Designer Spotlight: Le Corbusier

Designer Spotlight: Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, a giant of modern architecture, wasn't content to just design buildings. His artistic vision stretched to lighting design as well, resulting in the iconic lamp collection that bears his name.

Born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier wasn't one to separate his creative pursuits. From a young age, his love of fine arts fuelled his architectural designs, characterised by clean lines and geometric shapes. He saw disciplines like painting, sculpture, and architecture as interconnected threads woven into the fabric of creation.

A Life in Lines and Light

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, the man behind the Le Corbusier moniker, wasn't one for compartmentalisation. His interest in the fine arts from a young age fuelled his architectural designs, characterised by clean lines and geometric shapes. For Le Corbusier, disciplines like painting, sculpture, and architecture were interconnected threads in the tapestry of creation.

Le Corbusier wasn't just a master designer; he was a pioneer of the International Style movement. As a leading figure in this first generation of architects embracing the style, he tirelessly promoted its functionalist ideals through his influential writings. However, his own designs transcended mere functionality. He skilfully blended this practical focus with a strong sense of expressionism, creating buildings that were as inspiring artistically as they were practical.

Iconic Pieces in the Le Corbusier Collection

Le Corbusier wasn't just a master architect, but a designer who left his mark beyond buildings. He envisioned lighting as an extension of his architectural philosophy, resulting in iconic lamp collections that continue to inspire today. Let's delve into these collections and explore what makes them timeless design pieces, still coveted by design enthusiasts around the world.

Lampe de Mariselle, designed by Le Corbusier for Nemo Lighting
Lampe de Marseille

Designed to meet Le Corbusier's personal lighting needs, the Lampes de Marseille collection has become iconic. These lamps were initially placed in his apartments in Paris and Marseille, reflecting his commitment to functionality and style. Their timeless design ensures they remain a beloved choice for discerning designers.

Projecteur Collection

The Projecteur family stands out with its blend of vintage charm and contemporary aesthetics. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, these versatile lights are available in various models, making them a favourite among designers seeking adaptable and stylish lighting solutions.

La Roche

La Roche holds the distinction of being the first lamp designed by Le Corbusier. It is a testament to his purist architectural style. Beyond being a source of light, La Roche serves as an exceptional piece of furniture, embodying the designer’s ethos of form and function.


With its double conical diffuser and vintage design, the Parliament floor lamp brings a distinctive touch to any space. It is a perfect example of how Le Corbusier's designs can transform and elevate interior environments.


Borne Béton

Each Borne Béton lamp is a unique creation, thanks to its handcrafted construction. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, making them a standout addition to any design project.


Lampe Cabanon Table Lamp

Lampe Cabanon Table Lamp pays homage to Le Corbusier's iconic Cabanon, a symbol of essential living on the French Riviera. Inspired by the architect's refuge by the sea, this lamp embodies the principles of architecture, design, and simplicity.


Elevate Your Designs with Le Corbusier

At Nook Collections, we are proud to offer these timeless pieces by Le Corbusier. His ability to merge art with practical design principles continues to inspire architects and interior designers around the world. Each lamp in the collection not only illuminates a space but also serves as a testament to Le Corbusier’s innovative spirit and enduring legacy.

Explore the Le Corbusier collection at Nook Collections and bring a piece of design history into your projects. Whether you’re working on residential interiors or large public spaces, these lighting solutions offer unparalleled elegance and functionality.