Gray Pants

Explore Graypants an innovative lighting design studio, founded in 2007, with a focus on creating sustainable and eco-friendly products. The brand is known for its unique and captivating lighting solutions, crafted from repurposed materials. Graypants emphasises responsible design and production, ensuring minimal environmental impact by utilising recycled materials and non-toxic adhesives. Their commitment to social and environmental responsibility extends to local community engagement and partnerships with social programs. With their creative and forward-thinking approach, Graypants has gained a reputation for transforming simple materials into sophisticated, high-quality lighting designs.


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Wick Table lamp on a concrete seatWick Table lamp on a dining table
Wick Table Lamp Sale price$282.00
Drop Pendant LightDrop Pendant Light
Drop Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $745.00
Nest Pendant Light by Gray Pants at Nook Collections Nest Pendant Light by Gray Pants displayed within a living room | Nook Collections
Nest Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $796.00
Hive Pendant LightHive Pendant Light
Hive Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $628.00
Levity Bow Pendant LightLevity Bow Pendant Light
Levity Bow Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,963.00
Levity Halo Pendant LightLevity Halo Pendant Light
Levity Halo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,862.00

Gray Pants

Graypants is a dynamic team of problem solvers that seamlessly bridge the gap between art and design. With studios located in both Seattle and Amsterdam, they have a global presence, designing and creating unique architecture, products, lighting, and custom installations worldwide.

Sustainability is at the core of Graypants' mission, and they believe it is crucial to manufacture their lighting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment extends to their diverse range of products, architecture, and other beautiful objects created around the world, all of which embody their dedication to eco-conscious living.

One of their noteworthy projects, 'Balena,' was designed to raise awareness of ocean waste, demonstrating Graypants' innovative approach to highlighting environmental issues. Their unique and creative projects showcase their passion for sustainability, while also delivering striking designs that capture attention and inspire change.

In summary, Graypants is a team of visionary problem solvers who expertly blend art and design to create sustainable, innovative, and eye-catching lighting solutions. With a strong focus on social and environmental responsibility, Graypants continually pushes the boundaries of design to deliver lighting products that not only look great but also promote eco-conscious living.