00 Pendant Light
Terra 00 Pendant Light Sale price$1,036.00
Navicula Pendant LightNavicula Pendant Light
Navicula Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $5,011.00
Link Large Pendant LightLink Large Pendant Light
Link Large Pendant Light Sale price$3,845.00
Nest Pendant Light by Gray Pants at Nook Collections Nest Pendant Light by Gray Pants displayed within a living room | Nook Collections
Nest Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $796.00
Pleg Wall LightPleg Wall Light
Pleg Wall Light Sale price$890.00
Day ceramic hand made wall light above a loungeDay ceramic hand made wall light bed side
Day Wall Light Sale priceFrom $630.00
MiniMikado Pendant LightMiniMikado Pendant Light
MiniMikado Pendant Light Sale price$4,047.00
Drop Pendant LightDrop Pendant Light
Drop Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $745.00
Wobbly Slate Ceiling LightWobbly Slate Ceiling Light
Wobbly Slate Ceiling Light Sale price$710.00
Lola Pendant LightLola Pendant Light
Lola Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,422.00
Okina Double pendant light above a dining tableOkina Double pendant light
Okina Double Pendant Light Sale price$898.00
Okina Terracotta table lamp on a tableOkina Terracotta table lamp
Okina Table Lamp Sale price$698.00
Eclipse Ceramic Wall LightEclipse Ceramic Wall Light
Eclipse Ceramic Wall Light Sale priceFrom $700.00
Air Wall LightAir Wall Light
Air Wall Light Sale price$1,105.00
Hi-Collar Wall LightHi-Collar Wall Light
Hi-Collar Wall Light Sale price$1,051.00
Dawn Pendant LightDawn Pendant Light
Dawn Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $415.00
I-Club Slim Pendant LightI-Club Slim Pendant Light
I-Club Slim Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,580.00
Lora Veneer pendant light Lora Veneer pendant light
Lora Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,729.00
Kina Pendant LightKina Pendant Light
Kina Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $729.00
Orbit Wall LightOrbit Wall Light
Orbit Wall Light Sale price$1,043.00
Delilah Table LampDelilah Table Lamp
Delilah Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $460.00
Stitches Tombuctu Pendant LightStitches Tombuctu Pendant Light
Dusked Pendant LightDusked Pendant Light
Dusked Pendant Light Sale price$520.00
Camila Pendant LightCamilla Veneer pendant light above a sofa
Camila Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,079.00
Tomo Long Pendant LightTomo Long Pendant Light
Tomo Long Pendant Light Sale price$2,210.00
Dusk Tall Wall LightDusk Tall Wall Light
Dusk Tall Wall Light Sale price$660.00
Agatha Small Pendant LightAgatha Small Pendant Light
Agatha Small Pendant Light Sale price$3,197.00
Roller Pendant lightRoller Pendant light
Roller Pendant light Sale priceFrom $1,760.00
Dusked Evo Wall LightDusked Evo Wall Light
Dusked Evo Wall Light Sale priceFrom $590.00
Flax Pendant LightFlax Pendant Light
Flax Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,224.00
Bella veneer pendant lightBella veneer pendant light on a dining table
Bella Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,739.00
Snowflake Pendant LightSnowflake Pendant Light
Snowflake Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,256.00
Swirl Pendant LightSwirl Pendant Light
Swirl Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,518.00

Sustainable Lighting

Our curated Sustainable Lighting collection go beyond aesthetics; they reflect a deep respect for Earth's natural resources. We've taken every step to ensure that your choice of these lights illuminates your space while minimising its carbon footprint.

Here's what you can expect when you choose a Sustainable Lighting option from our curated collection:

1. Eco-Conscious Materials: Many of our fixtures are crafted using eco-conscious materials, including recycled and sustainable options. From pendant lights with recycled materials to fixtures made from responsibly sourced timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), our selection showcases innovative and eco-friendly choices.

2. Biodegradable Packaging: We partner with brands whose commitment to sustainability extends to every facet of your purchase. When you receive a lighting fixture from this collection, rest assured that it's packaged using biodegradable materials, effectively reducing both waste and environmental impact.

3. Sustainable Shipping: The brands showcased in this collection prioritise sustainable shipping methods, guaranteeing that your lighting fixture arrives at your doorstep with a minimised impact on the environment.

Your Invitation to Shop Sustainable Lighting
Now, you have the opportunity to illuminate your space while making an eco-friendly choice. Whether you're an interior designer, architect, stylist, or a discerning client, our Sustainable Lighting collection is designed to meet your high standards for both style and environmental responsibility.