Generation Lighting

Generation Lighting, previously known as Feiss Lighting and Sea Gull Lighting, presents a diverse array of lighting options that seamlessly blend classic and modern design elements. Their collections include fixtures with brass accents, monochrome finishes, and artistic lighting choices, catering to a wide range of preferences.

Whether you're in search of chandeliers, wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, or table lamps, Generation Lighting offers a versatile selection. They also offer traditional outdoor lighting, combining durability and aesthetics for outdoor spaces. For mid-century style enthusiasts, the brand provides kitchen and dining room lighting options that not only illuminate but also serve as captivating design elements, bridging the elegance of the past with contemporary needs. Explore Generation Lighting at Nook Collections today!


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Hettinger Wall LightHettinger Wall Light
Hettinger Wall Light Sale price$275.00
Capri Short Wall LightCapri Short Wall Light
Capri Short Wall Light Sale price$477.00
Pratt large dome pendant light above a sinkPratt large dome pendant light
Pratt Glass Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $627.00
Tresa Single Wall LightTresa Single Wall Light
Tresa Single Wall Light Sale price$484.00
Tresa double wall light Tresa double wall light
Tresa Wall Light Sale price$847.00
Asher Ceiling LightAsher Ceiling Light
Asher Ceiling Light Sale price$724.00
Brianna 9lt Pendant LightBrianna 9lt Pendant Light
Brianna 9lt Pendant Light Sale price$2,695.00
Cordtlant 3lt Ceiling LightCordtlant 3lt Ceiling Light
Cordtlant 3lt Ceiling Light Sale price$704.00
Carlow 6lt Linear ChandelierCarlow 6lt Linear Chandelier
Carlow 6lt Linear Chandelier Sale price$3,509.00
Londyn 2lt Wall LightLondyn 2lt Wall Light
Londyn 2lt Wall Light Sale price$557.00
Kenyon Wall LightKenyon Wall Light
Kenyon Wall Light Sale priceFrom $704.00
Morrison Ceiling Light
Morrison Ceiling Light Sale price$590.00
Summerhill 4lt Pendant LightSummerhill 4lt Pendant Light
Summerhill 4lt Pendant Light Sale price$2,343.00
Hanover 1lt Wall LightHanover 1lt Wall Light
Hanover 1lt Wall Light Sale price$422.00
Ellison 1lt Wall LightEllison 1lt Wall Light
Ellison 1lt Wall Light Sale price$464.00
Beckett 1lt Wall LightBeckett 1lt Wall Light
Beckett 1lt Wall Light Sale price$737.00
Stonington 1lt Pendant LightStonington 1lt Pendant Light
Stonington 1lt Pendant Light Sale price$1,155.00
Logan 1lt Wall LightLogan 1lt Wall Light
Logan 1lt Wall Light Sale price$493.00
Porteau 4lt ChandelierPorteau 4lt Chandelier
Porteau 4lt Chandelier Sale price$1,665.00
Porteau 1lt Wall LightPorteau 1lt Wall Light
Porteau 1lt Wall Light Sale price$414.00
Esther Ceiling LightEsther Ceiling Light
Esther Ceiling Light Sale price$990.00
Brianna ChandelierBrianna Chandelier
Brianna Chandelier Sale price$3,628.00
Brianna 6lt Pendant LightBrianna 6lt Pendant Light
Brianna 6lt Pendant Light Sale price$1,639.00
Katie 1lt Pendant LightKatie 1lt Pendant Light
Katie 1lt Pendant Light Sale price$1,199.00
Brianna Double Wall LightBrianna Double Wall Light
Brianna Double Wall Light Sale price$517.00
Pratt large dome pendant light above a kitchen islandPratt large dome pendant light  above a kitchen
Pratt Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $752.00
Clark Wall LightClark Wall Light
Clark Wall Light Sale price$394.00
Brianna Wall LightBrianna Wall Light
Brianna Wall Light Sale price$385.00
Nodes 2lt Wall LightNodes 2lt Wall Light
Nodes 2lt Wall Light Sale priceFrom $506.00
Franklin Wall Light by Kelly Wearstler for Visual Comfort Studio | Nook CollectionsKelly Franklin traditional wall light
Franklin Wall Light Sale price$656.00
Flynn Wall LightFlynn Wall Light
Flynn Wall Light Sale price$517.00
Geneva Wall LightGeneva Wall Light
Geneva Wall Light Sale price$466.00
Apollo Wall LightApollo Wall Light
Apollo Wall Light Sale price$438.00
Capri Wall LightCapri Wall Light
Capri Wall Light Sale price$649.00
Nodes 4 Light Ceiling lightNodes 4 Light Ceiling light
Nodes 4L Ceiling Light Sale price$812.00
Nodes Pendant Light cluster above a coffe table in a lounge areaNodes Pendant Light detail
Nodes Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $684.00
Geneva Flush Ceiling LightGeneva Flush Ceiling Light
Geneva Flush Ceiling Light Sale price$724.00
Capri Pendant LightCapri pendant light detail
Capri Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $2,578.00
Mellita Traditional pendant light above a coffee table in a living areaMellita Traditional pendant light above a marble table
Mellita Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $1,573.00
Marino blown glass pendant light cluster above a round tableMarino blown glass pendant light detail
Marino Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $488.00

Generation Lighting

Generation Lighting has a rich history that spans formely known as Feiss Lighting and Sea Gull Lighting. This lighting brand seamlessly blends classic and modern design elements to offer a diverse range of lighting solutions that cater to various tastes and preferences. Their collections are characterised by the inclusion of brass accent lights, monochrome finishes, and artistic lighting options, creating fixtures that not only illuminate but also adorn living spaces with elegance. Whether you're in search of chandeliers, wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, or table lamps, Generation Lighting has you covered with a wide array of choices.

For those seeking outdoor lighting that exudes a traditional and timeless charm, Generation Lighting presents a dedicated collection that combines functionality and aesthetics. These outdoor fixtures are designed to withstand the elements while enhancing the beauty of your outdoor spaces, making them the perfect choice for illuminating gardens, patios, and other exterior areas. With their blend of classic and tasteful design, these outdoor lighting options bring a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor environment.

In addition to their traditional and outdoor collections, Generation Lighting also offers mid-century styles specifically tailored for kitchen and dining room lighting. These lighting solutions not only illuminate these spaces but also serve as eye-catching design elements that complement mid-century interior themes. With an extensive range of lighting options, Generation Lighting continues to merge the elegance of the past with the needs of the present, crafting lighting solutions that are not only functional but also artistically inspiring. Discover Generation Lighting at Nook Collections today!