Nook Collections is proud to feature the stunning works of ILANEL Design Studio. As a pioneer in the field of bespoke lighting and interior design, ILANEL transforms everyday spaces into unique, immersive experiences through its exclusive collections. Each ILANEL piece, now showcased on Nook Collections, is a masterful blend of artistry and innovation, crafted by a team of dedicated artists, designers, and craftspeople. We've selected their unique lighting solutions not just for their functional brilliance but also for their ability to ignite inspiration.


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Tree of Light Pendant LightTree of Light Pendant Light
Tree of Light Pendant Light Sale price$10,499.00
Snowball Wall LightSnowball Wall Light
Snowball Wall Light Sale priceFrom $983.00
Comet Pendant LightComet Pendant Light
Comet Pendant Light Sale priceFrom $4,763.37
Dais Tube Wall LightDais Tube Wall Light
Dais Tube Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,722.00
Dais Wall Light by Ilanel | Brass Wall Sconce | Shop at Nook CollectionsDais Wall Light by Ilanel | Brass Wall Sconce | Shop at Nook Collections
Dais Wall Light Sale priceFrom $1,564.00


ILANEL Design Studio, founded by Ilan El, is a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and the transformative potential of light. Originating from a background in architecture, Ilan ventured into the world of design with a passion for the profound impact lighting has on our perception of spaces. His fascination with the interplay of light and dark and the evocative potential of this dynamic led to the creation of the design studio. Over the years, the Melbourne-based studio has become synonymous with unique, bespoke lighting solutions and spatial designs. ILANEL’s team, comprised of dedicated artists, designers, and craftspeople, works collaboratively to turn their collective vision into tangible, interactive art pieces. Each piece they create is an embodiment of a shared passion, an exploration of light’s potential, and a commitment to creating designs that resonate on an emotional level. Today, ILANEL is a revered name in the design world, illuminating spaces and lives with their innovative creations. Discover the ILANEL Collection today at Nook Collections