Lodes, formerly known as 'Studio Italia Design,' is a lighting brand that originated in Venice, Italy in 1950. Lodes specialises in designing and producing lighting solutions for both interior and exterior spaces. The brand's journey began with founder Angelo Tosetto's passion for glass and has since been influenced by continuous technological research. Over the years, Lodes has become one of Europe's prominent designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting.

The brand's commitment to excellence is evident in its use of the best processing techniques and materials of exceptional quality. This meticulous approach ensures that Lodes' products not only possess aesthetic beauty but also stand the test of time. The result is a collection of architectural lighting solutions that are both visually stunning and timeless in their design.


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Rod Table LampRod Table Lamp
Rod Table Lamp Sale price$624.00
Reglobe Pendant LightReglobe Pendant Light
Reglobe Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,011.00
Magic Mushroom Table LampMagic Mushroom Table Lamp
Magic Mushroom Table Lamp Sale price$3,689.00
Tidal Ceiling LightTidal Ceiling Light
Tidal Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $2,517.00
Cono di Luce Pendant LightCono di Luce Pendant Light
Cono di Luce Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,355.00
Cono di Luce Table LampCono di Luce Table Lamp
Cono di Luce Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $1,958.00
Random Cloud Pendant LightRandom Cloud Pendant Light
Random Cloud Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $6,790.00
Sky-Fall Round Pendant LightSky-Fall Round Pendant Light
Sky-Fall Round Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,241.00
Rain Pendant LightRain Pendant Light
Rain Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $678.00
Fork Cluster Pendant LightFork Cluster Pendant Light
Fork Cluster Pendant Light Sale price$2,223.00
Fork Pendant LightFork Pendant Light
Fork Pendant Light Sale price$3,201.00
Fork Table LampFork Table Lamp
Fork Table Lamp Sale price$3,087.00
Fork Floor LampFork Floor Lamp
Fork Floor Lamp Sale price$4,517.00
Spring Ceiling LightSpring Ceiling Light
Spring Ceiling Light Sale price$3,201.00
Vinyl Wall LightVinyl Wall Light
Vinyl Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,076.00
Vinyl Pendant LightVinyl Pendant Light
Vinyl Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,169.00
Spring Wall LightSpring Wall Light
Spring Wall Light Sale priceFrom $3,201.00
Urban Concrete Pendant LightUrban Concrete Pendant Light
Urban Concrete Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,241.00
Urban Concrete Cluster Pendant LightUrban Concrete Cluster Pendant Light
Pipe Floor LampPipe Floor Lamp
Pipe Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $6,488.00
Gask Pendant LightGask Pendant Light
Gask Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $961.00
Glass Drop Pendant LightGlass Drop Pendant Light
Glass Drop Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,169.00
Flask Pendant LightFlask Pendant Light
Flask Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,226.00
Cage Pendant LightCage Pendant Light
Cage Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,485.00
Kelly Cluster Pendant LightKelly Cluster Pendant Light
Kelly Cluster Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,431.00
Kelly Dome Pendant LightKelly Dome Pendant Light
Kelly Dome Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,108.00
Kelly Sphere Pendant LightKelly Sphere Pendant Light
Kelly Sphere Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $3,370.00
Spider Ceiling LightSpider Ceiling Light
Spider Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $1,112.00
A-Tube Nano Duo Pendant LightA-Tube Nano Duo Pendant Light
A-Tube Nano Duo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $678.00
A-Tube Nano Pendant LightA-Tube Nano Pendant Light
A-Tube Nano Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $567.00
A-Tube Pendant Light | Nook CollectionsA-Tube Pendant Light | Nook Collections
A-Tube Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $642.00
Volum Ceiling LightVolum Ceiling Light
Volum Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom $624.00
Nautilus Mini Wall LightNautilus Mini Wall Light
Nautilus Mini Wall Light Sale priceFrom $943.00
Nautilus Wall LightNautilus Wall Light
Nautilus Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,355.00
Ivy I Pendant LightIvy I Pendant Light
Ivy I Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $624.00
Ivy V Pendant LightIvy V Pendant Light
Ivy V Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $735.00
Spider Pendant LightSpider Pendant Light
Spider Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $943.00
Elara Pendant LightElara Pendant Light
Elara Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,449.00
Volum Table LampVolum Table Lamp
Volum Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $642.00
Nostalgia Pendant LightNostalgia Pendant Light
Nostalgia Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,169.00
Volum Cluster Pendant LightVolum Cluster Pendant Light
Volum Cluster Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $642.00
Volum Pendant LightVolum Pendant Light
Volum Pendant Light Sale price$1,922.00
Volum Wall LightVolum Wall Light
Volum Wall Light Sale priceFrom $624.00
Sky-Fall Pendant LightSky-Fall Pendant Light
Sky-Fall Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,148.00
Random Solo Pendant LightRandom Solo Pendant Light
Random Solo Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $452.00
Puzzle Square Wall LightPuzzle Square Wall Light
Puzzle Square Wall Light Sale priceFrom $753.00
Hover Table LampHover Table Lamp
Hover Table Lamp Sale price$1,488.00
Hover Floor LampHover Floor Lamp
Hover Floor Lamp Sale price$1,829.00
Pin Up Wall LightPin Up Wall Light
Pin Up Wall Light Sale priceFrom $868.00
Laser Wall LightLaser Wall Light
Laser Wall Light Sale priceFrom $642.00


Lodes, formerly known as Studio Italia Design, has been a pioneer in the world of Italian lighting since 1950. Based in Venice, their expertise lies in designing and producing hand-blown glass lights for both interior and exterior spaces. Founder Angelo Tosetto's profound passion for glass ignited the brand's inception, and their commitment to continuous technological research has propelled them to become one of Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of contemporary lighting. Today, Lodes has a global presence, serving 90 markets worldwide.

Throughout its three-generation evolution, Lodes has transformed from a pure passion project to a visionary provider of architectural lighting solutions. Their creations seamlessly blend contemporary design, innovative technology, and the finest quality materials, all meticulously crafted using top-notch processing techniques. The company's emphasis on hand-blown glass lights showcases their dedication to preserving the timeless beauty and artisanal craftsmanship that defines Italian lighting.

Lodes offers a diverse range of lighting options that cater to both functionality and aesthetics. Their collection includes smart and functional solutions, as well as eye-catching decorative elements such as suspension luminaires and wall fixtures. Notably, their extensive selection of customisable pendants opens up a multitude of possibilities for personalising commercial and residential spaces alike. With their fusion of hand-blown glass, Italian lighting heritage, and contemporary design, Lodes sets the standard for exquisite and innovative lighting solutions.